Thursday, August 27, 2009

Notice Something About My Blog

Notice anything different about my blog?

Monday, August 24, 2009

To Idaho Again

We went to Idaho again this past weekend for another wedding. Zak cousin got married in the Rexburg Temple, then had a dinner, and ring ceremony upon in Tetonia that we also went to. Zak has a sister who lives in Victor, that we went and hung out with awhile at her house so the kids could play. We had fun spending the day with family!

While we were there Blyss got a chance to help feed the baby calves and play with the calves on my parents farm. The calf was after the ruffles on Blyss' shirt and it was so funny to watch her and the baby calf. She just really wanted to pet it, but it wanted to suck her and get those ruffles. Here are the picutres:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy 8 to Us

Today is Zak and Mine 8th Anniversary! We don't have anything exciting planned, because we both kind of spaced it until yesterday at Church. Zak did find us a baby sitter at Church, so that we could at least go to dinner. We decided getting the front yard done would count as our anniversary gifts to each other. But what a great and exciting 8 years we have had, Zak is a great husband, father, and provider. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Here is what we accomplished together on saturday with getting trees and shrubs for our front yard, and getting them planted. We also have the cutest littlest girls together- our models!! And we our so proud of our little Blyss- she is potty trained, and doing so awesome at letting us know when she needs to go.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Miller Family Reunion

My parents were taking a trip to Bear Lake area and then came to my house on Thursday, they picked up the girls and I and took us to Idaho. Zak was already in Idaho due to work. On Thursday night my mom helped my can all of my green beans-whew, I'm glad that is done. Then on Friday Zak came and got us and we headed to St. Anthony for the Miller Family Reunion. On Friday we had a great dinner and catching up with everyone. It started again bright and early on Saturday morning with a scavanger hunt, lunch, boat races, and lots of canival games and other games. Then Saturday night we had pig (they brought the whole pig, and carved it in front of us), Hallee can't stop talking about it, how it looked and how Grandpa cut it up. For the weak of stomach like me, I couldn't eat it- and actually ended up going to Subway to eat. That night we had an awesome program, Zak's Aunt Patti and Uncle Ernie and cousin Melissa put it all together. They had skits, video of when Zak's Dad and Aunts were little, they had great grandkids do talents. They had a cousin dress up and pretend to be Barbara Walters and interview Zak's grandma Sylvia- it was so fun to hear her memories. It was so fun to see everyone and everything was so awesome. Here are a few pictures.

Zak and Me, when Zak's Grandma and Grandpa were young they had this same photo.

Blyss and I doing the fishing pond

Hallee so excited over her tatoos and face painting

The tug of war was a big hit- especially with the guys.

At the program, Hallee and Blyss and their cousins.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Raspberry Jam

This past weekend we went to Idaho for 2 of my cousins weddings. While there my sweet grandma Bazil and my mom picked me a ton of raspberries. So I put those raspberries to some good use. Hallee and I made 3 batches of raspberry jam- we all love it and use jam everyday. Hallee had a ball licking the bowl's and spoons. This weekend we are going back up for a family reunion and I hope to pick some just to eat fresh!