Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Miss Sis

Little Miss Sicaly has definatley been the hardest toddler for me to raise yet. She is very strong headed, it has to be on her terms, very independant, very busy and creative, and she is definatley spoiled since she is the baby of the family! But she is also very funny (she is a huge teaser, which catches me off gaurd), she loves to cuddle, and she is always saying- "I love you mom", she wants to be as big as her sisters and do all that they do, and she loves to talk (more like repeat things over and over, until you say something), she is very friendly- will go up and talk to strangers- she loves people, and she can sure be sweet when she wants! Here are a few things that have been going on with Sicaly:
look how long that hair is! One day after brushing snarls out of her hair, I said maybe we should get your haircut. She said yes I want my hair cut, everyday for about a week, she kept asking to get her haircut, so I made an appointment, and on that day to get her haircut she was asking me every 20 minutes when it was time to go. She did awesome and she loved it. She looked in the mirror and said I'm so cute! And everywhere we went and people we saw she told them she got her haircut- 

The new hairdo!
Also, we have been working on potty training since October and it was just not clicking. After Christmas I really wanted to get her potty trained. She got treats when she went in the potty. But still so many accidents. Then I would put her in a cold shower if she had an accident- still no progress, it made it worse. Then I decided to do a sticker chart and once it was filled up she could pick something out she wanted(we had been to the store and I let her look and told her if she filled out her chart she would get something- at that time she decided on the stuffed animal elephant). After 10 days the chart was filled out and she still picked out the stuffed animal Elephant.  She has not had one accident once we started the chart. It was amazing- but it had to be on her terms and it was one exciting day once it was full!

She has to go to sleep in my bed while I'm in the shower- she will not go to sleep in her bed. But this melted my heart- she is cuddling with her baby- that is her most favorite thing to play with is babies, and pushing them in the stroller. Her next favorite thing to do is hair!
This picture is one day how she came out of the bathroom- with her shirt tucked into her panties- so dang cute!
We sure love having her in our family- not a dull moment with her around!
A few things about the other two:
Crazy Hair Day- Hallee's hair sticking straight up, and Blyss had a mohawk of buns.
Blyss going to a Fancy Nancy Party.