Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Young and in Love!

This weekend we got out and enjoyed the beatiful weather. On Friday night we went for a walk and ran into the Chamber's- a family in our ward- they have 2 boys and one little girl. We ran into them at his dad's farm- Hallee saw their boys and was so excited- they just ran off together to go see the donkeys and the horses, the kids had fun feeding them, then they went into the field to pick flowers- Hallee just took off running and made it to the other side of the field with the boys chasing after her- she is pretty fast- I wish I had a video camera to tape these kids just having fun on the farm- how would it be to be that young again, not a care in the world.
On Saturday we went to Willow Park Zoo- all there was to really see was ducks, turtles, birds of all sorts, and swans. Then the girls went and played on the toys there- and Blyss loved swinging and climbing all over the toys.

At the zoo- ducks in the back

Blyss having fun at the park
On Sunday we had Stake Conference- we sat in front of the Chamber's and Hallee spent most of the time with the Chamber boys during conference- went with them when they went to the bathroom. The Chamber's asked us over for dinner afterwards- of course we said, YES. Blyss fell asleep after we got home from Church, so Zak stayed home with Blyss and Hallee and I went over to their house for dinner- Hallee just loved playing with those boys and playing at their house. Taft- Chamber's oldest who is 5, even asked Hallee to go shoot his BB Gun with him- but I wouldn't let her go. Hallee did not want to leave- after we got in the car, she was crying, "I want Taft, I want to stay and play." After we had been home awhile she drew a picture of Taft and said, "I miss Taft." I think Hallee might have her first little crush, right now it is okay, because its kind of funny.

Picture that Hallee drew of Taft- it is know hung on her wall above her bed.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


This last week while Zak was in Minneapolis, the girls and I decided to go home and stay with my parents. We had a great time- first we got to stop in Idaho Falls and see our good friends- Ashley and her boys- Dallin and Cade. Hallee and Dallin had a blast together, they are so cute together, they love giving each other hugs. Then after that we went to my parent's in Rigby. My parents were watching my nephew, Cash, because his mom had a baby. So Hallee and Cash had fun with each other- Cash really likes to wrestle and Hallee doesn't mind either, so Hallee would jump off the couch, then Cash would jump off the couch on her and they would wrestle it was pretty funny to watch. The next day we took Cash back to Pocatello to his mom and dad. We were able to see the baby for a few minutes- she is in NICU, so we could only hold her for a few minutes, since it wears preemie babies out to be held. She still is in NICU and we sure hope she'll be able to go home soon. But she sure is a cutie- she is so tiny, and Blyss and Hallee didn't know what to think of her. Hallee has know been telling everyone that we see that Erica had a baby and the baby doesn't have any teeth- I guess she can't remember when Blyss didn't have any teeth. Hallee had a great time at Grandma's and Grandpa's, she got her toenails and fingernails painted, she collected lots of rocks, she got to see the baby calves, and she got a lot of attention. Blyss loved seeing the dog and giving him loves, she loved playing outside on the slide, and she liked seeing the baby calves- she would just laugh and laugh at them. And on Thursday when we came home- it was just a snowing- we so want it to warm up. We had a great time in Idaho, but it is good to be back home.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

On Saturday we went to the Heritage Center's Baby Animals Day, where they had all sorts of baby animals. Hallee and Blyss loved it! Hallee loved looking at the snakes, bugs, frogs, and turtles. Hallee was fascinated by the snake that was over 200 lbs., I can't remember how long it was- but it was huge! Hallee cried when we left the building that had all those types of animals, she kept asking to go back. Zak just walked into the building and walked right out- what a whimp! So I was the one who took Hallee around checking out all the snakes and bugs. Blyss loved the fuzzy animals like sheep, baby calf, piglets, llams, ponies, chicks, and goats. Blyss wanted to give every animal a love, it was funny- she would go up to the animal and rest her head on it- giving it a love. Both Hallee and Blyss got to hold a baby chick- they weren't very good at it though- Blyss grabbed it by the neck, Hallee was holding the baby chick by the wings, so that didn't last long. We also went on two wagon rides- one with horses pulling the wagon, and another with a tractor pulling the wagon. We also saw a sheep dog in action, rounding up sheep, putting sheep through the gate, and loading them into a horse trailer- it was pretty neat to see one dog do all this work. We had a great time and it was a great day to be outside! Sorry my pics aren't very good- I forgot the camera, so we used the cell phone.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Heaven Help Us!

We love our girls- but sometimes they worry us with the things they like to do. I just wonder where did you learn that or where did you come up with that. But it makes us laugh at the same time, because you just can't help it. Zak was gone this past week to the basin, but Zak's grandma and grandpa came one day to visit me- it was a real treat, to actually have other adults to talk to and the kids loved it to. The following pictures are of the crazy things are girls do, and hopefully this is not telling us of what they are going to be doing in 15 years.

Blyss are little Clepto- she loves to pick up things and put it down her shirt-she will go around for hours with things down her shirt- she gets mad when you take it out of her shirt. And she thinks she is a cool baby when she has all this stuff down her shirt.

This was Hallee's doing. I was gone- Zak was watching the girls, and he could hear Blyss just a laughing- Hallee was coloring all over Blyss with a marker- we are still trying to wash the marker off.

Blyss our little pole dancer. She would rather play on the pole of her jumperoo then jump in it. She love to swing around on it and she looks like a little pole dancer.

Hallee our never ending sweets eater. She has to have ice cream everyday, and if we have candy in our house, thats all she can think about and want. So we usually don't have candy- but we do have ice cream, because she wants it and we tell her if she eats all of her dinner she can have ice cream and it has worked like a charm.

But these little girls are still sweet at the end of the day, even though they have me worried of what they are going to turn out like. I just hope in 15 years they still love their dad and me and want to spend time with us- and we would still love to read to them even then!