Friday, March 1, 2013


For days Sicaly carried around her baby all the while feeding that baby a bottle. She made sure the baby was always wrapped up and would change the babies diaper- after smelling to see if the baby needed to be changed. It was the sweetest sight- I loved what a good mama she was being.
And then at night she held the baby and fed the baby its bottle to fall asleep.

Sicaly went around for about half the day like this. I just had to smile every time I looked at her!
Sicaly cuddling with Rex. She always wants to hold him, but usually he is to hyper and won't sit for her to hold him. So she absolutely loved this!
We have to find this cute little pup a new home - so if you know of anyone who would love him let us know!

Hallee and Blyss performed on Wednesday night- so here they are in their costumes for the 1st time.
They performed at Preston High School. Zak's mom and sister came to watch and then we went for ice cream afterwards- that was fun.
Blyss doing- I want Candy
Hallee doing their Egyptian Dance to - I Believe
Their clogging teacher does such an awesome job with teaching them and making sure their costumes are modest. There was a bunch of other dance teams performing, and for my girls age groups I think my girls groups did the best- they stayed in their lines, they all KNEW the dance and stayed together on the moves and could do the moves- they did awesome!

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Erica Bazil said...

These little girls are such natural nurturers aren't they!? So cute that Sicaly will even fall asleep as she's taking care of her baby. :)