Monday, April 7, 2014

SicAly'S BirThDaY

Time definatley goes by to fast! My baby turned 4 on March 15th! Sicaly was so excited for her birthday. She loved being the center of attention. All her grandma's, grandpa's, great grandma's, and great grandpa came. Plus a couple of aunts and an uncle.

She was so excited to get her doll that looks like her. She loves this doll, she loves to change her clothes and play with her. Sicaly named her doll Ruby, which is Sicaly's middle name.

Scialy with all her goods!

No birthday cake for this girl- she wanted a carmel apple cake, so that is what I made her. We had her favorite food- Pizza and then carmel apples and it was delicious.

Happy Birthday sweet pea! After her little party she went to our neighbor boys birthday party and then after that a farm bureau party. 3 parties in one day- lucky girl.
Sicaly is a good girl, she has been my hardest so far, she is very independant when she wants to be and definatley has a mind of her own, she is stubborn! She can play hours by herself and is so happy when her sisters get home. Sicaly loves to dance, she wants music on every day so she can dance around and sing. Sicaly is growing like a weed and I can't believe how big she is getting. Sicaly wants to be grown up so much. One day on our way home from preschool she told me she is about as big as me and will be able to drive soon. I asked her where she will drive to and her response was," To preschool, to grandma's, and to Salt Lake." I laughed a little and at that time we were driving by the High School, and told her when she is big enough she won't be in preschool anymore but High School and pointed it to her, then she responded, "Then I will drive to High School, Grandma's, and Salt Lake." I thought it was pretty cute- she is very excited to drive soon, she talks about it alot!

After her birthday she wanted her hair cut, so I cut off a few inches! Her hair was so long.

Here she is with her new haircut!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Clogging Competition

Last Friday we competed in Pocatello for clogging. Blyss was first in the Novice category. She did her 3 solos first, which are each 30 seconds long. She placed 1st in all of her solos.
Next Blyss had her 2 team dances. This one is splish splash, I love their costumes for this dance. They've got a big loofa on their heads!
This dance took Grand Champion in their division! Way to go Blyss.
Blyss' 2nd dance, I Wanna Be a Princess took 1st place. So Blyss will be competing all of her dances in Lagoon. So Blyss' teacher is a 13 year old girl, and she does a great job with these girls, which I was worried at first because she is so young.
Next up was the Beginning Level which is Hallee's division. Both of their team dances took 2nd places, but are still able to compete at Lagoon. They did Ice Cream Freeze and Itty Bitty. This was the best I have seen them perform, they did such a good job. They were just off on a few steps, which is bound to happen with that many girls!

Hallee learned 5 solos, she got 2- 1st places and 3- 2nd places. So she will be competing in all her solos at Lagoon for nationals.

Netxt up in the Adult Intermediate level was my team. Our 1st dance we were so all nervous and messed up at different times. Which is so frustrating because I was doing so good but my mind went blank for a few seconds and messed up a few steps, but I was able to recover! Our 2nd dance we all did so good, just that we were all exhausted by the end we ran out of enthusasim and energy- but we finished awesome. Both of our dances received 1 st place! So we will be competing at Lagoon too!
I have not done anything like this in years and it feels good to be able to accomplish something like this. I hate being in front of people it is one of my greatest fears. So I have to give myself a pat on the back for stepping out of my comfort level. I have a great time at clogging!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cousin Time

A few weeks back my brother Ty and his family came up to my parents. It was Valentine's Day so we all had pizza together and the kids played. The next day we went back over to help my Dad with a steer who was still back on the river trying to bring him home. After a couple hours we gave up,we were exhausted from running in the deep snow with no luck. The kids played and watched a movie. Later in the afternoon we headed up to my inlaws to show my mom and my sister in law, Erica, their new home.
As we were leaving Blyss and Vanna climbed up on this pile of dirt covered in snow, Vanna jumped off and went waist deep in the snow, it was so funny!

No pictures of when we went and celebrated Zak's moms 60th birthday. But the kids played so hard this is Sicaly on our way home, completly pooped out!

My cousins threw a baby shower for her daughter and it was such a nice day all the kids went out and swung on the swing and listened to Let it Go from Frozen. My girls loved hanging out with the bigger girls!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Science Fair

The Science Fair! I remember doing that along time ago. But now we have the Internet and so many fun ideas. Hallee and I sat down at the computer scrolling through ideas, figuring out what we could do, her and I, since Zak was gone most of January and Feburary. Hallee saw this Gummi Bear project and decided it would be perfect for her. Hallee loves her sweets! So we ran through the project a couple of times to figure it out. We put a gummi bear in water, salt water, sugar water, and vinegar to see what happened to the gummi bear. It was fun and interesting- I would never have thought of that! My parents and I went to her school to check out the science fair and it was fun, there was lots of cool experiments and fun to see the kids be so excited about something. Hallee got a 100% on her science project!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blyss' 7th BiRtHdAy!

Blyss' birthday could not come fast enough this year! As soon as Christmas was over she started counting down for her birthday. She only wanted 1 thing for her birthday- something she wanted for Christmas and did not get. An American Girl- who looked liked her. I searched everywhere for a knock off, I tried on ebay for months, I did not want to spend that much money on a doll! But we finally caved in and decided to spend the money, since she talked and talked about it everyday and wanted it so much. Blyss was so, so excited for her birthday and once I wrapped her presents it was killer for her to have wait 2 more days to open them. Zak was gone for her birthday which was a huge bummer for him, since he knew how excited she would be. But after school my parents came and my grandma, then Zak's mom and his 2 grandma's came for our little party.

Blyss was so happy she got her look alike American Girl Doll- Red hair, light skin, green eyes, and freckles! She has named her Lily. That is Blyss' middle name.

