Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh What Fun Worms Are

Our neighbors bought their boys each a container of 12 worms from Maverick this past week, and boy did those worms keep them and my girls entertained for days! One day they had all 24 worms lined up on my front steps, counting them, seeing which one was the longest. I told them that I didn't like worms, so Hallee kept trying to put one on me, she finally did achieve it and got a great scream out of me. Hallee was in heaven playing with these worms. Eventually the worms had to be laid to rest in their garden- but who would have thought worms could be so much fun.

We have been going to the school lunch this past week- since it is free for anyone under 18. It has been so nice since I don't have to fix anything or clean up. But along with that they got food poisoning, so they were pretty sick little girls. (the reason I know it was food posioning because our neigbors, friends from the ward all got sick at the same time.) But the girls still wanted to go once they felt better.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cattle Drive

This past weekend we went to Idaho so that we could go on the anual Cattle Drive with Zak's family. We were lucky with the weather- hardly any rain, which was great, because we slept in a tent. The girls loved it, loved playing with Belle- the dog, playing with cousins, and getting horse rides. Blyss about wore me out keeping track of her, she would just run off- usually for the horses, she ran under one, but thank goodness nothing happened to her. Blyss also rode through a "buck", which means she stayed on the horse while it bucked. Blyss was sitting on Squealer, while Squealer was eating some grass, I was holding the lead rope, but it also had reins on, I was holding the lead rope, and watching Hallee play with her cousins, I looked down, right then I noticed the reins had fell, Squealer took a step, right into the reins with one of his front feet, he took another step which tangled him all up, he started to rear and buck, trying to get free, Blyss was holding on for dear life, I was screaming- which didn't help, but I was so scared, and I was trying to get her off. Finally I got her off, by that time Zak's mom was over there and got Squealer untangled. Blyss wasn't even scared, she just said, "Naughty horse." Zak arrived a few minutes later and she got on with him and rode about half and hour. Hallee also got to ride her Uncle Wade's horse, which now is her favorite horse.
After the cattle drive we went to my parents to get all cleaned up and hung out with them. Chase's fiance, Chlesea was there and the girls just love to be around her, which was fun for them.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Let's go Swimming!

We started swimming lessons this past week, Hallee was really nervous for swimming lessons, she told us she already knew how to swim and didn't need to go, that was her same response after her 1st day of swimming lessons. But know she loves it and thinks it is so much fun. Blyss and I have been doing the mommy and me class. All Blyss wants to do it jump off the side of the pool to me. But she is crazy, she doesn't wait until I count to 3, she jumps in the minute I put her up there on the side and she is fearless. She doesn't mind having her head wet. The place that we are taking swimming lessons at is awesome- Sports Academy. We have our lessons in the indoor swimming pool, then after swimming lessons, there is an outside swimming pool that you can play in. They have a 1 foot pool that Blyss loves, they also have a 2 foot, 3 foot pool which Hallee likes to be in to practice.

Girls playing in the 1 foot pool- I don't know how they do it, it was cold and rainy this day.

Hallee and Blyss right after swimming lessons

Hallee with some of the kids her is class

1st day of swimming lessons- ready to go

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wind Caves

Today we decided to hike a popular trail to go see the wind caves(since it was too muddy to work in the yard- thanks to all the heavy rain we recieved this week- it washed away all of our grass seed that we had planted). The trail was 1.8 miles to the wind caves and the route gains 1,000 feet in elevation from the canyon floor to the caves. So it was a pretty steep trip up, but great going down- except being tired by that point. Zak carried Blyss in a backpack and Hallee walked. Hallee is such a trooper- this hike was not easy- and almost 4 miles, she did incredibly well. When we were about back to the car she started complaining that her feet hurt and that she was tired, and all she wanted to do when she got back to the car was to take off her shoes, and have her blankie. We didn't see any wildlife besides a dead elk head. Hallee thought she saw a lion but just turned out to be someone's yellow lab. We hope to go on more hikes- maybe not as hard as this one though!!!! Here are some pictures of our hike. The arches of the cave were formed by wind and water eroding away limestone.

we had to cross this natural creek

this is the sight I saw the entire hike- Blyss' skinny little legs dangling from the pack- and yes she does have a dress on

Pretty view on the mountains around us