Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hopefully 3rd time is a ChArM

Well we are trying the whole kitty thing again for the 3 rd time this summer. This time we got 2 kitties- I know we are crazy to keep getting kitties. I can't believe Zak is such a push over with kitties lately- since he is allergic to them and doesn't like them. But one night we were taking a walk and were walking past someone's house in our ward and the kitties were out playing in their yard and the girls fell instantly in love with them and we decided to try 2 this time, so Hallee and Blyss could each have their own, and we are putting the kitties on the deck instead of the garage this time, and we are hoping if we have 2 they will keep each other company out on the deck and not run away. The girls can't leave these poor kitties alone though. They are well loved and hopefully the newness of them will wear off soon, because that is all the girls want to do is to play with them. Sometimes they get pretty rough with them, Blyss had her kitty in her purse one day, so I have to keep a constant eye on what they are doing with them. But it is kind of nice because it gives the girls something to do, so I can get some projects done. Like....

I couldn't let my tomatoes go to waste- so I decided to can spaghetti sacue. It really didn't save any money to can spaghetti sauce, but I didn't now what else to do with my tomatoes!

Also, for all of you out there who has tons of zucchini like me- I tried a great recipe this week:

Zucchini Casserole:
2 cups cooked chicken- diced into bite size pieces
In a frying pan with 1 TBSP Butter- 2 Cups Zucchini diced into bite size pieces, 1 cup chopped up carrots, 1/2 cup diced onion- get the vegetables to a tender crisp.
Mix in bowl- 1 can cream of chicken soup, 1/2 cup sour cream, and 1 cup grated cheese- mix together, then add chicken, and then vegetables.
Put all of this in a casserole dish, top with a box of Stove Top(chicken) stuffing mix- Just leave it dry and spread over top.
Place in oven at 375 and bake for 20-25 minutes.
All of us really liked it and it was easy.

And last- Nothing get better then seeing something like this:

I sure love those little girls.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This year with a garden I decided I needed to can the stuff in my garden. Boy, I didn't realize how much work it is to keep up a garden and then how MUCH work canning is.
My mom helped me can my green beans, since you do them in a pressure cooker. I was able to get 14 pints. We ate lots of fresh green beans from our garden too.
My next adventure was doing dill pickles, I grew the dill and the cucumbers in the garden. Doing the dill pickles was pretty easy. I was able to do 7 quarts.
With all the tomatoes I grew, I did salsa, we also grew the peppers for the salsa. It was so much work to dice everything up, and peel those totmatoes for salsa, but it sure is yummy. I ended up canning 20 pints of salsa.
When we went to Hogle Zoo, on our way back we picked up 1/2 bushel each of peaches and pears in Brigham City, so I was able to get those done. I think my favorite was doing the pears, they weren't bad at all.
I had some good helpers, Hallee and Blyss. Hallee helped me peel the tomatoes and also helped peel the peaches. Blyss would hand me a tomato, pear, or peach to cut up.
My next canning on my list is apple sauce, I'm going to Idaho, where my mom has the apples and stuff to do applesauce.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hogle Zoo

For Hallee's birthday we took her and Blyss to Hogle Zoo. It was fun! We got to see the new cute little elephant, it was 36 inches tall and 251 pounds. We also got to see the new little giraffe. The girls enjoyed looking at the new babies, the penguins, and the monkies. Of course they had to go on the carousel and train, Blyss had a premanent smile on her face doing those things.

We had a sad moment at our house yesterday, Hallee's beloved little kitty that she got for her birthday was ran over yesterday. Zak felt so horrible that he ran it over, then had to put it out of its misery. Blyss was here and Hallee was at preschool- which I am so grateful for, not a pretty scene. Our neighbors who gave us the kitty had another kitty they wanted to give away, so Zak said, hurry go get the kitty, but they had gave it away the day before. We were hoping with another kitty Hallee wouldn't be to sad. So I had to tell her and she was a little confused and I had to explain to her that Starry won't ever come back. It made her feel sad, so I told them we would get another kitty. I don't know if we should get another one, this is the 2nd one this summer.

I had to throw this in- Of Fancy Nancy-Blyss. Blyss loves dressing up like Fancy Nancy. The Fancy Nancy books are my girls favorite books to read.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Can it be? Hallee is 5

This week was a busy one for Ms. Hallee. First she started preschool again this year. She has been asking me for about 2 weeks now, everyday if she could go to preschool, so it was finally time and she was excited, so excited she didn't want to eat breakfast she just wanted to go to preschool!

I threw her a little princess party with her friends, at first I had them decorate crowns or swords, then we played pin the crown on the princess, then musical princess shoe (they passed around cinderellas shoe and when the music stopped, whoever was holding it was out), Hallee opened her presents, they played on the jumper for awhile then we had her Rainbow cake. Our neighbor even gave her a new kitty for her birthday, since we lost our other one. So it turned out to be quite the little birthday party.

Got the Cake Idea from The Idea Room

Yesterday was her real birthday, my parents came down, and took us to McDonalds to eat and watched her open her presents. She got lots of coloring and art projects- but that is what she loves! We are taking her to Hogle Zoo on Saturday, that will be lots of fun for the girls.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Everyone is so Smart!

So everyone guessed what was new on my blog! Yes the pregnancy counter down thingy! My due date is March 21, 2010. After going to the Dr.'s last week and getting an ultra sound, I am excited for it. I have been really, really sick since I've been 5 weeks pregnant. I'm nauseated all day long(smells intensify it even more), throw up all day long, and am just exhausted all the time (so much worse than my other 2 pregnancies). I just lay around alot, which is so not me! I've tried a couple of different prescriptions to help with the nausea, and have found one that helps and doesn't make me extremely more tired. It is kind of spendy so I just take it on days I have to go town or get things done.
Hallee told the neighbor boys and girls, "My mom throws up all the time." I thought everyone would figure it out, but only our neighbor guy, everyone else thought I just had the stomach flu or something. Hallee and Blyss are very excited and really, really want a baby brother. They came with us to the Dr.'s and they got to see the ultra sound and thought it was cool and that is when we told tham there is a baby in my tummy. Hallee is always telling Blyss that she needs to be soft to mommy's belly.
We have an Ultra Sound at the 1st of November and I'll let you know what we are having then!
Thanks for all the Congrats!