Sunday, April 27, 2014

Clogging Recital 2014

What a fun weekend we had. On friday night my whole entire family came to my parents- to be here to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday! So we went to my parents and had dinner, to visit, and the kids played and played. On Saturday was my grandma's party (which I will update on too, soon). Then Saturday evening was our dance recital with InStep Clogging. We love our clogging! Blyss danced to Splish, Splash- so this is a picture of her outfit- she didn't have on her little lace leggings though- they are too itchy and don't put them on until right before she goes on stage. Blyss' other song is I wanna be a Princess. Blyss also did her 3 solos and was in the closing number. Since I was backstage this year I was in charge of Blyss group change, line up, keep them quiet and it was fun, but also a big job, when changing I was surrounded by little girls, saying can you do this, can you do this.... I had to take a deep breathe from not going crazy.... but I got them all changed and ready before I had to go perform!

Hallee danced to Itty Bitty and Ice Cream Freeze. She also did her 5 solos and the closing number. Hallee is getting pretty good and loving clogging. My mom asked her if she was going to do it next year and she replied yes, which surprised me since her usual answer is no, but I've always made her do it to have something for a talent.

My first year clogging!! I danced to Walk Away and Perfect Day. I was also in the closing number. I really have enjoyed clogging- it is one amazing workout!!!! I am dripping with sweat by the time our class is over. You are never to old to learn something new.

Look att those 3 cloggers!

We made it through! What a crazy fun night it was. I felt like we all did such a great job. We had lots of people come watch us, grandparents, my brother's wives, and their kids.

Monday, April 7, 2014

SicAly'S BirThDaY

Time definatley goes by to fast! My baby turned 4 on March 15th! Sicaly was so excited for her birthday. She loved being the center of attention. All her grandma's, grandpa's, great grandma's, and great grandpa came. Plus a couple of aunts and an uncle.

She was so excited to get her doll that looks like her. She loves this doll, she loves to change her clothes and play with her. Sicaly named her doll Ruby, which is Sicaly's middle name.

Scialy with all her goods!

No birthday cake for this girl- she wanted a carmel apple cake, so that is what I made her. We had her favorite food- Pizza and then carmel apples and it was delicious.

Happy Birthday sweet pea! After her little party she went to our neighbor boys birthday party and then after that a farm bureau party. 3 parties in one day- lucky girl.
Sicaly is a good girl, she has been my hardest so far, she is very independant when she wants to be and definatley has a mind of her own, she is stubborn! She can play hours by herself and is so happy when her sisters get home. Sicaly loves to dance, she wants music on every day so she can dance around and sing. Sicaly is growing like a weed and I can't believe how big she is getting. Sicaly wants to be grown up so much. One day on our way home from preschool she told me she is about as big as me and will be able to drive soon. I asked her where she will drive to and her response was," To preschool, to grandma's, and to Salt Lake." I laughed a little and at that time we were driving by the High School, and told her when she is big enough she won't be in preschool anymore but High School and pointed it to her, then she responded, "Then I will drive to High School, Grandma's, and Salt Lake." I thought it was pretty cute- she is very excited to drive soon, she talks about it alot!

After her birthday she wanted her hair cut, so I cut off a few inches! Her hair was so long.

Here she is with her new haircut!