Friday, November 30, 2012

Hallee in Disney Land

Hallee got to go to DisneyLand over the Thanksgiving Break with her Grandma and Grandpa Miller, Aunt Paige, Uncle Tyler, and cousins- Sayler, Wade and Rylan. She had an awesome time, didn't get homesick, and was such a good girl. Just on the way home after the airplane she did get sick and threwup all over in the car- so everyone had to smell that until the dropped her off.
Since I didn't get to see her this is what her Aunt Paige wrote about Hallee:
-on her first time to an amusement park, on the first day, on her first ride went on the biggest, baddest roller coaster in both parks, she was shaking afterward and opted not to ride it again twice in a row, but after a series of quacks, barks and howls and probably a dozen pictures she was ready to ride again.
-she then turned into one of the biggest thrill seekers of the group, beating out Wade and Rylan in a heated game of Rock Paper Scissors to have her final ride on Space Mountain, the pitch black space simulated indoor thriller.
-like a good dog was always right next to her adult buddy
-good hand holder
-could be seen taking pictures of walls, sidewalks, the backs of other people
-didn't get even a splash of water at Grizzly Rapids while Grandpa looked like he had fallen out of the raft...again, and Grandma was lucky she wasn't wearing white.
-not an early riser
-has the best belly flop dive I have ever seen
-great doggy paddle swim
-always knew where her purse was and didn't forget anything
-can't walk and zip up her purse, must stop and zip it up
-occasionally convinced Grandpa to howl with her

Famous Quote
Friday afternoon Hallee after repeatedly belly flopping into the pool has a heart felt talk with Sayler
Sayler: Does anything hurt after you dive into the pool?
Hallee: No not really.
Sayler: Your head doesn't hurt?
Hallee: No
Sayer: Your belly doesn't hurt?
Hallee: Nope
Sayler: So nothing hurts?
Hallee: No nothing really hurts except my head.
Saturday Evening
Grandpa: Hallee do you want to call home?
Hallee: No I'm going to see them tomorrow
Sunday Afternoon
Hallee: I'm going to puke

 Rylan, Wade, Hallee, Sayler
 Tyler, Paige, Lee, Cindy, Sayler, Hallee, Rylan, and Wade
 Tyler and Hallee
 At the AirPort
 Riding in a Limosine!!!!!

It was true that Hallee took alot of random pictures!!!! She got some pretty good ones too! What one Lucky girl to experince this. I haven't even been to Disney Land.
She had a blast and what a good memory for her, she got to know her cousins, grandparents, and aunt and uncle alot better.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turkey Disguise

Hallee wrote a story about a turkey that disguised himself for Thanksgiving so that he wouldn't end up on the table for dinner. Her story was about Floomp who disguised himself with wood chips and hid under the slide at the park. But a kid picked him up and gave this cool wood chip to his teacher who threw him in the garbage. He ended up at the dump, and out of garbage he made a rocket and used garbage gas to fly around- and he was never thrown in the garbage again or eaten for Thanksgiving Dinner. That is a summary of her story- I thought it was a pretty good story written by a 2nd grader!

Farm Bureau Discussion Meet- take 5

 This is year number 5 for Zak to participate in the Farm Bureau Discussion meet. Zak has always done so well. This was his 3rd year to make it to the final 4. That is a big DEAL! The girls and I headed down to Layton on Thursday to watch Zak particpate in this final discussion. He did so well, I really thought he won it, he had statistics, he brought up new ideas to talk about on the subject that was being discussed. So we were all on nerves for the award ceremony- Zak took 1st runner up again (3rd time)! Which is totally awesome! I was hoping he would win this year because it is so, so stressful- definatley more for him then me, but it is also alot of hours studying these topics. So we will be back next year!

Sicaly and the Animals

 Sicaly loves Rex and Sweetie so much but they don't return that love to her! While the girls are at school she wants to play with Rex, but he usually won't let her hold him, but she tries and tries and it has been really good entertainment for her, but I do feel bad that they just run away from her. Sweetie the cat has gotten so huge- she is probably as big as Sicaly and Sicaly will carry her around saying, "Oh, she is so heavy." It is pretty fun.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HaLlOwEEn 2012

 2012 Pumpkin Carving- the girls each cleaned out their own pumpkins- I helped Sicaly a little, but she was determined to do it herself. I drew the faces on and Zak carved them.
 Halloween Day going to school. Hallee is a cat, Blyss is a witch, and Sicaly was just still in her pajamas.
 I dressed up this year! I was wonder woman. I dressed up mainly because I helped with the party in Blyss' class at school. It was fun to help do that little party!
 Halloween night- Hallee is a dragon fly, Blyss a peacock, and Sicaly a witch.
How they all loved trick or treating. I can't believe how many trick or treaters we got in our neighborhood. The weather was so nice it made it the perfect night to be out.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chase and Brooke Wedding

My youngest brother got married on Saturday in the Salt Lake temple to Brooke. It was such a beautiful day in every way! We headed to Salt Lake on Friday and meet up with the rest of my family. We walked through City Creek, ate at Cheescake Factory, the kids played and played, we had cheescake and it was fun seeing family that we haven't seen in a really long time. On Friday night we finally got all the kids to sleep and I finally fell asleep when I heard Blyss puking- she threw up all over herself, all over Hallee, all over the bedding. I grabbed her and as we are running to the bathroom she throws up again. It was all over the hotel room. I get the girls all cleaned up, Blyss told me she didn't even know her tummy hurt, and settled them into the bed Zak and I were in. Luckily that was the only time she threw up- phew! So we had quite the mess to clean up. Zak took the other bedding and got clean bedding and I got the carpet clean. I had only brought 1 pair of pj's for the girls, so they were sleeping in the clothes they had worn that day. But they all went back to sleep and I stayed half awake listening for Blyss again. But we woke up in the morning and all was well. Saturday was a beautiful day weather wise. Chase and Brooke got married at 12:20, Brooke's sisters were so kind and watched 11 children, 3 who are babies. After that we took them outside while waiting for Chase and Brooke and they started ring a round the rosies. It was so cute, people were stopping and taking photos of them. The kids were awesome for the pictures!

The kids who were doing ring around the rosies- some are from my side and some from Brooke's side

My Family
My Family

My girls, nieces, and Kallie
This bench kept the girls entertained for so long
My brothers- Trevor, Chase, Me, Nick, and Ty
I was so gipped on getting any heigth!
Our Family
Leaving Temple Square and heading to the Hotel where we were having dinner. All the little girls helped carry the train the entire way. It was great it kept them entertained and walking!

The reception that night in Salem- it was decorated very pretty and unique. 
The grooms cake- cows, nursing stuff, and baseball
Blyss, Hallee, and Sicaly with their wands. The wands ended up being canes for the girls as they pretended to be old ladies.
This carriage provided at least an hour and half of entertainment for all the kids at the reception! They all played so well together!

Somehow this picture is out of order- Chase and Brooke right as they walk out of the temple.
After the reception we headed home and got home about 1am. Zak and I were totally beat on Sunday. It was an awesome weekend and I am so happy for Chase and Brooke.