Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh Gracie!

This December Santa sent one of his Elves to watch over our family to see if we are being nice or naughty. Once we recieved her the girls got to name her, they decided on Gracie. Every night she flies back to Santa and reports on us if we have been naughty or nice, then when she comes back we find her in a new spot everyday. The first thing the girls do when they get up in the morning is to find Gracie, it has been fun for them. Here are some of the things Gracie has been doing:

Making a snow angel in the sugar.

 Wrote- Ho, Ho Ho on the mirror with lipstick and also dyed to toliet water green

 Marshmallow Bath
 Date night with Ken
 Wrote on the girls' face with marker while they were sleeping

 Reading books with the barbie
 parachuting off the banister but got stuck
 Air balloon , with Sicalys' underwear as her basket

 Toliet Papered the Christmas Tree

 Got in the fridge and dyed our milk- pink, green, and blue

Zak's Birthday

Zak turned 33 on Dec. 6th- Wow- he is getting old. It was so nice to have him home on his birthday and I think he really enjoyed being home and spending time with the girls. For his birthday he got a pair of new fancy cowboy boots. I'm grateful to have Zak in my life- he works so hard for our family to provide for us. He is a good dad and just loves his girls.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


While at my parents over Thanksgiving, Blyss was talking to my mom and telling her that her dad taught Sicaly 2 bad words, my mom asked her what words those were. Blyss responded the "D" word and the "SH" work. My mom was like, Oh, didn't know how to respond. And I'm like what! Zak looked at us with a blank face- like he didn't know what was going on or worried he was going to get in trouble.
Then Blyss clarified what those words were- My Dad said, Dumb, and Shutup! We all had to laugh because I thought they would be swear words. Then Zak still got grilled on why he used those words- come to find out- at the dog- the dog was barking and Zak used those nice words. But now we have a problem and Sicaly likes to tell people to shutup- I have tried several ways of discpling her when that word is used and she keeps on saying it! Hopefully she will forget about that word- SOON!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanks Giving

While Hallee was at Disney Land with her Grandparents and cousins (which was really weird not to have her and cried every time I talked to her, trying to sound like I wasn't crying) the rest of us headed up to Idaho. We stayed with Zak's Grandma who we lived by for 4 1/2 years, it was so enjoyable visiting, catching up, and being with her. We also had to break out Dominos which we played every week when we lived by her- oh how I missed playing Dominos and drinking Dr. Pepper- so it was great.
When we were not at Grandma Miller's house we were at my parents house. We had Thanksgiving Dinner there with most of my family and cousins. It was a delicious meal- very good food! On Thanksgiving Night all the girls went to the Movie- the new Twilight movie- all the guys were very willing just to let us girls go! It was fun, I liked the movie. The guys did awesome with the kids. Zak worked very hard feeding the kids, trying to keep Sicaly out of trouble, and cleaning up the kitchen after everyone- way to go babe!

On Friday we headed out to Barney's- Hailey is married to my brother Nick, and it is her Dad and brother that have the big shires and do the horse pulls( they do the one in Richmond, when it is Black and White Days). They hooked the shires up to the wagon and we had a great wagon ride! Blyss and Sicaly each got a turn to sit up front and help steer. It was fun watching these huge animals at work- there feet are amazing. Also while we were there we saw there very well fed goat, the kids got a kick out of it. We got lots of visitng done, with my brothers and their families and seeing my grandma. I was able to go to my cousin's baby shower and see cousins I haven't seen in a really long time. Then of course we had to end our trip by going and getting a Bambino- we love Bambino's they are so delicious. It was a great trip but great to get back home!