Sunday, March 31, 2013

Red Carpet Party

For my Aunt Bonnie's 70th Birthday her children planned a SURPRISE Birthday party and it was a red carpet event. We were so lucky to attend since we were up in Idaho that weekend celebrating Sicaly's birthday. Everyone was able to keep it a surprise for her and she was totally surprised! Everyone was suppose to dress up as someone famous. It was fun to see what people dressed up as. Zak and I were Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill, Hallee and Blyss were Rocky and CeCe off of Disney Shake It Up, and Sicaly was Cat womam. We all got to walk down the Red Carpet! My girls had a total blast- they had a DJ and my girls danced and danced, by the time we drug them home they had stripped off all their clothes since they were sweating- these girls did not want to leave the party, but Zak and I were TIRED!
Here are some other famouse people we saw that night:

Duck Dynasty

My parents- Grease Lightning

Over there was Napoleon Dynamite and a "Who" off the grinch stole christmas

I'm not sure who my Uncle Mortiz is but his wife Kathy is Marge off of the Simpsons

My brother Nick is Kenny Chesney and his wife is Annie Oakley and baby case was a Lion
My cousin Holly is Dolly Parton

John F Kennidy dancing with Sicaly

My cousin Becki- Cleopatra and Einstein

This is my Aunt Bonnie- totally surprised- I was hoping she wouldn't have a heart attack! She is an amazing woman, she is a fun, outgoing, and caring person. She has lost 2 husbands and 1 son- she is such an amazing example of being selfless!
Here are a couple of pictures of other things- last saturday the girls played on our deck most of the day, they loved just being able to get outside!

And Sweetie the cat- she is the most cuddly cat! If you aren't holding her she likes having a stuffed animal with her, she is such a funny cat.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Baby is 3

It was this little girl's birthday last Friday- March 15th. I can't believe she is 3 years old already- time sure does fly. She was so excited to go to grandma's and have a butterfly birthday cake- that is what she really wanted more than getting presents.

The cake did not turn out how I planned- the cake just kept falling apart as I was frosting the sides. But all the girls thought it was so pretty- I guess that is all that matters.
Sicaly with her cake- we got to spend her birthday up in Idaho, we went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Miller for her birthday. Then afterwards came to my parents to have cake and open presents.

All the time at my parents Sicaly played with these old sunglasses of my mom's- it was pretty cute, I would catch her in the play room writing on the chalboard or just talking to herself with the sunglasses on.
 Sicaly opening presents.

 My parents gave her a barbie movie, shirts, and new panies. Zak's parents got her a baby crib and clothes. Zak and I got her a baby carrier, baby onsies, a dry erase board, and a couple of books. She had a great birthday and it was fun to spend it with family.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Disney on Ice

 Last weekend we headed to Salt Lake to see Disney on Ice, we have never been before and thought it would be a great time to go. Our first stop was at Chipotle to eat- one of my favorite restraunts and also one that everyone likes. The girls had so much fun sitting at the bar.

 We stayed at a hotel in West Valley- the one with the water slide that comes out of the hotel and goes back in. The girls had a BLAST swimming. They were all tuckered out and ready to go to bed. My girls love hotels!
 We had tickets to go to the 11:00 show. Zak was our chaffeur and dropped us off right at the door. We went in and found our seats. As we were walking, there was all these booths to buy stuff, both Hallee and Blyss saw the prices on stuff- and never once asked if they could have anything- I was so proud of them for realizing how expensive it was and that it would not happen!

 The show was amazing and it entertained all 3 girls the entire time.

 Our favorite part was the Tangled part when they did all the tricks on the fabric thing hanging down. It was amazing.

I enjoyed it as much as the girls, it was very fun. We had a great needed little family getaway!

Friday, March 1, 2013


For days Sicaly carried around her baby all the while feeding that baby a bottle. She made sure the baby was always wrapped up and would change the babies diaper- after smelling to see if the baby needed to be changed. It was the sweetest sight- I loved what a good mama she was being.
And then at night she held the baby and fed the baby its bottle to fall asleep.

Sicaly went around for about half the day like this. I just had to smile every time I looked at her!
Sicaly cuddling with Rex. She always wants to hold him, but usually he is to hyper and won't sit for her to hold him. So she absolutely loved this!
We have to find this cute little pup a new home - so if you know of anyone who would love him let us know!

Hallee and Blyss performed on Wednesday night- so here they are in their costumes for the 1st time.
They performed at Preston High School. Zak's mom and sister came to watch and then we went for ice cream afterwards- that was fun.
Blyss doing- I want Candy
Hallee doing their Egyptian Dance to - I Believe
Their clogging teacher does such an awesome job with teaching them and making sure their costumes are modest. There was a bunch of other dance teams performing, and for my girls age groups I think my girls groups did the best- they stayed in their lines, they all KNEW the dance and stayed together on the moves and could do the moves- they did awesome!