Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yellowstone Park

One weekend in September we decided we better go to Yellowstone- it had been about 12 years since Zak and I went. We are only about an hour and half away so we thought we better take advantage of going. The girls got out of school early on Friday so we headed up to West Yellowstone, our first stop was the Bear/Wolf Discovery center, it was fun watching the bears and wolves.

We were there during one of their feeding sessions, so we got to see the bears hunt down their food.
They are powerful, strong animals.

On Saturday we got up early and headed into the Park, we went through Madison, and we stopped at every stop we could stop at, and did the 2 drives.

We also did a little hike to see this hot pool,  then a couple told us that if we go farther up the trail that there was a whole herd of buffalo not far off the trail, so we decided to go a little bit further.

The herd of buffalo

Along that hiking path we could see hot pool/geyser one after another. Yellowstone is a truly amazing place, it is so neat and interesting, I wish I understood geology more.

This is how Sicaly carried around her Elephant- so many foreign people got a kick out of this! Through our trip at Yellowstone I heard more foreign language than English by far! Lots of german and Chinese or Japanese.

At one area along the board walk I told the girls they could feel the water, to see how hot it was. So everyplace we went they felt the water. At one place as they were feeling the water, these two ladies almost had a heart attack worried that they were going to get burned, to get their hands out. I just kept walking and they were like are those your kids- they are going to get burned. But the geysers are far enough away that by the time it makes it to the board walk, it has cooled off, I was not to worried! More worried about them touching the bacteria that is growing all over.

So crystal clear! Just so interesting how in the middle of the forest you have a hot pool.

This is a huge one!

All the orange is bacteria that is growing

Then we made it to Old Faithful just in time to see it go off.

Then we headed almost to Norris to see this huge waterfall, then we took another hike to see the artist paint pots(which I took pictures, but they are not on my camera-I don't know what happened to them). Artist paint pots were fun to see- boiling mud- that made fun sounds.

My girls loved it! They were so fascinated by it. So next year we will be going again to see the North end!