Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We had our first Bazil Reunion. My parents, my siblings and their families. We started our reunion on Friday by doing family pictures. Zak's sister Lyndsey came do them back on the river behind where my parents farm. Then we went back to my parents for dinner- the kids made lei's, played games, ate, and played more games. My brother, Ty, and his family stayed with us. On Saturday we went hiking up to Cress Creek by Heise, it was a fun little hike, we went back to my parent's and had lunch. It was a great day for hiking it cooled off and was a little bit rainy. Dinner was at my house and it was stormy, so we had to move into the garage for dinner and games. On Sunday everybody came to my ward to hear Zak and I speak in Sacrament Meeting- I'm so glad that is over and it was Zak and I's first time teaching our Sunday School Class- the 13 year olds! After Church we went to my parents for lunch and had our goodbye's with my youngest brother Chase and his wife as they are moving to California for Nurse Anesthesia School. It was great getting all our family together- it usually only happens once a year. The kids all got along and had fun together. Then on Monday was my 32nd birthday- man I am getting old! My parents took me and my girls out to eat, along with my brother Ty and his family. I had a great birthday! 
The hike- the kids were all little mountain goats- they were all good little hikers!

The view of the Snake River

Back at my parents- 8 children in the back of the rhino having a blast. They all loved riding in the rhino.

After the storm cleared up at my house, the kids outside playing.

Sicaly going down the slide
Blyss our monkey- she can climb up the chain to the top of the swingset.

After a day of shopping, I promised we would do something fun the next day- JUST FOR THEM- so we went to the Rexburg Spray Park and Carousel. I love the spray park- it is free! It wasn't to busy so the girls had lots of fun and it felt good- because it was one hot day!

Blyss and Sicaly



Their ride on the carousel-

Another little family reunion- this was at my aunt Bonnie's- we have had 2 little get togethers over the last couple of weeks. My girls have loved it- because all there is is girl cousins and they love playing with them. They have a blast jumping on the tramp, playing with the cat, and any other game.

Coming up with a plan

Sicaly- the girls gave her their old leapster and she sat and played on it one day for an hour- she loves it!
Besides these pictures, in the last week we have been to Heise Swimming, Zak's parents for a party, and picking and doing raspberries!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Park City

A couple weeks after we moved to Idaho, Zak and I went to Park City for his annual meetings with Cargill. We headed there on Monday- his meetings started after lunch and I headed to the outlets to do a little shopping. That night we had dinner, then Zak and I went to downtown Park City and got a carmel apple! On Tuesday while Zak was in meetings, I headed out with some of the other wives of Cargill and we went on a hike, boy- Park City is beautiful- the views were amazing and we had a good little hike. After our hike I read for a while and once Zak was down with meetings we went to the Olympic Park and watched skiers practicing and people doing the bobsled- it was all fun to watch. Then we headed to the ski resort where we did the roller coaster and slide- I really liked doing the roller coaster- it was way fun. That night Cargill had their banquet- Zak earned the flagship award in 7 categories for top sales- way to go Zak!
On Wednesday Zak had more meetings in the morning and I just hung out at the resort- then we headed home to get our kiddos. The kids stayed with both our parents- which we so appreciated! The girls got to spend lots of time riding horses and playing with cousins.

Friday, July 19, 2013

BYU Idaho Farm Day

Zak's sister and another girl organized a Farm Field Day at BYU-I, so that they could educate those not familiar with Agriculture. I thought it was great even though I grew up around agriculture I learned a few things. The college kids over the booths did such a great job! At the end of going through everything which took about 1 1/2 hours we went on a wagon ride. We all enjoyed it!
Learning about potatoes and then slicing a potato for French fries- they fried them up for us and we got to eat them

The girls got a try at roping a couple different ways

Grandma Cindy showing us how to milk a goat

So cute

The girls loved watching these miniature horses

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

OuR NeW HoMe

We finally made the big move a couple of weeks ago from Richmond to Rigby. We sure will miss Richmond, our good neighbors, friends and ward. But we are excited to have family close and to have Zak home more nights!  We looked at lots and lots of houses and decided this one was the best. We love the 3 car garage, the finished basement and yard- and the whole house was very well built! So on the day we moved some of Zak's family came to Utah to help us move and several people from the ward- which we so appreciated! Zak's Dad's cousin has a semi that we loaded our stuff into- of course something always has to go wrong and the pulley system in the truck started burn there was smoking billowing out and it smelled so bad- I had to go inside the house because I couldn't watch if our stuff caught on fire- but all turned out well, they got it fixed so that we could be on our way. When we arrived we had more family from both of our sides to help us unload the truck and had it unloaded within an hour. For the past couple of weeks I have been unpacking, organizing, cleaning,  repairing, and making it ours.