Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yee Haw!

This past Wednesday we headed back to Idaho so Zak could help his parents on the cattle drive. Zak wanted Hallee to have a cowboy hat, so we went to good old Smithfield Implement and got her a pink cowboy hat, but Blyss also wanted one to- so she got one as well. The hat kept her pretty entertained playing peek a boo with it. We were able to stop in Idaho Falls and see our good friends- it was great seeing them.

On Thursday Zak left early to help move cows and Hallee, Blyss, and I went out later when they were back at camp. Hallee had a ball playing with her cousins. Hallee stayed the night with Zak in a tent, and she did pretty good. The next morning as they were moving cows Hallee was able to take turns with her cousins on riding Squeler- the kids horse. Hallee took a walk with her cousins and found an enclosed web, she was pretty interested in it, so she tore it open and it was full of little catepillars, all the others thought it was gross and just stood and watched Hallee pull out all these little catepillars- which she loaded into her pockets, so she could take them home. So back at camp- she went to Great Grandma Miller, and pulled out one catepillar, and then she started pulling out the rest, which I think grossed everyone out- probably about 15- so Great Grandma put them in a cup for Hallee to take home. On the way back to St. Anthony, Hallee was holding the cup with her catepillars in it, and she fell asleep, and the cup tipped over, and we only made it out of the pickup with 2 catepillars in her cup, hopefully the other catepillars have shriveled up and died in the pickup. They were disgusting little creatures.

On Saturday I was able to go to a friends baby shower, and then a family reunion, it was sure fun to do something fun besides working on our house. On our way home we stopped by to see what had been done- and our siding was done and had a garage door- 3 weeks away and we will be done!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Blyss has learned a new word besides, Mom, her new word is - NO! She says it to everything and is very vocal about it. She is also trying to say, Hallee and she will say it over and over, she is getting pretty good. Blyss has been sick this past week, she had the stomach flu for the second time in one week, not fun for any of us, I am so sick of changing clothes, doing laundry, and scrubbing things she pucked on, our house still smells! I ended taking her to the doctor and she had a bad ear infection to.
Funny story about Hallee- the siding is being put up on our house and it is that pretty green color- well Hallee saw it and started crying and said she hated our new house, I asked her why, and she said it is green, I don't like green. So I asked her what color of house she would like, and she said pink, I want a pink house and a pink room. Thank goodness they don't make pink siding!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have an AWESOME Hubby!

I am so proud of Zak- he is a great father, husband, and provider for our family. I can't tell you how hard Zak has been working lately. He goes to work during the day and after work and every Saturday he works on our new house until about 10:30 or later. Happy Fathers Day Zak! Hope you have a great day. But yesterday he finished up all our flooring- tile and hardwood. It looks so good. Now Zak gets to help me finish up caulking (which I have been working on every day- it is so slow and so messy) and then fill in nail holes and finish painting! I can't wait till it is done, so we can spend time as a family again. Here are a few reasons why I'm so excited to move into our new house and move out of our rental home:

1. Our kitchen has no dishwasher, Zak and I have been married almost 7 years and out of that 7 years I've only had a dishwasher for 18 months, I was spoiled- and I hate doing dishes everyday- there is always alot!

2. Zak and I closet is so small, we actually added the lower bar in it so we could have more room, the lower bar is mine and it is so hard to see my clothes- so I'm so excited to have a walk in closet!

3. Our bathroom is so tiny, usually when I'm in there, the girls are to, and I get clausterphobic because I can't move.

4. Right now we live on Highway 91, Main Street Smithfield, the road is so busy, the speed limit is 45 MPH, so it is so scary with the girls, I have to watch them like a hawk. Aslo it is a pain to pull out of our driveway, you can sit there for 2 or 3 minutes before you can pull out.

5. I'm sick of trying to find people to watch the girls, so I can go work. Luckily my cousin who lives down here has helped me out a ton and I appreciate it so much- she has 5 children, then add my 2, her house is pretty crazy. This is a picture of Blyss and her eye. She fell at my cousins house and sliced the side of her eye open and her eyelid is swollen and purple. Then yesterday she was sick with stomach flu. She is one tuff little girl.
Zak thanks for all your hard work in providing for our family and for working so hard that we can have a nice house. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Love to get Messy!

Hallee's favorite thing this week is to dig for worms, snails, and bugs. Hallee loves to get dirtier than any boy I've ever known. It has been rainy here so the dirt has been moist, so she goes outside and digs for worms and snails in the dirt with her bare hands. I had to run an errand this week and a friend watched her, and she even dug worms at their house, and they put the worms in a plastic baggie. One day we even had to take her worms on our walk to the park, at the park she didn't want to play on the toys, she wanted to find worms! She would stay outside and play with worms and snails all day if I let her. We have to limit it know because she started pulling up chunks of grass. It grosses me out but it keeps her entertained so I can get things accomplished.

Blyss loves to play with her food more than eating it!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

We are Blessed!

We are both so blessed with such great families to help us with the building of our home. This last week my parents took care of the girls for 3 days while Zak and I worked on painting our house. What a job that was! I thought painting with nothing in the way would be a piece of cake, I don't know what I was thinking. Doing the two tone paint is alot of work! I'm so glad that my parents were able to watch the girls so I could work on the paint, or there is no way it would get done.

This weekend Zak's parents, his sister, Lyndsey and her husband, Cole, and our good friend Ray came to help us put rock on the front of the house. Zak didn't think this would be such a hard job, but it turned out to be alot more work than he thought, but it is almost done! We are so glad that they came to help do this or else it would've taken weeks to get done.

Both Zak and I are grateful for the incredible families that we have, willing to do what they did for us, they both volunteered to help, and we can't tell them how much we appreciate it. Thanks to Ray to for coming down and letting us borrow the tools and volunteering as well. We are so LUCKY!
This next week will still be lots of work- we need to finish the rock on the front of the house, caulk and touch up after they put the trim up in the house, stain our front door, lay the subfloor to lay tile, and lay our hardwood floors. It is so exciting to see our house come together, and have the satisfaction that we did alot of the work ourselves! Best of all I'm almost done picking everything out that I need to for the house.
Here is a picture of the deck Zak has been working on, its coming together and getting closer to being done.