Monday, May 30, 2011

Girl's Dance Recital

The girls had their dance recital on Friday and did awesome!!! Their teacher is awesome, I just love how all the dances are good and clean, the costumes are modest, and they learn alot. My parents came along with my Grandma Bazil, Zak's parents along with Sayler(the girls cousin). Zak parents stayed all weekend and we had a great time with them.
I am so proud of the girls!
Make SURE to CHECK out the VIDEOS below this post!

Jocee(my cousins daughter), Hallee, Blyss, and Great Grandma Bazil

Blyss' Dances

Hallee's Dances

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Weekend

This past weekend we went to Payette (1 hour outside Boise next to Oregon border) to see my brother, Ty, his wife Erica and their kids- Cash and Vanna. When we got to their home the kids were so excited to see each other, they played and played! They even found mud and of course always have fun in it.

The next day was Payette's Apple Blossom Days, so we went to the parade- thank goodness for the candy they got, because it entertained them on our drive home. Then the carnival- once again I was reminded why we don't usually go to carnivals. We had a great time catching up with Ty and Erica and letting the kids play together. They have a beatiful home which was fun to see and fun to see them! Thanks guys for letting us stay with you!

We stayed in Boise on Saturday night- the girls loving staying in a hotel and going swimming. It was a good little get away to spend with Zak- he has been gone alot, so it was nice!

Our little Sicaly- she is turning into a firecraker! Here are some pictures of her from this past week-

She thought she had to sit in the hotel bed like everyone else- she is really getting into copying.

She loves to push her lips out into an O- it is so funny.

Once again copying her sisters- she is standing on the stool, brusing her teeth, she can get up there herself, get her toothbrush and brush.

She wasy playing out on the deck and I heard her crying, I came out and found her stuck in the basket of the trike.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Thursday we made a quick trip to Idaho, so that Zak and the girls could help Zak's parents move cows. We didn't get any pictures from the Cattle Drive on Friday, but these are from Thursday riding in the arena at the farm. Sicaly had her first horse back ride- Hallee giving it to her. Sicaly and I made a quick visit to my parents on Friday before we had to head home. It was a good little trip!