Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Miss Hallee

Last night was Hallee's dance recital. She did so awesome and I'm so proud of her. She was very nervous about it and didn't want to do it. But we told her that her Grandma's and Grandpa's were coming and that made her so excited, so of course she started looking forward to it, since Grandma and Grandpa were going to come to our house. Hallee also was able to wear makeup for the performance and that was another thing she was so excited about. Hallee was totally confident in herself and didn't act afraid at all!!!!!

Then today Hallee had her Kindergarten shots (even though she doesn't go to Kindergarten for another year), but she was very brave for those as well, and is doing great right now. Hallee weighs 33.8 lbs (50%percentile), and is 41 inches tall (75%). She didn't pass the eye screening so we will have to take her to an eye doctor to be checked out. I don't now if she was scared and wouldn't tell them or if she really can't see. Also she has kissing tonsils, they are really big and touch each other, (no wonder why she snores very, very loud, and sounds like she has a cold all the time), she will be going in next Friday to meet with a doctor about that.

Hallee loves preschool, she is really into dinosaurs right now, she loves reading her book all about dinosaurs. Hallee is very artistic, she loves drawing, painting, coloring, playing with playdough, and building towers. She also has turned into quite the little helper, she folds and puts up her own clothes, dresses and undresses herself, picks up toys when asked, and can pour her own milk and lemonade. She loves, loves chocolate and candy!!! She is really good with Blyss and will read Blyss a book and plays with her. She also is very particular on what she wears, she only likes her hot pink cowgirl boots, her butterfly shirts, and horse shirt. I have to bribe her to wear her other clothes. She is a great girl and we love her.

I have to post this picutre- today's Hallee's art project was Blyss- while I was getting ready this morning Hallee colored Blyss. I just had to laugh, because Blyss enjoyed it just as much as Hallee.

Side Note on Blyss: she went to the doctor's as well. She weighs 22lbs (below the -5%percentile), she is 34 1/2 inches tall (70% percentile).

Friday, March 20, 2009


Yesterday I ended up taking Blyss to the Dr.'s after two nights of no sleep and her not feeling good at all. The Dr. confirmed that she had bronchitis, a fever, and a runny nose. I told him that Hallee had had strep throat, and he told me strep throat doesn't come along with a cough and a cold, but he would run a test just in case. He thought it would come back negative, but what do you know it came back positive for strep throat. Poor little girl I can't imagine having a horrible cough while having strep throat, no wonder she can't sleep and is so grumpy.
Blyss will have these cough attatcks where she can't quit coughing, they will last for 5-10minutes until she throws up and she will be just a gagging for air. Last night I was in the shower and Blyss was in the bathroom with me, (Zak was out of town last night) she started coughing so I knew she would end up throwing up, so I told her to puke on my towel that I laid on the floor, I never heard her throw up, but when I got out of the shower she had pulled down my clothes off the counter that I was going to put on, and she had threw up all over them, I just had to laugh and I so wanted to take a picture but didn't. I sure hope she gets better soon.
Okay now a little scare. So at about 4:45 am this morning I heard a bang, and some rustling going on. I start to panic and wish that I had set my car keys next to my bed so I could turn my car alarm on. I keep on listening and I hear all this rustling, I'm trying not to have a heart attack. I hear the noise coming from Hallee and Blyss' room. So I get brave enough to go check out what is going on. There I find that Hallee had drug a stool into her room from the kitchen, she got on it and got the Kohl's bag down from her top shelf in her closet and was going through her new summer clothes. I asked her what she was doing, she told me she was getting the horse shirt out to wear, since I told her she could wear it sometime when the snow melts, and she informed me the snow is almost all melted. So she found the shirt and set it on her dresser to wear today. What a funny kid!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hallee started getting sick last Thursday, she told us that her throat hurt, then immediately after that she had a fever, Friday was the same way, Saturday I noticed that she had a rash on her neck and chest. I decided it was time to look at her throat, sure enough those tonsils were nasty- huge, red, with white streaks, we took her into Community Care and it came back positive that she had Strep Throat.

Blyss has had a cough, she'll cough so much she'll throw up, and she will not sleep either because everytime she lays down she starts coughing and then throws up and we have a mess to clean up. I can't wait for these girls to feel better, because they are sure cranky, demanding, and complain alot when they are sick!! Plus we finally have some nice weather outside, YEAH! I have been taking them for stroller rides to get some fresh air.

Blyss did get her hair cut yesterday, her bangs are no longer in her eyes! But getting her hair cut was an adventure, she screamed and cried, saying that it hurts. Finally she laid her head down on my chest so the girl was able to cut oneside then the other side.

While the girls have been sick I have been sewing a new little dress for Blyss, since that is all she will wear, but today she is in pants, I couldn't believe she let me put them on her.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bear World

This past weekend we made a quick trip to Idaho, on Saturday we thought it would be fun to take the girls to see the baby bears at Bear World. In order to see the baby bears, you had to buy a $15 picture. I thought it was a rip off, and wanted to go, Hallee started crying Zak gave in so the girls got to get a picture with the baby bear and pet it for about 1 minute. Hallee loves her picture with the baby bear though, she is very proud of it. And Blyss had a great time hugging on the baby bear.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Our little Blyss is into dresses now, all she will wear is a dress, getting pajamas on at night is almost impossible, she wants to keep her dress on so bad, because she wants to be a princess. This has been going on for an entire week now, she will scream if I pull out pants for her to wear. She likes to pick out her own dresses, and she changes dresses 4 or more times a day. She still likes to wear her cowboy boots though, so anywhere we go she has a dress on and cowboy boots. We think it is cute right know, but sure hope it will kind of fade out a little.

This day she let me curl her hair, she looked like a little beauty queen. She likes to look pretty, but does not like to get her picture taken.