Friday, July 30, 2010


What a crazy/ busy last weekend/week we've had. It all started out with Zak getting pneumonia, so instead of having 3 children to take care of, I had 1 more, plus we had the scare of possibly the rest of us getting it as well, so I was sanitizing like crazy, washing everything, but hopefully we are out of the clear now.

This past weekend we went up to Idaho, I was able to spend a day with my family and celebrate my birthday- did a little shopping and out to eat. The girls and I went to my parents Stake Pioneer celebration. They had a chicken chase, but the chickens were completly worn out by the time we got there, so the girls got to pet the chickens. We also went on wagon ride pulled by horses. My mom and I also gave Sicaly her first hair cut. Sicaly's bangs hung in her eyes, she had a mullet in back and then long hair around her eyes, so we trimmed it up, and it looks so much better. Then we went to St. Anthony for the big pioneer celebration. We went to the parade which was awesome, then Zak couldn't do anything do to still being sick, I was the one who got roped into taking 5 children on a raft down the river- didn't work so well, since I was the only one who could paddle, we would just go in circles, luckily some of Zak's cousins were in tubes and could help pull us along. Both Hallee and Blyss were in tears because they were scared, my nephew who is 6 scaring them by telling them there is alligators in the river, and repeadtly about 200 times yelling, "We are going to die." I was sure glad when we made it to the spot to get out. Then that night I took Hallee and Blyss to the rodeo, which entertained them for a little bit. While there Zak's brothers wife had her baby, so we were able to see the new baby- Case Lee. Also, while we were there my Aunt Patti passed away.

We left on Sunday, and turned around on Wednesday and headed back to Idaho to attend my Aunt Patti's funeral. It was a very nice funeral, all the speakers did an awesome job, and I know she is in a much better place. I will miss her eccentric side which I got a kick out of, she was always dressed to the nines, she always had to be matching, shoes, outfit, purse, and jewelry. Shge was a very fun lady!
Here are a few pictures, I didn't get pictures of everything we did.

At the rodeo, Hallee is somewhere in that mass of kids, trying to catch a calf. I was praying that none of the kids would get trampled by each other or by the calf.

I love how St. Anthony has floats- real floats, I thought this was real neat.

My parents came to the parade. Look at Sicaly with her new hair cut.

The kids ready for the parade to start.

Hallee and Blyss with the chickens.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Snakes- Oh My!

This is the 2nd water snake our neighbors have found this summer, it keeps the kids entertained for hours though- I used to hold snakes when I was younger too, but now they give me the creeps. Blyss even cried when she didn't get a turn to hold it.

Super Hero due to some Super Cool Shoes

I took Hallee and Blyss shoe shopping for school, since I had some good coupons. Blyss has wanted for months now, the Sketchers Twinkle Toe shoes, and I told her, when she goes to preschool I will get them for her. So I bought them for her, and she became a total super hero/star in them, she can run really fast, jump really high, run in circles, and she is just plain cool with them. Zak and I got the biggest kick out of her. She was good enertainment in them as Zak was laying on the couch very ill from pneumonia. Blyss even had to sleep with them in her bed, it was so darn cute!

Hallee is my cowboy boot girl

Sunday, July 18, 2010

4 Months Already

Sicaly trying rice cereal for the 1 st time, I think she spit it all out

Pretty Baby

Look at all that hair

I can't believe Sicaly is 4 months already, the time has flown by. She is such a sweet little girl. She loves her sisters, she loves when they talk to her and just loves watching them. Anytime you look at her she has a smile for you, and lately we can get her to laugh pretty easily. She is a pretty easy baby and sleeps through the night. She had her 4 month check up and she weighs 12 lbs. 7 oz., which so far makes her my biggest baby at this age. We are so glad she is in our family.
This past weekend we had a family reunion in Salt Lake, this is what the girls enjoyed:

Hallee love the choclate fountain, she had lots of fun with it. She also had fun with her cousins.

Blyss loves her cousin Sayler. And Sayler is so nice to pack her around.

It was fun to see Zak's family, some I've never even meet. So it was great.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

ToO CuTe

Notice something different about these girls. About 10 inches of hair missing altogether. It was a hard decision to let Hallee especially get her hair cut, I love doing her hair! But it was getting pretty long and hard to comb through, so I finally decided it was time to get a good haircut. They both look stinkin cute and alot older.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Past 2 Weeks

First off, look at this girl- she is so darn cute and growing like a weed! We sure love her.

What a busy couple of weeks we have had and I hope it slows down a little now. Hallee was in swimming lessons for 2 weeks, I really like the Sports Academy, swimming lessons is indoor, and then you can play outside in the outdoor pools, so everyday we were there for 2 1/2 hours. Hallee finished up her season of T ball, she got much better! We went up to Idaho once swimming lessons was over. We went up to Victor to have the girls pictures done by Zak's sister, the girls had fun playing with their cousins. On Saturday we went to the Hancock family reunion and the girls once again had so much fun playing with cousins. We went on lots of four wheeler rides to the farm. And we got Zak's office finished in the basement- YEAH! We pretty much have moved everything down. Sicaly will finally have a room and she will sleep in her crib for the first time tonight.

Zak's office- he picked out the color of paint and carpet, it turned out really nice

girls swimming, while Hallee was in swimming lessons I would work withBlyss, we had lots of fun

Peyton Gillman and Hallee, we lucked out and had lots of friends at swimming, so the girls had a blasy everyday

Hallee getting ready for the potato sack race

Sicaly with my dad, she was so into the Bee movie, first time that she watched tv, it was funny

I couldn't find Blyss at the family reunion, she was hiding in the trees, singing away

We got a slip n slide for the girls

Hallee and Blyss going on a pony ride with the neighbors.