Friday, December 27, 2013

What our December has looked like

Oh my goodnes what a busy month! I'm usually busy between running kids to clogging, gymnastics, activity days, my new calling as enrichment leader, preschool, homework/school, and going working out at the clogging studio 3 times a week. But add Christmas in there and boy it sure has been busy! We've had the Farm Bureau Convention, Zak's birthday, a couple of Christmas parties, all the christmas shopping (I'm usually done before Dec., not this year!), our christmas enrichment activity, a clogging christmas recital, Zak's accident(which I will post about later), baking goodies, and having a husband not home much!
Here are a few pictures of what it has looked like:

Sicaly goes to preschool 2 days a week

Blyss going to clogging

Blyss at gymnastics- this girl is a gymnast through and through- just a natural

I go to clogging once a week and go work out there 3 times a week. And then I do have to practice a few times a week- because I NEED to practice, man it is no fun getting older, things just don't come as easy and my body just isn't that easy to move sometimes!

Girls off to school

We had our clogging recital and we all did so great! I was thinking to myself what did I get myself into, performing in front of 350 people, but it is a good feeling of accomplishment afterwards. Though I'm not excited to do it in the near future.

We have had some fun with Gracie our elf. I forgot to take pictures on most days, but on this day she wished Zak a happy birthday. She did some pretty cute stuff this year!

Watching the hampster

made a train

At story time at the Library, Santa came and Sicaly was so, so excited, she gave Santa a big hug!

The Bazil Family Christmas party

Gracie counting down to Christmas

This year I helped at Blyss' and Hallee's Christmas party. At Blyss' party I was in charge of doing the reindeer cupcakes. At Hallee's I was in charge of frosting the sugar cookies. It was fun going to their classes and figuring out what kids they talk about.

Then going to Wade's house (Wade is Zak's Dad's hiredman- who has never married) he gets the kids a christmas gift every year. After that it was the Miller Christmas Party.

Then around our house this month we've had some interesting outfits now that Sicaly picks out her own clothes and dresses herself. I will get her dressed, but she always ends up with her choosing of clothes sometime during the day. Yesterday it was lace leggings- which are see through and a ruffle tank under another tank. But she thought she was pretty hot stuff! She is very head strong and has her own sense of style, there is nothing I can say that will change her mind!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

SuN ValLEy 2013

Zak and I headed to Sun Valley on Tuesday for the Idaho Farm Bureau Convention. That morning we got snow and it was very cold, so the roads were a slippery mess, but we made it safely there. I had never been to Sun Valley Lodge and it is so pretty!
The ice skating rink behind me- it was to cold to ice skate!

The waterfall was still working

It is just pretty there!

Here Zak is ready to head off to participate in the Farm Bureau discussion meet. This was his 6th year participating, first year in Idaho. Zak studied and studied, looked up statistic after statistic, quotes from famous people to use that applied to the subject being discussed. It is stressful. I honestly think I was more nervous than he was- I was a NERVOUS WRECK! It was tough competition- when they narrowed it down to the final 4 and they announced Zak, I just let out a huge sigh of relief!

Final 4 competition- it was tough, they were all very aggressive, Zak did awesome, his opening and closing statements were great! I was so proud of him.

Then we had to wait some more for the banquet/award ceremony that night. They announced the 1st runner up, I thought my heart was going to quit. Then they announced Zak as the discussion meet winner! YAY!!!!!

He won a 4-wheeler- so that is 2 for us now. He also received a helmet and gloves.

Group shot!
We will be heading down to San Antonio Texas in January for the National Competition. Exciting and Nerve Racking time for us!

Night Time as we walked between the Lodge and the Inn

It is beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Christmas Tree 2013

Gracie our elf made it back last night- the girls squealed with delight this morning seeing that Gracie came back- for the last bit they have been worried that she was not going to come this year. Blyss was just sitting at the bar talking to Gracie this morning- it was pretty dang cute!

We've got snow and along with the snow, it has been crazy freezing cold- today while I took Sicaly to preschool, my thermometer said it was -2. IT WAS COLD!