Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This past week has been kind of an interesting one. Last Thursday Hallee started not feeling well, her tummy hurt and her throat hurt. She gets up on Friday morning and wants to stay home, I was going to let her, but her dad made her go. I pick her up from school and she is as white as a ghost and just dragging her feet, she gets to the car and tells me she does not feel good at all. She spends rest of the day cuddled up on the couch, in the meantime she breaks out in a rash (which doesn't worry me, she does it every once in awhile, shes had the backpoke test done to see if she is allergic to something, but it came back okay), on saturday she wants to eat lunch and miraculously feels so much better, she goes out and rides her bike. She gets up on Sunday ready for Church and we get to church, I'm sitting there in Primary when Hallee's primary teacher comes and gets me, she tells me she thinks Hallee has Strep throat, her kids broke out with the same rash, and it has been going around the school. I grab Zak to figure out what we should do, he had to leave for work that afternoon, we decided to take her in to Insta Care. We wait and wait and after an hour and a half, it is confirmed that she has strep throat. The next day Zak doesn't feel well, goes in and he has strep throat. On that previous Saturday I get the idea to pull out all of our appliances and clean under them- the fridge, washer, dryer, and stove. On monday while Zak is sick in bed(which is Valentines Day), I hear this running water, I look down the stairs, and water is just pouring out of the ceiling(ended up being the heater vents), I run to the laundry room and there is water everywhere- I turn off the washing machine, start soaking up water with every towl I own. So Zak forgot to hook the water hose back up, so we had to pull out the washer and dryer again, to soak up all the water. I had to soak and soak water out of my carpet down stairs, pull it up and put a fan on it, try to soak water out of my heater vents- but what a mess! I spent pretty much an entire day cleaning this one up. The next day I decide to make bread, I go downstairs and feel my bucket back up with flour, I come up the stairs, almost to the kitchen Sicaly wiggles in my arms, I drop the bucket of flour and it goes spewing everywhere- I mean everywhere!!!! All over the carpet, all over my hardwood floors- in its little cracks between each board, all under my freshly cleaned underneath fridge and stove!!!! Really!!! Sometimes you wonder why you put so much effort into something and it just blows up in your face. So once again I had another huge mess to clean up, and Sicaly was right in the middle of this one. And I didn't pull out the fridge and clean out underneath- it will just have to wait!!
Sicaly in the meantime has had a cough and wheezy, on Friday afternoon Blyss is not feeling so hot, by Sautrday she is definatley sick, I get a doctors appointment for Blyss and Sicaly. Blyss had Strep Throat, and Sicaly got put on doing breathing treatments to help clear out her lungs. We went back on Monday and the Dr was paranoid that she was getting pneumonia, so she is on antibiotics and doing more breathing treatments, but she is sounding better, everyone is feeling better. I just am praying that I don't get Strep Throat, since we leave for Washington DC on Friday. And I am praying for Sicaly to get fully better, so when my mom takes her to the doctors on friday all will be well.
I hope we don't have any more REALLYS for awhile.

Monday, February 14, 2011


These two girls want to wish you a Happy Valentines Day!!!

I really got into the Valentine Mood this year- I had fun trying out all the heart hair do's- Hallee went to school everyday for a week with some type of heart hair do.

Blyss even let me do her hair a few times.

Then I felt an urge to have some Valentine decorations in my house- I only had 1- a heart wreath on my door. So I made a heart topiary thing and the LOVE blocks with left over wood from finishing the room in our basement.

Then I saw this wreath on a craft blog I like to get ideas from- it turned out so cute!! I LOVE it!

While in the crafting mood I decided to whip up myself a new skirt. I did a ruffle around the bottom, and in the back it has 3 ruffles- it turned out so cute.

I had to throw this picture in- I'm the best mom and let my child play in the dirty dishwasher to keep them entertained so I can do the dishes from dinner- this is seriously what I resort to when Zak is gone so that I can get something done- and she has a ball!!!