Monday, March 10, 2014

Cousin Time

A few weeks back my brother Ty and his family came up to my parents. It was Valentine's Day so we all had pizza together and the kids played. The next day we went back over to help my Dad with a steer who was still back on the river trying to bring him home. After a couple hours we gave up,we were exhausted from running in the deep snow with no luck. The kids played and watched a movie. Later in the afternoon we headed up to my inlaws to show my mom and my sister in law, Erica, their new home.
As we were leaving Blyss and Vanna climbed up on this pile of dirt covered in snow, Vanna jumped off and went waist deep in the snow, it was so funny!

No pictures of when we went and celebrated Zak's moms 60th birthday. But the kids played so hard this is Sicaly on our way home, completly pooped out!

My cousins threw a baby shower for her daughter and it was such a nice day all the kids went out and swung on the swing and listened to Let it Go from Frozen. My girls loved hanging out with the bigger girls!

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Jenny said...

Oh how I miss you guys. Congrats on Zak's new job.

I can't believe how big Sicaly is getting.