Friday, May 24, 2013

2013 Dance Recital

Time is just flying, I can't believe clogging is over- which means summer is right around the corner. This years recital was the day after we moved, so my Mom was already here, my Dad, Grandma, and Aunt Bonnie all drove down together. Zak's parents were also able to make it. This years recital was great- the costumes were darling, the music was fun, and the dances were all amazing. My girls groups have just gotten better every year, so it is so fun to watch the new things they are learning. The girls did so well with their dances- both worked really hard and had all the steps down and memorized, and we were so proud of them! Our good neighbor and friends came and supported the girls as well- so it was fun to have them and Sicaly liked sitting with them! We will sure miss Click N Time Clogging- their teacher was awesome and she did such a good job with costumes (always modest), the music, and choreography.

Blyss Dance

Hallee Dance

Sicaly, Blyss, Zoey(good friend who came and watched), and Hallee

Jocee(cousin), Kenzie(friend), and Hallee

Jocee, Kenzie, Hallee, and Blyss

Jocee, Hallee, and Blyss

Blyss, Sicaly (cool cat and diva), and Hallee

Miller Family

Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's Official

Well- this is now our view of our house. It is official, papers signed- it is SOLD! We have waited for this day for over a year now and it has been difficult in every way. I love my house- it was home, it was all my girls knew for home. I designed the floor plan and we did a lot of work on it ourselves. We love our neighborhood, we love our ward, we love Richmond, and we love Cache Valley. It hit me yesterday that it is all really happening and had a hard day, we are renting a house in our neighborhood and it is hard to see our house- I even went through a phase of regretting selling it. But I have to keep telling myself, it will all work out and hope for the best- Zak will be home more often and not have to drive so much and we will be closer to family! We will so miss it here!
Here are a few pictures I never got to update on since we have been crazy busy:

Another dinner time meal- my girls love wearing my high heels (which I know I loved wearing my moms too) but they couldn't even sit down to eat, they had to stand up and eat so they could wear their high heels and after every bite do a little walk so they could hear the clicking noise of high heels.

Oh Miss Sicaly- always our interesting child- going potty and brushing teeth

Then these pictures were insisted upon by the girls- they love their cat Sweetie- they liked how she was sitting on the deck like this and the below picture is Sweetie with Sicaly's shoes on- they get the biggest kick out of doing stuff to the cat.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Miss Richmond Pagent

 Hallee participated in the Little Miss Richmond Utah pageant this past weekend. I was so surprised that she wanted to do it- she is a tomboy and this sort of thing is just not her. I was going to throw the paper away to sign her up and she was like no, I really want to do it. She worked and worked on her clogging dance to get it all memorized, we went shopping and picked her out a new outfit to wear when they read her, About Me, that we wrote up. She was so, so excited to do it. She did AWESOME, she walked out on the stage with such confidence, with one hand on her hip as she walked around when they read the About Me. For her talent she did clogging- she was doing an awesome job- perfect- then the music cut out and she didn't get to finish her dance- she was pretty bummed out about that, she wanted to do it all! All the girls won an award- Hallee won Miss Original. She was so happy with herself and said she would do it again. We are so proud of her.

boys from their school walked them out on stage when it was time for the awards.

All the girls who participated

Hallee after getting her award

Marcy, Hallee, Blyss, and Sicaly

One pretty girl!