Saturday, November 1, 2014

August 2014

Our August started off with the Jefferson County Fair. Hallee participated in sewing 4-H and art 4-H this summer. Hallee sewed a pair of pajama pants, she then got to model them in the fashion show. She had fun doing it and she got a blue ribbon and judges choice ribbon. So her pants went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Same with her picture she drew for art.

All of the girls entered things they had made, drawn into the open class divisions at the fair. They make some pretty good money off of it with their ribbons.

Hallee and her friend, Kennady did the Jefferson County Talent show where they clogged. They did so good. They took 1st place in their division. They won $25 and were sent to perform at the Eastern Idaho State Fair.

It was so exciting for these girls- it give them confidence!

Along with the fair, they have a cool car show. Zak was working a booth with the YW &YM of our ward as a fundraiser, so the girls and I looked at all the cool old cars and booths.

Sisaly is quite the girl, she sleeps in the most interesting ways. This night I found her asleep with a warmed up rice bag on her head- this was August so it was all ready very warm! I don't know how she fell asleep with this hot and heavy thing on her head!

We finally made a trip down to Richmond Utah to visit and catch up with some of our neighbors. We of course had to visit Firehouse Pizza- my all time favorite place! We got to have a good chat with the Titensors.

Then we visited the Fischers.

And out to Casper's Ice Cream with the Hulse's.
It was so good to see everyone!

While at Casper's Hallee found a frog. She is amazing at what she can find. We made her leave it there or else she would have brought it home.

At the end of August we went on the 1st day to the Eastern Idaho Fair. Zak worked a booth for Farm Bureau the entire 10 days. He got to see alot of the fair. Zak made friends with the pony ride people and our girls got a free ride! Because you all know we are to cheap to pay $5 a kid!

It was super busy but got to see lots of fun things!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

July 2014

Over the 4th of July weekend we headed to Payette, ID for my nephews baptism. On our way down we stopped to see some sites in Twin Falls. First we stopped to see the gorge of the snake river.

Then we stopped to see Shoshone Falls, these are some neat falls.
We got to attend my nephews baptism and on our way back we stopped at Craters of the Moon. It was one hot day about 100 degrees and windy. But we had fun checking out the craters of the Moon. We took a hike and saw a couple of the caves.

The next week we got to watch my brothers 3 kids for a week, so they could go on a vacation. We had little Miss Rosie who Sisaly just loved. They were best little buddies! Rosie insisted on wearing Sisaly's clothes- which were all a little to big but she didn't mind. The kids all got along so well, they were all so exhausted by the time the week was over! My mom and I traded off and on with Cash and Vanna so they could spend time on my parents farm and with my parents.
One afternoon we took the older kids on a horseback ride. Cash my nephew loves riding horses and is pretty brave on a horse! The kids had a blast riding horses.

Vanna and Sisaly riding.


Sisaly and Rosie they just played and played!

Then for a few days we went to Targee for a Farm Bureau retreat- Zak had to work and we got to play. We took a hike, enjoyed nature, went swimming, went into Driggs, and had a really nice time.

We hiked up the ski hill to where there was snow and the kids played in the snow and had a snowball fight in July!

Sisaly and I went for a little walk and she wanted to have her picture taken whereever she thought it was pretty.

The Lodge we stayed in at Targee.
Then we were home for a day and off to the Miller Reunion to celebrate Zak's grandma's 90th birthday.

Painting rocks for the kids

Grandma Great giving golf cart rides

Face painting

The Farm Amazing Race

The 50's dance

Sisaly didn't want to dance, so her and Grandma Great watched!

The St. Anthony parade, the kids got to ride in a trailer that had a banner that said, "Grandma Miller's herd of Blessing." Sylvia also was in the parade in a side cart of a motorcycle- she loved it!
We ate good, lots of entertainment and were all exhausted by the time it was over!

Then on the 29th was my 33rd birthday- for my birthday and anniversary I got tickets to go to Wicked in Salt Lake. Both Zak and I loved the show! But unfortunley during the night Zak got the stomach flu, so we came straight home and didn't get to go do some sight seeing in Salt Lake- Bummer!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

June 2014

This summer we decided we better do some Idaho History so that Hallee could know a little before she heads off to 4th grade. So on a Saturday we decided to go to Mesa Falls, we made a couple other historical stops before Mesa Falls. It is so neat. We also took a nature hike along the Mesa Falls which the girls loved.
The Family

Hallee and Sisaly
Also in June we had the annual cattle drive, this year we all camped out in tents. The girls and Zak rode horses and I drove the pickup. After the cattle drive I had my feel of camping for summer.
Then it was the Rigby Parade. Zak and Sisaly were in the Farm Bureau pickup pulling the trailer. Sisaly loved it, she just waved away.
Hallee and Blyss were on the In Step Clogging float and passing out candy. After the parade they performed in the park.
I was attempting to get a picture of the trailer
One night some girls from my ward and I went to Fiddler on the Roof. It was so good! My next door neighbor plays in the orchestra so we were supporting her too.

I am the Relief Society Activity Leader and we had a mother daught Luau. We had pulled pork, played some fun games, and of course visited!

We found out that we were expecting a baby- due Feb. 9, 2015
I went through all sorts of emotions, but I think the hardest part was that I got so majorily sick! All I could do was lay in bed and puke- no fun! The Dr. prescribed one medicine but it made me so drowsy. Then after a week and a half of being so sick I got on Zofran- what a miracle drug for me. We are getting excited and preparing for #4!