Monday, November 28, 2011

1st Snow Storm of the Season

About a week ago we had a great big storm- I think about 10 inches of snow. I took Sicaly out in it and she just loved eating the snow. Hallee wanted to make a snowman and boy, she made a big one! All the while being outside the snow just kept coming down.

Hallee and her snowman

The next day we stayed inside trying to keep warm- Blyss and Sicaly were playing in my bedroom, I went in to check on them and Blyss had arranged Sicaly like this, with all her babies and stuffed animals. Sicaly just kept kissing and kissing her babies. It was pretty sweet.

Friday, November 18, 2011

We Are.......


Zak and I are involved with Farm Bureau- with the Young Farmer and Rancher Program- last Febuary we went to Washington DC with other couples to meet with congress. This past spring (this is our 3rd year doing it) we filled out an application for the excellence in ag award.
Here is a little more about it:
The Young Farmers & Ranchers Excellence in Agriculture Award recognizes young farmers and ranchers who actively contribute and grow through their involvement in agriculture and Farm Bureau. The award is designed for an individual or couple who do not have the majority of their income subject to normal production risk. Competitors are judged on a combination of their:
  • Involvement in agriculture.
  • Leadership ability.
  • Participation in Farm Bureau and other organizations (i.e., civic, service and community).
So anyways last night was the Award Ceremony, there was 13 couples from the state of Utah who had applied for it. They anounced the 2nd runner up for the award, then the 1st runner up, at that point I knew we weren't going to win anything because we never had been runners up, then they called Zak and my name- and we were both totally shocked!!!
Along with the trip to Hawaii (were we will compete nationally with couples from all the other states), we were also rewarded a brand new four wheeler, a helmet, insurance on the four wheeler and $500 for winning this award!
Every year Farm Bureau holds there national meeting in different places- how lucky this year it is to be in Hawaii!

Zak also competed in the Discussion Meet (this is his 4th year doing this), it started Wednesday night in Layton, he did 2 half hour rounds of discussing farm topics with 3 other competerors. He made it to the final 8, that night was another half hour of discussing and coming up with ideas/resolutions to some agricultural concerns. Then they narrow it down to 4, which Zak made it to the final four. On Thursday was anothe half hour discussion. He did so great- it is very nerve racking for both of us- more for him of course- lots of pressure and quick thinking! I really thought he had won.
Last night, they announced the winners at the Awards Ceremony-- the winner was announced after we already won the excellence in ag award. Zak won 1st runner up-- which is totally awesome- he won $300.
It all worked out, because you can't go to Nationals in 2 areas.

Final 4 Discussion Meets

Awards Night- when Zak took 1st runner up

It will be fun- my parents will be there with Farm Bureau, then some other couples we know from our Washington DC trip will be there!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blinds are a fun Toy!

I never know day to day what I'm going to find in the blinds- the girls like to hide things in them, use them as a bed for the barbies, or try to scare me with a clay snake wrapped around in the blinds. I'm really glad my girls have great imaginations!

I had to throw these pictures in- Hallee wanted so bad to have lots of leaves to jump in and play in, so I told her to go rake up the leaves and see if she could get a pile- so here is their pile, they had fun for a few minutes, then they let me know it wasn't enough leaves to have fun. I let her know someday we will have lots of leaves!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

What a fun Halloween we had. The girls had a couple of parties before Halloween, one at the Elementary School and one at Dance. Blyss dressed up as something different everytime.
This Halloween I even dressed up as a witch- thought I better since I was doing the preschool Halloween party with Blyss's preschool group. It was fun!
Sicaly was even excited over Halloween this year, she felt very special getting dressed up and makeup on. She even carried her Halloween bucket with her every where she went- she would not let me or Zak hold it while trick or treating. It was fun to have all the kids enjoy it this year.
Hallee and Blyss ready for their Dance Party-Hallee was a hip hop dance- she thought she was pretty cool stuff! Hallee really likes Rocky off of Shake It Up- so that is who she is!
Blyss is a Fairy and Sicaly just wanted to be in the picture.
The Back of the Costumes- so you can see Sicaly's butterfly wings and Blyss' cat tail

Our pumpkins this year- top step is Sicaly's- a happy face. Middle step is Blyss'- a cat face. Hallee's is bottom stip- a vampire face.

The Halloween Preschool Party:

The frosted sugar cookies- and every inch of those cookies were covered in candy.