Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011

June has been a busy month, we finally did kick the sick bugs and started playing. Hallee has been playing T-Ball, yesterday was her last day, she really improved from last year, Sicaly has kept me in shape at these games, she thinks she needs to be on the field playing too- and she doesn't give up on what she wants! Hallee and Blyss have been taking swimming lessons these past 2 weeks, and their last day was today. Blyss is a little fish and does very well, Hallee does not like to get her face wet, so it is a challenge for her. The girls have had so much after lessons to go out and swim in the other pools.

We decided it was time that Blyss had a bike, and she loves her bike, it took a week for her to understand how to use her brakes, but now she is a little pro and loves going down hills. Zak got our swing set painted and put together and the girls just love it.

Zak and I were released from being primary teachers, Zak was put in as the gospel doctrine teacher for the adults and I was put in as the 10 and 11 year old girls activity leader- I'm so excited, we have had one activity- we made washer necklaces with scrapbook paper. The girls are great and I have lots of ideas floating around to do! If you have any great ideas let me know.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Idaho We Go

This past weekend we went to Idaho, Zak went to help his Dad, Brother, and Brother-in laws, to build everyone their very own swing set (I'll have pictures soon, we are working on painting it and getting the swings.) So it was perfect timing so that I could go to the Jefferson County Parade- my Mom was Farm Bureau's Women of the Year and she got to ride in a black convertible. The girls were so excited to see her, they were getting a little mad half way through the parade, wondering where Grandma was, finally towards the very end she came along.

The girls also had lots of fun with my parent's kittens, their cat had 5 babies, and the girls just loved and loved some more on those babies. The girls definatley wore those kittens out!

We had to make it down to the farm to check on the cow Blyss that was born on Blyss' birthday to see how big she is now.

Then on Saturday night, Zak's sister took our family pictures- I can't wait to see them, we went to a really neat spot in St. Anthony.

It was great to see everyone! Here are some pictures:

Here are Grandpa and the girls waiting for the parade. We waited for about 45 minutes before the parade got to us.

Here is my Mom sitting on the fancy car.

The girls loving on the kitties

Blyss with the cow Blyss in the background

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Start of Summer

Wow... I can't believe it is summer (even though the weather doesn't feel like it)! Our summer has started out not very fun- Hallee and Blyss both got sick the day of their dance recital, Blyss was the worst at first having a high fever and not feeling well, hers only lasted a couple of days. Then Hallee was fighting a fever off and on and having a really bad cough, they still had school last Tuesday and Wednesday- I made her go to school on Tues. despite her not feeling well, but by Wednesday(so she missed her last day of school!) she couldn't even get out of her bed and she was still having high fevers. I take her into the Doctors and she has fluid in her ears and lungs and so we are worried that it is pneumonia, we get a really good antibiotic and breathing treatments for her. She is still not well on Thursday, Friday, Zak finally gives her a blessing on Friday night (she still had a fever). After that she started recovering a little bit each day. Yesterday was her first day outside playing for a little bit! So nice! But Blyss is still hacking up a lung- till the point she throws up, at least a couple times a day- that is getting old- but she doesn't have a fever and her energy level is normal, so hopefully that cough goes away soon.

Then our little miss Sicaly keeps us on our toes and busy cleaning up her messes! Here are a few pictures of her from this past week:

Sicaly gets into Blyss' underwear, for some odd reason she likes to smell them, so one night I put them on her. She just laughed, giggled, ran, spun in circles with them on. It was the funniest sight!

She loves to climb into things, this is a stool she is in. Below is a shopping cart that she turned over so that she could sit in the basket.