Tuesday, July 8, 2014


My girls love animals! So when the animal exhibit came to the Library we had to go check it out. Sicaly loved it. We went around and checked out each animal, then she wanted her picture taken with her favorite animals.

It was story time that day and they talked about animals and Sicaly got to make a mask and she wanted a zebra mask.
Sweetie the cat, she really is such a good cat. She put up with so much.

My brothers dog had puppies again, so I took the girls over to their house a couple of times to play with the puppies and get their fill of puppies and dogs.
Sicaly helping feed a brand new baby calf. They love playing with the baby calves at the farm.

And this is our brand new addition- Princess the kitten. The girls just fight over her and love on her like crazy. She is Sicaly's kitten. So that everyone could have a pet. But that only lasted a week. Blyss' hampster Summer, got out of her cage and have still not found her.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Grandma's 90th Birthday Party

This beatiful lady turned 90 years old on May1st. And she is amazing! She still does so much, is active in many things and is the chaueffer for all her older lady friends! Most of the family was able to attend her birthday party. All my brothers were able to make it. We had a dinner, then a show. The show was my grandma's life. All of her granddaughters wore a dress/outfit of my grandma's, the great grandkids wore something or had a purse of hers, then we get to keep it to remember her by. We did a fashion show with the outfits, and my aunt Bonnie told about the time period and what my grandma was doing at that time period. I also dressed up like a raspberry picker(but don't know what happened to picture) to show another part of my grandma's life. My other cousins also did this- to show the "jobs" my grandma has done in her life.

The cousins eating together

Sicaly showing off grandma's purse and necklace

Blyss showing off her purse and necklace

Hallee wearing a skirt of my grandma's

My brother and his wife, cousins doing the Georgie Reel. Dancing has been a huge part of my grandma's life, so there had to be some dancing!

My mom wearing one my grandma's suits

Me wearing a dress that my grandma inherited from her mother (super old dress) and a coat of my grandma's.

It was fun to see all my grandma's clothes that she has kept throughout the years. And fun to see those we used to dress up in. IT was a great program and my grandma just loved it! It was the perfect party for her.