Sunday, July 27, 2008

Picture Tag & We are Moved In!!!!!

My friend Steph tagged me. I thought this was a great chance to show our new home off to go along with the picture tag. We moved in last Sunday- I know we are total sinners, but we so wanted to get into our new home- plus Qwest was coming the next morning at 8 am to hook up our phone and internet, and there is no way I could have been ready and the girls ready and out there at 8. It was a crazy week last week, we were suppose to move in on the 15th of July, but we didn't have any water, so we couldn't. The following day, Wed., my parents came and got the girls for us, so Zak and I could go to his annual meeting in Washington. We left Wednesday afternoon and stayed in Salt Lake since our flight was at 6:30 am, we flew into Seattle and drove to Olympia, where the meeting was. Zak was pretty much in meetings all day, so I hung out with the other women, we went shopping and went to the capital building (which was so incredibly beatiful- Tiffany's had done all the lights- there was 10,000 light fixtures). One day Zak did get out of meetings early so the guys wanted to do something fun so we went go cart racing. It was totally fun! I took 20th place out of 21- I was just being careful! The guys were so competitive though. We flew back into Salt Lake on Saturday afternoon, then went to Idaho, to get the girls. We drove home on Sunday. Then we moved in. We are finally getting settled and I'm getting everything put in its place.

Here's the picture tag:

Our new kitchen- I love it!

1. Sink- We just got dinner over- so pretty dang clean!

2. Closet- I love my walk in closet, we have so much room, it is great!

3. Laundry Room

4. Self Portrait. I look like crap right know, I wasn't about to take a picture of myself. Here is the picture from our go cart racing. All the guys though tthey were so cool in these jumpsuits- whatever!

5. Toliet

Our brand new bathroom- lots of space know.

6. Shoes- good old Nike flip flops

7. Living Room

Our new couch, we got a new couch and love seat.

I took a picutre of the fridge and of my kids, but my camera didn't save them, I don't know what happened.

8. Dream Vacation- HAWAII!

This was how my packing was going, I would pack a box and Blyss would just pull everthing right back out.

I tag anyone who wants to do it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Family

This past week Hallee has wanted me to draw our family almost everyday. She tells me to draw her first, then Blyss (she always tells me to draw Blyss with her crazy hair), then she tells me to draw me, and then to draw Daddy. She will then talk about each of us and what we do, it is pretty cute. I thought I would tell a little about each of us.
Zak- grew up in St. Anthony, Idaho on a farm/ranch. He served the Calgary, Canada Mission. When he had been home from his mission 2 weeks his friends drug him to Retrix- country night, and that is where we meet and started dating. 7 months later we were engaged and 2 months later married in the Idaho Falls Temple. We made our home in Parker, and 4 years later he graduated from BYU-I with andAnimal Science Degree and a minor in AG Business. He worked for his Dad awhile on the farm, then he had an opportunity to work in the insurance business, that is when we moved to Idaho Falls. He decided the Insurance thing wasn't for him after a year, and interviewed with Cargill- Animal Nutrtion Company, he got the job, Zak worked in Rupert (so either he drove or stayed in Burley), until Blyss was 4 weeks old, then he moved to Ferndale, WA, and I moved up 3 1/2 weeks later. We were in Ferndale 6 months, then transfered to the Cache Valley. Zak works as a Dairy Nutritionist here. Zak likes being out on the farm and helping his family with cattle drives.
Marcy- I grew up in Rigby, Idaho on a dairy farm- and I did milk cows. I graduated from Ricks College with an associates in Health Science, I went on to get my Bachelors in Health Education with a minor in Biology. I taught school for a full year at 5 county Detention and Rehabilitation Center in St. Anthony. I loved it, it was so much easier and rewarding then public school. Then I had Hallee, 2 1/2 years later we had Blyss. I like doing crafts, especially making hairbows. I like to exericse and spend time with my family
Hallee- she was a very colicky baby, she did not take naps the first 4 months of her life, but she would sleep 12 hours at night- I eventually got her on a schedule and was a much better baby, but she still is a hard headed child. Hallee is also a sensitive, busy girl. She has turned into being the best big sister, she helps take care of Blyss. Hallee loves to do art projects and dig for worms and snails.

Blyss- She is our little firecracker, she has the personality to go along with that red hair. She is a cuddle bug. She is very small for her age, she will be 18 months at the end of this month and she weighs 18lbs. She loves being outside and also loves being in moms arms.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Great 4th of July!

It has been so nice to stay home with my kids for the last 5 days and have fun with them and not running around crazy trying to get everything done on the house- it will be done on Friday, then we can move in. YEAH! But I need to start packing everything and I am having the hardest time to get motivated to do that.

Last week Hallee and I made star shaped sugar cookies for the 4th of July, Hallee wanted blue frosting on them, and thats what we did. After we were done Hallee's face was ear to ear blue frosting (I didn't get a picture because Zak took the camera to work with him). Then that afternoon Hallee wanted to go swimming, so I filled her little pool outside with water, put plastic bags around Blyss' feet, (her feet can't get dirty or wet due to her burns) and turned them outside to go swimming- they never once got in the pool, instead they took turns spraying each other with the hose, they thought that was such a blast and fun, I couldn't get them to come inside. I wish I could have got a picture of Blyss with the plastic bags around her feet, it was pretty cute. Blyss went to the doctors yesterday and her burns are doing really good- bandages for just a couple more days.

For the 4th of July we went to Lewiston, UT, they have a parade and booths in the park. Hallee got lots of candy from the parade. Then that night we went to the fireworks in Lewiston, Zak and I haven't been to any fireworks for 5 years, so that was fun to do again and the girls liked it to. I hope everyone else had a great 4 th too!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Be AwArE!

I get a call from my babysitter- when I saw it was my babysitter, I thought this can't be good, I hear Blyss just a screaming and she told me that Blyss' feet were burned and that I need to come right now. I put all my paint stuff in a bag and jump in the car to head to her house. I get there and Blyss is so so upset. The babysitter had her feet in some ice water, and I asked how did her feet get burned. They were outside and Blyss didn't have any shoes on, they were coming inside and Blyss stepped on the metal plate of the door coming inside the door- and she let out a blood curdling scream and Blyss didn't move off the metal plate- just stayed on it, so she stood on it long enough before anybody picked her up that it burned her feet. It took the babysitter awhile to figure out what was wrong, because she didn't realize the metal plate had burned her. But her little feet after that had just huge blisters- this picture is taken about 24 hours after. I call Zak to see if we should take her to a doctor- we decide that we should, because she was still crying and in so much pain. We took her in and the burns are 2nd Degree burns, they lanced all of the burns to let out the liquid to help relieve the pressure, after that Blyss felt better, and they wrapped her feet up to keep them protected. Blyss tried walking but couldn't, so I packed her all around. Yesterday Blyss went back to the doctor and they lanced the burns again and dressed them. After the Dr.'s she is now walking and I have to lance and take care of the burns. Blyss is doing so well and just happy as can be- until I have to change bandages.

So just be aware of anything metal out in the sun- it can burn- keep shoes on your little ones! I had no idea that a metal door plate could burn so bad.