Friday, October 30, 2009

MoRe HaLLowEEn

Last night we carved pumpkins, Hallee was into helping clean out the guts of the pumpkin, but Blyss on the other hand would not touch it, she kept saying it was, "Yucky." Zak told Blyss that she was such a princess, and Blyss replied, "I am a princess." It was so funny, she is such a girly, girly!

Zak cleaning out the guts, while Blyss watches

For preschool today Hallee went as Minnie Mouse, she is using her dance costume from last year, and I just made the ears, she looked so cute!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

SoMe HaLloWeEn FuN

We were invited to an adult Halloween party! This is the first time Zak and I have every dressed up for Halloween since we have been married. I was a cowgirl (only thing I could come up with, using clothes I had)and Zak was a mile post marker. The party was so much fun, everyone dressed up in great costumes, we had great food, and played really fun games.

The party was in a really cool old barn, which added to the fun.

On Saturday we went and checked out the pumpkin walk in Logan. It is were people use pumpkins to make scenes. It is incredible what people come up with for ideas. Alot of the pumpkins had incredible face detail. We went with our friends and had a great time.

Cows, with pumpkin udders

Keebler Elf scene making cookies

Michael Jackson scene

garden made with pumpkins

Hallee as Mermaid

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is it Pregnancy or am I going Crazy?

I find myself not knowing what I'm doing lately. One day I couldn't find my cell phone anywhere- it was in the fridge (How did it get there?) Another day I couldn't seem to find Blyss' sippy cup, I knew I had put it back in the fridge- where was it, in the cupboard with the cups and it was full of milk.
I also got pulled over by a police(which was the 1st time ever) and received my 1st ever ticket!!! If anyone knows me I'm obssessed with going the speed limit, so I don't get pulled over and get a ticket- and I am a backseat driver to Zak telling him to always slow down. Zak had a very good laugh over my ticket, which I cried over for 2 hours and was very mad about it. (I was going through Preston, and following the car in front of me, not even paying attention to the speed limit, so the car in front of me was speeding as well- but I was the one pulled over and got the ticket- the police officer came to my car asked for my stuff, I gave it to him, he went back to his car, and came back and gave me a ticket- which he started just reading to me, he didn't even ask or tell me why he pulled me over!!!!! That made me so mad, that he wouldn't even ask or tell, he just gave me a ticket)
I sure hope I get my mind back soon, because I can't even really think!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where are those girls hiding?

This past week Zak, the girls, and I were playing hide and go seek- it is Blyss' favorite thing to do. Zak, Hallee, and Blyss were hiding and I was seeking. I found Zak really easily, I could hear the girls,(they were eating fruit snacks and I could hear the rustles of the bag) but was not sure where they were at, until I saw this:

I could not stopping laughing, I thought it was the cutest thing, to see those little piggies sticking out from under the door. I love moments like this.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Last week the girls and I went to Idaho while Zak was out of town for a few days. My mom helped me make applesauce- it is the best, we add sugar and cinnamon oil- it makes it delicious.
The girls had fun hanging out with grandma and grandpa. Blyss especially loves the farm. She loves to help feed the baby calves and watch grandpa milk cows.

stirring milk replacer for baby calves

This week I am preparing for our Super Saturday- you can check out what we are doing for crafts at- I am so excited- we are doing lots of cute stuff!