Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Las Vegas Baby

This was my first time going to Las Vegas, and the last time Zak was there he was 9, so it was a new experience for the both of us. I got quite a bit of advice before we went, one being- don't take pamplets or anything they are handing out, don't look down at those papers. I was shocked at how much of porn is handed out, and advertised on trucks, and advertised everywhere!!!! I really have never seen so much alcohol, heard all sorts of foreign languages, drunk people, weird people, and expensive stuff in my entire life! Every hotel we walked in as we went down the strip was packed with people gambling- I couldn't believe how many people there were. Zak and I had lots of fun, and it was fun to see the strip, but we are sure glad for our quiet, goody, goody, little town.
We went to Las Vegas with Zak's work to go to the PBR- Professional Bull Riding, so we arrived on Friday night, stayed up way, way late, checking out the strip. On Saturday we went to a Big Fancy Mall, I picked up a pair of shoes, because I thought they were cute- they were $465, Zak saw the price, and said, "Set those down very carefully, do not break them." I couldn't believe how expensive everthing was, I also got to see my first fashion show there. We viewed more of the strip, went to New York New York, and did the roller coaster ride- I'm so glad I didn't have a heart attack- that was so scary. Then Saturday Night we went to the PBR, had dinner, and went to bed. On Sunday we came home. Here are some pictures of our trip:

Water Show at the Beliago- very cool

ceiling at the Beliago, flowers made with glass.

THe pumpkin patch- the pumpkins weight between 800 lbs and 900 lbs

One of the Street Performers- they were all pretty fun to watch

This one is for the girls- Castle

Then another one for the girls- Zak and Spongebob

This is made all with jelly belly's

Part of the Roller Coaster


Zak and I afterwords having dinner- look at all the people below gambling.

Friday, October 8, 2010

To Grandma's House

Nothing to exciting has been going on around at our house, until we discovered this muskratt living in our window well. The girls were so worried over it, and checking on it, to make sure it wouldn't get in our house. It was entertaining, then even more entertaining when my neighbor got home from work, was able to trap it in a bucket- the thing kept trying to crawl out of the bucket- and was lots of fun to watch. But I'm sure glad that my neighbor found it a new home, because it was a nasty little creature.

Well now about our past weekend, we went to Grandma's house while Zak helped his family dig spuds. My mom and I took the girls to the zoo. I love the Idaho Falls Zoo, it is the perfect size for these girls, and we love the monkeys, they are so fun to watch, they swing around and slap the glass, and yell around.

On Sunday between sessions we went outside to play, we were playing ladderball, and Sicaly was sitting on my Dad's laugh and she just got the giggles and was just a laughing at us playing ladder ball, she is such a happy, fun little girl, I think she laughed for about 20 minutes straight. Hallee showed us how she has learned how to jump rope. And Blyss had fun playing with my parents cat- who is really playful. We had a great weekend!