She also got some clothes and accessories for her doll and also a birthstone necklace.

Blyss is not a fan of cake, so she decided on a donut cake! Earlier in the day I took donuts for her whole school class!

She loved her donut cake! Happy 7th Birthday Blyss!

Then that night the girls and I went out and celebrated with Pizza.
Blyss is a good girl. She is a pleaser- more at school then home. Her teacher always refers to her as the count on kid, she is always on task and does what her teacher asks her to do. She is doing so well in school. She loves gymnastics- she loves flipping around and doing the splits. She is also in clogging- she is just a coordintaed kid, so she is a good little dancer! She is a good sister, she loves playing with both her sisters- and does what they like to play.  She is a good helper, she can tell when I'm frustrated and will step in and help me- I'm so glad she can see that and willing to help! She loves singing- right now the Frozen music and the Sound of Music. She is enjoying her doll Lily, dressing her and taking care of her.
We sure love having Blyss in our family!

Friday, January 24, 2014

San Antonio Texas

Our first stop once we got to San Antonio was the Alamo, a very neat place. These missions are very interesting the set up of how they were,  the Alamo started being built in 1724- and still stands today despite everything that has happened to it- one neat place!

Around the Alamo grounds- Zak with his parents. His parents got there a couple days before we did, so they picked us up from the airport which was super nice!

A cactus at the Alamo- nice warm weather!!

Our second day we visited the Natural Bridge Caverns, we enjoyed this, it is so neat and interesting. I think Geology is so neat. This cavern has the 2nd biggest room for all caverns.

The jelly fish- what one stalamite grew to be. This has taken thousands and thousands of years to grow!

We thought it would be cold inside the cavern, so we dressed pretty warm- but it was about 75 degrees and 99% humidity, we were pretty toasty inside the cavern.

After the Caverns we went to San Jose Mission, which was a pretty big mission. We are standing in front of the church- which started being built in 1719 I believe.

The front entrance of the church. When the armies took over this mission after missions were dissolved, they used the church as a target practice, so there is bullet holes in the walls. It is amazing that most of the missions in the San Antonio area still standing structures, because most were abonded for some time.

More of the San Jose Mission

The river walk, every night we walked along the river walk and ate dinner outside along the river walk. It is beautiful and the atmosphere of it is so neat!

We took a boat tour of the river walk and learned some San Antonio history!

Our hotel was right along the river walk!

And the reason we went to San Antonio is with Farm Bureau. Zak won the Idaho Discussion Meet for the Young Farmer and Ranchers of Farm Bureau. It is where they put 4 people in a room, pose a question and they discuss about the topic and come up with ideas about it, you are judged on your ideas, how well you work with others, cooperative attitude, and opening and closing statements. Zak did amazing, both rounds he was the only male, with 3 females, and judges were 2 females and 1 male. I was honestly surprised and I think everyone else was surprised with the outcome. The girl I had ranked in 4th place(and about everyone else did too) made it to the top 4. I was honestly shocked and it was tough, Zak had prepared, called to talk to people about things for ideas and studied hours upon hours for this- I thought he actually did the best! The only thing we can really think is that he seemed to be to aggressive considering he was in a room full of females! He was the only male competetor that happened to- a little unfair. But what an accomplishment- not many people can say they have won 2 things with Farm Bureau and got to go to Nationals to compete.
We had an awesome trip and thankful for Zak's sister and her husband and my parents who were able to watch our kids for us!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Zak's Car Accident

Zak had an early Elder's Quorm meeting the Sunday before Christmas. They decided to cancel the meeting since they had no keys to the church. It was about 7:40 am, it was still dark and very foggy. Zak was pulling left out of the church parking lot and didn't see anything, as he was coming out all of a sudden there was a car (which he couldn't see, because it didn't have its lights on), Zak stepped on it to drive straight to get out of its way, but the car still T-Boned him, it pushed Zak off the road and directly in between a power pole and a ditch, this space was just wide enough for his car- that was seriously an amazing blessing that he didn't hit the power pole or went into the ditch! Zak got his wind knocked out of him pretty good. He had his phone in his left pant pocket, and it totally crushed his phone, the phone took the brunt of the force. He was dazed, his back, hips,  cut on his hand from glass, and his ribs hurt a little. But was totally fine! The paramedics checked him out and then I took him to Insta Care and he was one very lucky boy!
I have tried prepping myself for a call like this since Zak travels so much and I have tried to mentally prepare myself. But this was totally unexpected and I was a wreck! I had people calling me telling me they were going to take Zak to the hospital, I was so scared. I called my parents and my mom came over so I could go to the scence. I helped clean out his car before the wrecker got their to take it away and decided just to take Zak to Insta Care.

Getting in a wreck stinks! We are still waiting to hear back from the insurance before Zak can get another car we have had to fight a little because he bought this car 6 weeks before the accident and the insurance wanted to give hime $3000 less than what he bought it for. Zak had a feeling he should buy GAP insurance, which will cover what he still owes on it- I'm glad he listened to that feeling!
He went without a phone for a week, which I think was good for him,  he went through withdrawls without his phone- he was glad once he recieved a new one.

The side air bags deployed. We have learned that Mazda 6 cars are very, very safe!

Not sure what this was from, either the rearview mirror or the airbag!
The Lord was watching out for him on this day!
Along with that happening on Sunday- on Wednesday he ate a peanut butter M&M and went into anaphlatic shock- and he was not home, he went to a hotel and took 7 Benadryl and I just prayed he would wake up in the morning. Then he got the flu on Friday and missed his sister's college graduation where she was a speaker for being the top in her class. It was a crazy week!