Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Party

I hadn't been to one of my family Christmas parties in about 4 years, so I decided it was time to go to one. I haven't seen some of my cousins and their families for about that long as well. We had a nice breakfast, had an ugly sweater contest, sang songs, Santa came, and then we went bowling. I didn't get any pictures of us bowling (I left my camera in the car). But the kids had a great time bowling, even Sicaly bowled- get this- she got a higher score than I did!!!! It was great to see family and we had a fun time- my aunt did a great job!!!

My grandma with some of her great grandchildren
Hallee with Santa
Blyss with Santa
Sicaly with Santa
The ugly sweater winners- Holly on the right took1st, Kolee 2nd, and my brother Nick took 3rd

Sunday, December 11, 2011

On the Farm

While we were in Idaho for Thanksgiving we had some farm pictures taken to put in our presentation when we compete in Nationals in Hawaii. Zak's sister took some pictures at his family's farm with tractors, horses, and beef cows.
Here are some pictures at my family's dairy farm- this is were I grew up and what I did while growing up!
Sicaly saying, "MOOO"

In the milking parlor- my dad and brother
Putting Milkers on the Cows
Going to feed the baby calves

Blyss with the baby calf named after her- Blyss- it is fun that they each have a calf to check up on each time we go to the farm, so they can see how much the calf has grown and what pen she is in know.
Hallee with Hal, the white calf
Sicaly helping stir milk replacer to feed to the calves

When we go to the farm we alway have to see Grandma Bazil
I thought this was funny- Blyss sitting in Grandma's foot stool eating chips- this foot stool is the best toy for a kid!