Sunday, May 24, 2009

What we've been up too

Blyss is definately our little Miss Personality, she is always doing something silly. One day I found her in her room sitting on the dolly chair reading books. I really love that she can entertain herself.

This last week was Hallee's last week of dance. They had a little dance recital, then they were awarded with a trophy. Hallee is so excited over her trophy. Afterwards we went for pizza and she had to take in her trophy to show everyone. She is very proud of it.

We have been working on getting our yard ready to plant grass for about 6 weeks now. We have raked and raked, and raked some more. Hauled off tons of rocks, dug out giant rocks. So this the final step rolling it out before we plant grass. Zak was one popular guy, he has our kids plus the neighbors kids. They had a blast.

Here it is all level.

The girls having fun dressing up daddy. You gotta love it. If we ever have a boy, I'm sure he'll look like this all the time!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

BlAcK and WhItE DaYs

This past week was the Richmond Black and White Days. It is a huge event, where people bring their Dairy cows in from all over the west. They have cattle shows, judging, milking cow judging, and the heritage cattle sale- where a dairy cow is sold from anywhere between- $3,000 to $13,000 or more (this is the range we saw while we were there). While we were there a cow sold for $13,000- isn't that crazy!!! I would be afraid it would die on me on the way home. The girls and I went and looked at the cows everyday (Zak was gone most of the week, so this was our little get out everyday).
Yesterday was the parade, my brother, Nick and his wife, Hailey came to the parade with us. Then we had a little barbecue, then went to the Horse Pull. Haley's brother, Nick Barney had brought his Shires, to pull. It was fun to watch these big horses and see how much weight they could pull. The winner team pulled 8,000 lbs., and that team weighed a combine totally of 5,000lbs, those horses were huge!!! Nick's team took 7th place, which was great.

Here is a picture of the parade, and the girls' and Haley with the horses.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Parade and Mother's Day

On Saturday Hallee was in the Health Day's Parade. She had to bring a bag of candy to throw, so she was pretty excited over that, when her float came by us, which was about 1 block, she had already thrown all her candy out. After the parade we headed to the park where they had booths, and jump toys to play on, and then Hallee and her dance group got to dance for everyone. They were pretty dang cute.

Getting Ready to Perform

Blyss on jump toy- they both loved it- it had a huge slide to slide down


Hallee on the float

Here is a picture of the girls and I on Mother's Day before church.

Hallee gave me a cute little card that she made at preschool- it is about my mom:

How old- 5

Weight- 2 pounds

How tall- as tall as a dinosaur

Favorite Food- Burritos

Likes to do- Clean the bathrooms

This card gave me a good laugh, I wish I could be 5 sometimes, I wish I could lose 2 pounds, I wish I was a little bit taller, I do like burritos-especially from Cafe Rio, and I really don't like cleaning bathrooms. It is just funny what Hallee thinks about me!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Happy Mother's Day to me and Happy Father's Day to my hubby!!!!! It really doesn't look fun, but we are exctied for our new treadmill. I started looking for a treadmill back in November to get Zak for his birthday, but I'm to cheap to buy a new one. I've been checking KSL and Craigslist almost everyday, and I finally found one!!! It was a great deal.

Pillowcases are the most entertaining things around our house!