Monday, February 25, 2008

What a Week!

What a week we had last week, Zak had my car all last week since he's was getting fixed, so I had to just stay home all last week, the only time I got to go out was to take Blyss to the doctors or the hospital. Blyss went into the doctors last tuesday for her 1 year old check up and shots (she did so well this time), she is still not gaining any weight so the doctor felt that we should run a few tests to see if something is wrong. So on Thursday we went to the Lab at the hospital to have a Celiacs Disease test ran and then have some blood work done. For the test she had a sweat chloride test done (she had stuff put on her skin then put electrical nodules on her that ran electrical currents to cause her skin to sweat, then after that they put another nodule thing on her to collect the sweat), after all that she had blood drawn to test. She was one tough little cookie for it all- she is such a good little girl. Blyss was poked 5 times by a needle last week. We were so relieved when the test results all came back within normal ranges-we just hope that she is a slow grower- we have decided not to run any more tests on her until we see how she is doing in 6 months.

Zak and I got to do a few things this weekend, on Friday we were invited to go bowling- which we hadn't done in forever- it was fun. On Saturday we were able to go to the temple- it was so nice to do that. Then on Sunday some friends from our ward invited us over for dinner- we really enjoyed that.

Today Zak got back his pickup, $3100 in damage- how crazy is that! It looks so good though- they washed it and cleaned the inside of it- it looks brand new. My car on the other hand is filthy!!! It is covered in cow manure and smells like manure- it needs a major cleaning!
The picture of Hallee is her super hero costume- she is upset becaue I told her she needed a cape and she thought I said cake- so she thought she was going to get some cake, instead she got a cape.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bambi will go hungry

Last monday Zak was headed to the airport, he was going through Sardine Canyon, and he saw a deer on the road, he couldn't move over to the other lane because a car was passing him, so he slammed on his breaks and hit the deer, we can't believe how much damage a little deer can do. It complete took out his headlight, half of the grill, bent the fender, so you can't even open the passenger door. On the other side of the rode a car had flipped trying to avoid hitting a deer. So at least Zak made it out better than that car. Hopefully everyone else can stay safe on these roads this winter.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


This week our little girls have been busy busy. Like I said Blyss has found the drawers in the dresser and loves to get in them and throw everything out, Hallee has decided it is pretty fun too, so Hallee has joined in on the fun (which happens almost everyday). It's not an easy task cleaning up their dresser drawer mess, trying to figure out which socks are Blyss's and what ones are Hallee's, I'll kick them out of the room so I can clean up and they will go into the front room, where Hallee likes to tear all the cushions of the couchs so she can jump and Blyss joins the fun to, she can climb up on the couch when it doesn't have any cushions and she thinks she is pretty cool.

On Thursday Zak and I were watching Lost and Blyss walked to the back part of the house, I thought she was going to go play in Hallee's room, Hallee went back to see what Blyss was doing, a few minutes later Hallee comes back and said I put lotion on my hands, I asked her where she got the lotion and she said from Blyss, so I went back to investigate and Blyss had found my face cream (which I just opened last week), and had used it all on her self, it was in her hair, all over her face (I think she was trying to eat it), her pajams were all gressy, it was all over the rug, and there was nothing left in the container.

I'm sure more intersting messes are headed our way.

Hallee has been our crazy eater this week, I bought a package of cookies last Saturday, and they were all gone by Saturday night, Hallee probably ate 3/4 of the package, for lunch one day she wanted a can of peaches, she ate all the peaches, we went to Peppridge Farms and bought some cookies, that night she ate a whole package, and today while out for a walk, she decided dirty snow tasted pretty good. She is one intersting little girl, but we love her.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Kids- don't they just make you laugh! Blyss has been walking around every where this week and it is just the cutest little site, she is just this tiny little 15 pound little girl walking around-actually kind of a waddle. I'll be in the front room and Zak will be working in the office and Blyss just walks back and forth keeping an eye on both of us, I think she just likes to walk around because she can. Also I went down stairs to vaccum and left both girls upstairs playing in the front room, I came out of the storage room and here is Blyss walking around downstairs, I about had a heart attack, wondering how she managed to get down the stairs by herself, but she can do it, I put her on the stairs and watched her go down all by herself- I was amazed, we had been working on stairs, but she would turn around, and it was just too scary, but she figured it out on her own.

I decided to make Hallee a princess dress because at her friend's Allee's house they like to play princess- so I thought Hallee should have her own princess dress. I made her a ballerina princess skirt, I showed it to her after I was done and she told me she didn't like it. So Zak put it on her and she cried and took it off and threw it. So I suggested we give it to the neighbor girl and she thought it was a great idea. I had extra material so I started making Blyss her own princess skirt, Hallee asked me what I was doing and I told her, all of the sudden she she went and got her princess skirt and put it on and has been wearing it since- she loves it- and she puts on her black shiny church shoes and she is a pretty princess. This week Hallee says, "Oh, heavens sake" to everything, it is so funny. Blyss has discovered the bottom drawers in their dresser, she loves getting in it and throwing everything out of it. We have had lots of laughs this week with our kids.