Saturday, September 25, 2010

6 Months- 2 Weeks Ago

I have been meaning to update this for awhile, but between everyone being sick, and Zak gone all week for the last few weeks, I haven't had any time.

Sicaly turned 6 months on Sept. 15th, I can't believe she is that old already, time sure has gone by fast- which makes me sad. Sicaly is such a fun baby, she always has a smile for everyone, and she is always so excited to see me, her dad, and her sisters. I love going in Sicaly's room in the morning, she will be just singing away in her room(seriously she just sings, and sings when she wakes up from nap or night, it will gradually get louder, if you don't come, its pretty darn cute), when I look over the crib, she gets so excited and just kicks those legs up and down and smiles, a great way to start off any day.

Sicaly now eats rice cereal and baby food, and really loves food- she is my best eater so far. She can sit up, which she has been doing for a month now- I'll set toys around her and it keeps her entertained for so long. She loves to be talked to and kissed- and it is pretty easy to get a gigggle out of her- she loves her sisters- and they can really make her laugh.

Sicaly loves the cats, she lays her head down on them, and likes to poke at their eyes and nose- thank goodness for the world's best cats! And I can't forget that she loves her toes! She loves to suck on those things!
She is still tiny- 14 1/2 pounds- but my biggest at this age. She can be a sensitive little girl as well, she doesn't like loud noises.

Sicaly you are sure a little joy to our lives and we are sure glad we have you!!!

Oh Yah- Her First Pony Tail- And she has had 2 hair cuts now

She really likes her jumperoo- as long as her sisters aren't helping her!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Yesterday was Hallee's 6th Birthday. And boy oh boy was she sooo excited. She had to even sleep with one of her present's the night before. She woke up very early, came and got me up, so that she could open 1 present. She was asking all day when Zak would be home so that she could open rest of the presents and have her cake. Thank good ness Zak got home at a decent time! Also, on her birthday was Richmond City's celebreation, so we went to that, where the girls had so much fun jumping in the big jump houses, and we had a great dinner there. Then today we took Hallee to Chuckie Cheese's- we have been putting this off for like 2 years, but decided we couldn't put it off any longer- so we made the drive to Layton, and we actually had a great time. Zak and I even had a ball playing some of the games. The girls had so much fun. I think Hallee had a great birthday!

Hallee opening her present first thing in the morning. Even Blyss got a little present, she really struggles when it is someone else's birthday and not hers.

Hallee with everything she got.

Sweetie felt like she needed to be involved or supervising the building with Hallee's new blocks.

Chuckie Cheese's

Labor Day

We went to Idaho for Labor Day. Zak's brother and his wife blessed their new baby, Case while there. We got to do some fun things- of course we had to go ride horses, the girls just love it. We celebrated Hallee's birthday we both sides of the family. Grandma Miller got a pianta for the kids. Then we went bowling with my family. We had a great trip!

Hey Batter, Battter

All 3 of these kids birthdays, within 3 weeks of each other

Come on Strike!

Grandpa and Blyss

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st Day of School

Hallee's 1st official day of Kindergarten- she really likes it!!

Most of the kids from preschool are in her class, so she nows alot of kids, which is nice for her.

Blyss' first day of preschool, she was so excited to finally go, for about a month she has been asking if it was time for her to go to Ms. Tamra's. We pull up to Ms. Tamra's- Blyss jumps out of the van and off she goes into Ms. Tamra's. She did great and loved it too.

These kids are the best of friends- everyday we ask what Hallee and Blyss' happy is, and it is always: Playing with Blaine, Kaden, and Avery. This is just a classic picture of them: