Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dino Park

This weekend we decided to go check out the Dinosaur Park in Ogden. Hallee's preschool class has been learning about dinosaurs, and she also got a new book on Dinosaur's so she was so excited to go. Zak and I have never seen Hallee so excited about something, she was running around, saying look at this and look at this, she made sure we didn't miss a thing. The park was awesome, we definately give it 2 thumbs up. The park also wore the girls out, they slept all the way home.

Friday, September 19, 2008

fUnNy KiDs

This past week Zak was out of town, so by about 9:00 pm(actually sooner) I am totally worn out, but my girls aren't (they have an endless supply of energy), so this is what they were doing, and I just had to laugh and enjoy them, since they are so cute. In the following clip Hallee and Blyss are having a race and Blyss tries so hard to keep up with Hallee and to win, it is so funny.

Blyss likes to stick both her fingers up her nose and then she just giggles.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lots of Rides!

This weekend we took another trip home. Zak's brother- Rick and his wife Kristal blessed thier baby- Crew.

On Friday night we stopped at our good friend's- the High's for a visit, for old time sake we went to Craigo's. Then we went back and hung out at their house, their little boy got a 4 wheeler for his birthday so we all took a little ride on it. It was so fun to see them and hang out for a while, we sure miss them.

On Saturday I was able to be with my family, my mom took Hallee shopping for her birthday, Hallee wanted everything she saw, but she finally decided on play horse and the new Barbie movie.

On Sunday we went to Crew's blessing and we went to our old ward in Parker, since Rick and Kristal live in the house we used to live in, it was great to see everyone- we lived there 4 1/2 years, the longest we lived anywhere. After words we had a great dinner at Zak's parents. Zak's sister and her husband brought their little pony- Sweetie for entertainment for all the kids. All the kids just loved that little pony. We are so proud of Rick and Kristal and they have one cute little boy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy 4th Hallee!

Today is Hallee's 4th Birthday. I can't believe how time flies, I can't believe how big Hallee is getting, how she is changing, what she is learning- yesterday she wrote her name by herself for the first time- YEAH! For her birthday she wanted a butterfly birthday cake, pizza and a party, so thats what we did.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

1st Day of Preschool

On Tuesday was Hallee's first day of preschool. She did so awesome! Her teacher, Ms. Tamra is so great. Zak had a harder time than I did, he was really worried about her, I kind of teared up when I went and picked her up, she was standing there waiting and so happy, I was so happy that she had a great 1st day. Hallee wore her Hannah Montana outfit, thats what she calls it, she saw this outfit at Shopko one day when we were shopping, and she wanted it really bad so that she could look like Hannah Montana, so I gave in and bought it, but she looks super cute in it! The night before she wanted her toenails and fingernails painted, and I did her hair up in curlers, she was sure the cutest little preschooler!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Weekend!

This past weekend we were able to go to Idaho. We stayed with Zak's family and had a great time. We went up Thursday night, so on Friday, Blyss and I went to my parent's where I met my brother's girlfriend and she ended up cutting Blyss' hair and mine, she did a great job and Blyss was fascinated by her, she loved looking at her toenails and at her shirt, and liked sitting by her, it was cute. Hallee stayed with her Grandma Miller helping her around the house, and once Zak was done helping his dad, Zak took Hallee for a horse back ride, where they found a turtle walking on the road. On Friday night, Zak's sister, Paige, was so nice and watched the kids while we went out with Zak's parents, bowling and out for ice cream. At my parent's that day I played the Wii bowling and did awesome- 138 and 158, but at the bowling alley I got a 78!

On Saturday we went to Tauphatus Park Zoo with my family, My brother Ty and his wife Erica came up from Payette, Idaho, so it was so fun to see them and their two kids, Hallee loved playing with Cash. The zoo was alot of fun and such a great zoo. After the zoo the guys watched the kids and us girls went to Traditions in Rigby- I love, love, love that store! On Saturday night back up at Zak's parents we had a little birthday party for Hallee- Zak's brother Rick and his wife- Kristal came. Hallee got a wagon and a tent. Then we had fun with Crew- Rick and Kristal's new baby, Blyss loved him and kept giving him hugs.

On Sunday, both Zak's granparents came over for dinner and it was fun to see them and visit!

On Monday, Zak took Hallee for one more horse ride before we headed home, it was quite cold and Hallee was freezing. We had such a fun time and it was great seeing everyone and visiting!