Friday, March 21, 2014

Clogging Competition

Last Friday we competed in Pocatello for clogging. Blyss was first in the Novice category. She did her 3 solos first, which are each 30 seconds long. She placed 1st in all of her solos.
Next Blyss had her 2 team dances. This one is splish splash, I love their costumes for this dance. They've got a big loofa on their heads!
This dance took Grand Champion in their division! Way to go Blyss.
Blyss' 2nd dance, I Wanna Be a Princess took 1st place. So Blyss will be competing all of her dances in Lagoon. So Blyss' teacher is a 13 year old girl, and she does a great job with these girls, which I was worried at first because she is so young.
Next up was the Beginning Level which is Hallee's division. Both of their team dances took 2nd places, but are still able to compete at Lagoon. They did Ice Cream Freeze and Itty Bitty. This was the best I have seen them perform, they did such a good job. They were just off on a few steps, which is bound to happen with that many girls!

Hallee learned 5 solos, she got 2- 1st places and 3- 2nd places. So she will be competing in all her solos at Lagoon for nationals.

Netxt up in the Adult Intermediate level was my team. Our 1st dance we were so all nervous and messed up at different times. Which is so frustrating because I was doing so good but my mind went blank for a few seconds and messed up a few steps, but I was able to recover! Our 2nd dance we all did so good, just that we were all exhausted by the end we ran out of enthusasim and energy- but we finished awesome. Both of our dances received 1 st place! So we will be competing at Lagoon too!
I have not done anything like this in years and it feels good to be able to accomplish something like this. I hate being in front of people it is one of my greatest fears. So I have to give myself a pat on the back for stepping out of my comfort level. I have a great time at clogging!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cousin Time

A few weeks back my brother Ty and his family came up to my parents. It was Valentine's Day so we all had pizza together and the kids played. The next day we went back over to help my Dad with a steer who was still back on the river trying to bring him home. After a couple hours we gave up,we were exhausted from running in the deep snow with no luck. The kids played and watched a movie. Later in the afternoon we headed up to my inlaws to show my mom and my sister in law, Erica, their new home.
As we were leaving Blyss and Vanna climbed up on this pile of dirt covered in snow, Vanna jumped off and went waist deep in the snow, it was so funny!

No pictures of when we went and celebrated Zak's moms 60th birthday. But the kids played so hard this is Sicaly on our way home, completly pooped out!

My cousins threw a baby shower for her daughter and it was such a nice day all the kids went out and swung on the swing and listened to Let it Go from Frozen. My girls loved hanging out with the bigger girls!