Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I can't believe summer is coming to an end!

Wow, summer has gone by so fast. I'm sort of glad and sort of sad, I'm really excited for us to get back on a schedule though. Both Hallee and Blyss are so excited to go to school. They ask me every morning if they get to go to school. Hallee got to go to her first unofficial school day, and she loved it! Her teacher is so nice- they took a tour of the school, played on the playground, and painted with worms.

Not a good picture of Hallee, but here she is graduating from the Waterford Research Program. It has been fun for her and she has learned alot. Everyday she had to spend 15 minutes on their computer program, it helped her learn all of her letters, and sounds, plus number, and math.

Ms. Sicaly at the Raptors Baseball, she did not enjoy it, she was not feeling well, plus it was 100 degrees and windy!

For Zak's work party we went to the Ogden Raptors baseball game. The girls kind of got bored, but there were some other little girls who entertained them.

Before the game we ate at the stadium, Blyss got up on the table and started dancing, they had music playing, and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

We decided we needed to finish our yard and get the last 2 trees our yard needed. Here is Zak working, with all the kids helping.

Here are the 2 trees we planted, it makes our yard look complete now!

I wanted some new pictures of Sicaly since she is growing so fast, so here are a few I took. She is such a great baby,we enjoy and love her so much.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I really, really hate the wind

So yesterday I was scrubbing a stain out of my carpet when a huge wind came up, we have a swing on our deck and it just flew off our deck, I open the door and see our trampoline start to blow, I run down the steps and grab onto our tramp, at that time I'm thinking I"m in a tornado, and the tramp just bolts, I let go fearing I'm going to get hurt. This was the result due to 80mph wind:

The tramp blew into our neighbors house, tearing holes in their siding

Broke their window, ruined their rain gutter, and the saufets

Of course Zak wasn't home, thank goodness for some good neighbor guys who came and pulled the tramp off the house, the wind was still blowing and we feared it might do more damage.

From the broken window in my neighbors house the wind wipped through their house and tore the door right off the hinges.

Glass all over their bedroom, I feel so, so bad, we didn't even have electricty so they couldn't vaccum the glass up or anything.

This really Sucks!!!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Pictures from Past Week

This is what my bed looks like by morning. But it is the sweetest sight.

I can't believe how much this little girl is growing up, she can almost sit up by herself, and is so into what her sisters are doing, she loves to sit and watch them, and she is getting so big, she actually has rolls-my first baby to have them.

Blyss is still our little princess and she loves to ride her trike, her little legs go so fast and she can make that trike cruise.

Once again our amazing cat- Sweetie- the super hero, Hallee loves to dress up her cat, and one day it was a super hero, I can't believe how much our cat will take.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We are sick of BEING sick!

So my last post I talked about Zak having pneumonia and hoping that we would be out of the clear of getting sick. Well.... On Saturday Blyss came down with a fever, I thought maybe she had a little bit of heat stroke from playing outside all morning long and playing hard, I gave her some Ibuprofen and laid her down for a nap. After that she was fine, went back to playing, and we went to town. About 10 pm that night I felt like I got hit by a train, I had not one ounce of energy and started feeling achy. Then next morning no better, plus running a fever and having a cough, Blyss was the same way. So we stayed home and just relaxed. I started having the chills, dripping sweat to chattering teeth. I couldn't sleep due to this, plus my bones hurt, my back hurt, and I was coughing. Anytime we gave Blyss Ibuprofen she was a new girl and carried on doing what she does. On Monday Zak stayed home, dut to us being sick and knowing he was leaving to Nevada rest of the week. We decided to go to the doctor. We get there he checks me, everything looks fine, my lungs sound fine, but I do have a fever. We told the doctor about Zak having pneumonia, he seemed pretty skeptical that I would have it, but just in case ordered an xray to be done. Blyss and Sicaly are checked out because they are both coughing and they checked out fine. So I go have the xray and I feel awful running around doing this, the doctor later calls me and tells me I have pneumonia, and start some antibiotics. On Tuesday Zak leaves early to go to Nevada, I didn't sleep again all night, do to the chills, my body hurting- especially my back(my pneumonia was in the back lower part of my lungs- why it hurt my back), wake up to 2 sick girls- Hallee and Blyss, with fevers and complaining they don't feel good, meanwhile Sicaly is still coughing. I call the Doctor and he orders a chest xray for Blyss where he saw her the day before, once again he was very skeptical, thinking there is no way for them to have pneumonia. Off we go again to the hospital, Blyss gets her xray- I actually ask to see her xray and once I saw it I knew she had pneumonia, the Dr. calls me within 15 minutes, saying he can't believe it but she has pneumonia. He decides if she has it Hallee probably has it too, and we get a prescription for both girls. The Doctor told me he never has seen a whole family come down with pneumonia, he called us "weird."

The next day we have to go back to the Dr.'s to have everyone checked out again, Sicaly coughs and the Dr. said oh no, she needs to be on an antibiotic as well. Thank goodness he called one in, because she came down with a fever and was very cranky.

So it was a very crazy week, a very sick mom taking care of 3 little sick girls, then Zak comes home on Friday night not feeling well at all. The next day he goes to Insta Care only to discover he has pneumonia again- he was running a fever- so the doctor told him he is contagious- just what I want to hear. So hopefully the girls and I will not get it again! Hopefully we can all be on the mend and getting back to normal. The girls and I are feeling tons better- I'm just going through the pain of it right now, it is hard to breathe and my chest and back hurt.

I have a very awesome ward- once they heard we were sick which was Tuesday night- they jumped into action, volunteering to take Sicaly, bringing in meals, taking us to the Doctors, calling to see if they could pick something up in town for us, and caring. And our great neighbors even mowed our lawn for us. We sure appreciate everyone and volunteering to do stuff for us, it is really hard for me to accept that!
On a happy note-
I pulled out my camera last night and saw some cute pictures and laughed- I haven't laughed all week and it felt good- so here are the pictures that made me smile and laugh:

Nothing Better than a sleeping baby

This is at my parents, my girls went into my mom's raspberry patch and picked their own raspberries and now they are enjoying the friuts of their labor

I couldn't find Blyss one day, I go into their room to put up clothes, and it scared me half to death, I had to make sure she was still alive, she never goes to sleep by herslef. Later she told me she was playing with the cats- why the cats are on her bed, and she must of just fell right to sleep, but the cats were pretty cozy too.

I was taking Sicaly's clothes off, and it got stuck on her head, the girls were laughing so hard, it looked like she had an afro.