Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Part of June

 Blyss has been playing T Ball, she is a little athlete. She plays 2 games a week- she has been doing so great! T Ball will go for the rest of June.

 We went to the Summerfest in Logan yesterday- Blyss wanted her face painted so bad- so Blyss got her face painted and Hallee went to the arts and craft center and made some crafts.
 Every Tuesday we go to a park with some neighbors and people from the ward. This past Tuesday we went to the zoo, the girls had so much fun feeding the ducks and geese. There was one goose that would get so excited for food he would dance, it was really funny. There was lots of new ducklings and gooslings that the girls loved to watch. We all have been having fun going to the Park days.

 For the past month Hallee has been taking karate, she is the only girl in her class and the youngest by quite a bit. She has learned quite a bit- so don't mess with her- she knows how to defend herself. Her last class was this past Monday, so she was able to graduate.

 In my girls' spare time you can find them out looking for butterflies and bugs, they have their nets and their butterfly cage (which always has something in it). They just love finding new insects everyday, then Sicaly will get into the cage and let everything go (or more like kill everything)- that is why Sicaly is crying in this picture, Hallee just busted her for being in the butterfly cage and letting a butterfly go, so she got yelled at and the cage taken away.
 So far we are having a good summer!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dance Recital

 It was dance recital time again at our house. Both sets of grandparents came; along with my grandma. These girls were so excited and they did such a great job.
 Hallee danced to Crocodile Rock and Ice Cream Freeze- her little group is getting so good, they do some hard steps! Blyss danced to Rio and Barbie in a Mermaid Tale- her little group is so cute- Blyss is a little natural at dancing! I love how I can see her singing along with her music as she is dancing.
 At the dance recital while a group was performing, Sicaly made a dash to the stage steps with another toddler, I had to run and grab her before she got on the stage- I was sweating, then she was so mad that I stopped her and I would not let her go rest of the time- and it made her so mad!
 My cousins daughter is in the same group as Hallee- Josie
 My grandma with the girls
Oh, these girls are cute!