Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tagged & Salt Lake

I haven't been able to post about last weekend when we went to Salt Lake City, Blyss started with the stomach flu (Blyss had the stomach flu for 3 days, which when she pukes there is no warning, so wherever she was I had a mess to clean up), then Hallee, then me, so all week I have been doing load after load of laundry cleaning up puke, holding sick babies, you know how it goes- Not FUN!

So, last weeked we went to Salt Lake and met Zak's parents there. We ate at Macaroni Grill, our first time, and everyone is right- IT WAS GOOD! Then we went over to Temple Square and walked around. Then we got a carriage ride from Temple Square back to our hotel, which the girls loved. Then we hit the hotel swimming pool, Blyss and Hallee both had fun(when we got home for 2 days Blyss wore her swimsuit, and she would point to it and say, "fun".)

On Saturday we when to Thanksgiving point to the Dinosaur museum, it is really neat, they have this huge sand box with water, play dinosaurs, and Hallee had a blast playing in it. We also went and seen a 3-D movie there as well, that was pretty neat.

Right there by Thanksgiving point is a store called Rod Works, and they have such cute decorations, I ended up finally buying a clock! I wish we had a store like that closer to Logan.

Then we headed home, where the girls slept the entire way, they were so tired after all our playing. We had a great time with Zak's parent- Thanks!

I was also tagged to list some things that BUG me.. So here are somethings that bug me...

1. Dirty House, especially when things are strung all over.

2. When people don't hold a door open for you and they are just a couple of steps ahead, especially when holding a car seat, holding a hand of a toddler and balancing a diaper bag, I had this happen to me so much when Blyss was in a car seat.

3. I pull into a gas station all the pumps are full, so I pull in behind someone who is fueling up their car, they finish fueling, go inside the store (meanwhile I'm still sitting their waiting), they go inside, buy a pop, take 5 minutes and finally come out, and leave. Hello- use some courtesy and pull forward to the front of the store, I really don't enjoy sitting and waiting at a gas station.

4. When its your 1st Sunday in a new ward and the only person to talk to you the entire time is the Relief Society President. We so need to be friendlier to new people when they come to Church, it could be an investigator, it would make you feel like not going back.

5. When people save seats.

6. Salespeople who make you feel guilty, use the guilt trip.

7. When I can't remember where I put something.

8. When my girls are made fun of for having blankies.

9. When people are nice to the face, but talk bad behind the back.

10. Barking dogs, dogs who aren't tied up in a neigborhood.

I tag- Erica, Dixie, and Sara B.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ta Dah

Here it is, Hallee and Blyss' room finished, the only room in our house that is all decorated!

We made a Chalk Board

A place for Hallee to put all her drawings.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


This clip is of something Blyss enjoys doing, don't ask me why, we get a kick out of it though.
These are some of the silly things my girls did yesterday.
First I found Blyss having a wonderful time sitting in her toy box, reading books and singing to herself, she stayed there for about 15 minutes, it just made me laugh.

Then last night after I put her to bed I peeked in on her and she was sitting in her bed reading a book to herself, it is pretty cute that she reads to herself.
Hallee is very artistic and creative she builds stuff all day long (especially bridges, she builds bridges with her blankets from her bedroom to the front room everday), Hallee also colors or draws or plays with playdough about an hour or more everyday. Well today she turned her toy box into a little seat with a side thing to hold her plate of food or sippy cup. It just amazed me that she figured out how to collapse the box and turn it into something useful, besides holding toys.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

BiG GiRl!

Before- wall all white

We have been working on the girls' room this last week. Last Saturday we painted their room pink, Hallee and Blyss were so excited, they were bouncing off the walls, Hallee kept saying, "My room is Pinkalicious." As were painting the walls, it amazed Blyss, she kept saying, "Wow," or "Cool." They love their room being pink.

Painted pink

This past week we bought Blyss a big girl bed, in hopes that she would start sleeping through the night (which didn't work, she still wakes up once or twice a night). We bring the bed home, take down the crib, and realized we didn't have a bed frame, when we bought the bed and the head board it was our understanding that the bed frame was included since we were buying everything else, I call the place and they told me I would have to buy it seperatley, sure would've been nice to now that when we were buying everything else, it made me mad that he never asked if we needed a bed frame, Hello- we were buying everything else for a bed. So we don't have a bed frame yet, but Blyss loves her new bed. She actually wants to go to bed now, she'll come to us about 9:30 and wants to go to bed, before she didn't go to bed until 10 or 10:30. Several times through out the day when I can't find her or it is really quiet I'll find her in her bed, just laying in it. The other morning I found her in her bed with a bikini in her mouth (last time she took a bikini she was 4 months old), with her doll in bed with her, with a bikini in its mouth, she is a funny girl.

Blyss in her bed with her baby

Today Zak and I painted the darker stripes on the wall, they turned out pretty good. Now I just have to decorate! So when it is all decorated I'll post the pictures.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe that it is 2009, 2008 sure flew by for us! We had a great New Year's Eve party with our friends from Smithfield. They get the church for the night so there is enough room for everyone, they set a movie up for the kids or they could play in the Nursery so the adults can visit and play games, it was fun!

This is Blyss on New Year's Eve enjoying crackers and cheese, I think all the cheese ended up on her face.

This weekend we finally decided to paint Hallee and Blyss' room pink, when we painted the house we brought the girls over and Hallee ran into her room and started crying and threw a huge fit because her room was not pink, ever since she has bugging us to paint it pink. I told her she had to wait until I found a new bed spread for her bed to make sure I got the right pink, 7 months later I finally found a bed spread that Hallee and I both agreed on. We still need to finish painting stripes and when I have it all decorated I'll share some picutres.

This morning when I opened my blinds I saw this- Hallee and Zak created a heart in the snow- how sweet. Blyss created a little snow angel.