Friday, February 24, 2012

Dear Ice,

Dear Ice,
     We were having so much fun ice skating on you, until you decided to be a little to slick and Hallee fell and hit her mouth on her walker and chipped her front tooth. I looked at her and it made me kind of sick, oh boy... to the dentist we will have to go, and it is not going to be cheap, mind you ice. Then along came Wednseday and ice you were not very nice again, this time you got Blyss. Blyss slipped on you ice with her clogging shoes after dance and you cut her lip. I ran down to my neighbors with Blyss in my arms and dragging Sicaly behind to see what my neighbor thought, she took one look and said- she needs stitches. Thank goodness they offered to take Sicaly so that I could take my little Blyss in to Insta Care. We get to Insta Care and after Blyss got looked at by 3 nurses and 2 doctors they sent us off to the hospital. We get to the ER and the 2 doctors come in to take a look and list me my options, we decide to sedate Blyss to get the job done right so that there won't be scarring. We sit and wait and wait some more. Blyss doesn't flinch a bit when she gets her IV and out she went so fast. Doctor is done in 15 minutes and 8 stitches later, Blyss starts to wake up, I laugh and laugh because she is being one funny gal and making funny sounds and doing funny motions, she doesn't remember a thing! They let us go after about 45 minutes after Blyss wakes up and she is very, very dizzy. Off we go to get Sicaly from the neighbors and off we go to get Hallee from my cousins- who got her from dance, and we get home at 10:30pm very tired. So ice, you have not been ice- I hope you treat us nicer in the future, but for now we will just avoid you!
Blyss and Sicaly having so much fun ice skating

Hallee and her chipped tooth

Blyss' cut
Blyss waking up after getting stitches, the ice also got her cheek and chin
After stitches, she was quite swollen

I am so thankful for such a great neighbor who took Sicaly and took care of her. And for my cousin who took care of Hallee so that I could be with Blyss.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Yes, It Is True

 Yes, I am a Mom of three girls who act like teenagers. This Sicaly talking on the phone, she gets upset if she doesn't get to talk on the phone. Sicaly wants to do and tries to act like her sisters. I am really scared when they are all really going to be teenagers.
 My 3 girls also really like makeup and it is usually really scary what they look like after they put makeup on.
And, yes, it is true that our house is for sale. This is going to be an extemely hard move. I really like where we live, I love my neighbors, my house, the schools, my ward, and Hobby Lobby. But Zak really likes his job, which requires him to travel alot- right now he is usually gone from Monday to Friday- so when the opportunity came for a new territory, he jumped on it and got it. His new territory covers western Montana, bottom half of Idaho, and a little into Oregon. So he took this new territory because the central part of it is Idaho Falls, which would get us back closer to family- so that I could have help if I needed it while he travels, and hopefully he will be able to get home a little bit more at nights. So it will be hard but hopefully it will be a good move!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Family Pictures for Farm Bureau

I thought I would share a few of my favorite pictures that Zak's sister took of us for Farm Bureau when we went to Hawaii.