Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baptism Pictures

 My good friend- Ann White, took these beatiful photos of Hallee in her Baptism Dress. I was so thrilled of how beautiful they turned out- we had a perfect night and one pretty girl! She is so excited to be Baptized and I am so happy with her decision.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hallee's 8th Birthday

 We celebrated Hallee's birthday on Sunday while Zak was still here. Hallee got a crystal growing kit, a baptism necklace, and something else very special that she got on Tuesday.
 Hallee wanted a better than anything cake- it is her favorite!
 On Tuesday I took her to get her ears pierced- one exciting day at our house!! Blyss was so jealous she cried and threw a fit, so we had to have a talk on being happy and excited for others. Hallee did great, she only cried a little and she is getting along well with her ears pierced, she is so excited in 6 weeks to get some new earrings! So we had lots of days of celebrating with the hotel, Hogle Zoo, on Sunday, on Monday her actual birthday at school, and then on Tuesday!
Also she was student of the week all week long!!! I'm so proud of her. She told us she got Student of the Week because she stays on task, listens and completes her work and just doesn't talk to her partner the entire time!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hallee's Early Birthday Present

 For Hallee's 8th Birthday she wanted to go to Hogle Zoo. So on Friday night we headed to Salt Lake, Zak used his points to get us a fun hotel- the one in West Valley that has a fun swirly slide and fun pool. Hallee and Blyss had lots of fun in the pool. Hallee went down the slide probably about 20 or more times, she loved it. Blyss was to short, but when it was not busy they let her go down. Sicaly still doesn't like water, so she either clung to me or soaked her toes in the hot pool. Back in the hotel room the girls had their own tv and Zak and I had our own tv, so we watched a little bit of tv and went to bed, the girls slept so good! The next morning we woke up early to head to the zoo.
 We all really enjoyed the new exhibit- the Rocky Shore Exhibit, we all loved watching the sea lion, the seals, the otter, and most of all the Polar Bear. The Polar Bear was so entertaining!

 In this picture the Polar Bear would come right up to the glass and push off the glass into the water, so both Hallee and Blyss got to be nose to nose with a Polar Bear.

 All the cats were very active and pacing alot- this is a first for us at Hogle Zoo to see all of the different cats being active and actually seeing them- so that was fun to see.

 We couldn't leave Hogle Zoo without a carosel and train ride. We were so lucky and it was a beautiful day, it wasn't very busy, and not to hot. After the Zoo we ate at Red Robin for Hallee's brithday dinner! It all had a great day!

Tony's Grove

 For Labor Day we decided to take a hike up Logan Canyon at Tony's Grove around the Lake. It was a beautiful day- perfect weather! The girls had fun playing in the Lake for a bit and they absolutley loved the hike- even Sicaly, she did the entire hike. We packed a lunch and had our lunch in a little meadow. It felt good to be out in nature.

When we got home from the hike Zak realized his wallet was missing- he had put it in the side pocket of the door, and it was gone. He drove clear back up to Tony's Grove looked all over talked to the Ranger and nobody had turned it in- aaarrgggghhhh!!! So we had to cancel all of the credit cards- his work one that pays for his hotel and food- and he was going to be gone all week. He had to get a new driver's licensce, so that put a little dark side to our good day, but we tried not to let it get to us! The only thing that got to me is that he bought a new wallet like 3 weeks ago and it was not cheap!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Doesn't get any Better

I Love, Love, Love when I see things like this. It really doesn't get any better that this!

Brigham City Temple Open House

 On Thursday after school we headed to Brigham City to attend the Temple open house. We had to park in the old Kmart parking lot and were bused over to the temple. My girls have never been on a bus and they really enjoyed that. We walked through the temple and it was so beautiful. My girls loved the chandeliers. Blyss wants to be married in the Brigham City Temple now. I'm glad that we were able to do this as a family, it was really a great night- we haven't had a night like this in a long time as a family and it felt so good. Plus it helped that we had such a good and peaceful feeling after being in the Temple! While in Brigham City we stopped at a fruit stand and purchased some yummy peaches and we went out an ate, it was so great.
 Hallee and Blyss
 Sicaly, Blyss, and Hallee

 Hallee, Blyss, and Sicaly
The Temple is so beautiful in every way!