Thursday, April 26, 2012

Student of the Week

Hallee was student of the week for the 1st grade. Her teacher said that Hallee has improved on her reading so much the last couple of months. Reading doesn't exactly come easy for Hallee- English language can be a bit confusing! She wants it black and white- and it is not like that. We have been working really hard every night on reading and she has improved so much and can read so fluently, we have started reading chapter books- which she likes. She does excellent in Math. We are so proud of her and all her hard work.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter 2012

My kids were so excited for Easter- Hallee was up at 11:30pm seeing if the Easter Bunny had come, and of course he had, then she couldn't sleep rest of the night- then both Hallee and Blyss were up by 6:45am the next morning- (on Christmas morning they slept in until 8)! Of course they had a blast finding all the eggs and so excited for everything. Hallee was a bit disappointed that she didn't get 10 Cadbury eggs- that is what she wanted the Easter Bunny to bring her- she only got 3.

The girls each got an Easter Dress, Hallee and Blyss got a movie and butterfly catcher, and Sicaly got a ball and bubbles-
We didn't get a picture of them in there new dresses, because Sicaly went down for a nap. We have 1pm  Church and every Sunday Sicaly comes to me at noon and whines, I want to Rock, Go Rock. So we go rock and she falls right to sleep, and Zak and I take our turns at Church while Sicaly naps. Any other day of the week she doesn't go down for a nap until 1 and 2, and it is not easy at all! She is one smart cookie to keep herself out of Nursery, which she doesn't really like.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

SpRiNg BrEaK

Zak cleaned out his car before he left for the week and gave the girls this box- they had so much fun coloring and decorating it and then playing in it. It was their dog house and they played in it for 2 days-then the box fell apart from being played with so much!
I first took this picture- Sicaly wasn't in it because she realized she didn't have a stuffed animal like her sisters- so she had to go get her teddy bear, then she was ready to get her picture taken with her sisters, because she was just like them- holding up the stuffed animals.

All day long Sicaly has to do what her sisters are doing, here she laid down next to Blyss and put her feet on the tv stand, she did have her hands above her head before I took the picture.
Also for Spring Break- we went and visited our neighbor who was camping and we all went swimming at the hot pools- the kids had so much fun, it was pretty shallow, so they could swim on their own and had a blast since they had someone to play with- that was a great day!
Then for a few days we went up to Idaho, we had a great time there, we helped celebrate my brother's birthday, went and visited my Aunt and Cousin, and visited my Grandma. Then on Saturday had an Easter egg hunt at Zak's parents house- the kids has lots of fun doing that.
It has been a busy Spring Break and my kids didn't get bored once!