Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pine Wood Derby

For the Father Daughter Activity through Activity Days we planned a Pinewood Derby, since so many families in our ward have just girls- we thought it would be fun for those Dads to have a chance making a car. So Zak and Hallee worked really hard on getting it cut out and sanding, I helped on the painting and decorating of the car. The car was also suppose to carry an egg while racing and not break it- well according to Zak, the car was so fast and that is why the egg broke everytime. Without an egg it was the fastest car- so Zak was very proud of his work. Hallee won the Most Creative award. It was a fun activity!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Story of

The Story of a comb and a bracelet- it is just too funny I don't want to forget it. During the last week of school Hallee came home from school and said, "Blyss and Sicaly I have something for you." Oh, these two were so excited to get something from their sister. Hallee took out a pretty green sparkly green bracelet and gave it to Blyss. Blyss told Hallee how much she loved it. And then Hallee pulled out a bright pink sparkly comb for Sicaly. Sicaly was so excited, she wanted to use it right then. So I let Sicaly start combing my hair with this comb. Blyss then asked Hallee where she got the comb and bracelet from- I am just assuming she got it out of the prize box from her class. Hallee then tells us she got it from the lost and found- Zak burst out laughing- I'm praying I don't have lice now and totally grossed out. I then asked her why she took theses things from the lost and found because they weren't hers. She explained to us that they were going to take what wasn't taken to the DI and she saw that stuff and thought her sisters would love it so much- which was thoughtful of her and she further explained it was okay that she took that stuff. So after that we sanitized these items so that they could be put to good use!

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Hair Do

Hallee has wanted to donate her hair for about the last 3 months. I told her after the dance recital we would get it cut, so finally we did it. I think I was more nervous about it than her- I love her long hair- I have lots of fun doing her hair! But it was time- I am so proud of her for even thinking about donating her hair and willing to do it. So the above picture is right before the hair cut.

Right after her ponytail was cut

The new hair do. It is so super cute on her but it makes her look older. She will definitely enjoy it this summer.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hill Air Force Base

For Memorial Day we decided to stay close, so we went to Hill Air Force Base. Zak loved it- he reads a lot of war books and was able to connect the planes to what he has read. Hallee and Blyss enjoyed it to seeing all the different planes. I ended up with Sicaly who didn't exactly love it and was bored. But it was neat seeing all these different planes and reading what they were used for, but it also made me really sad, being reminded of war and remembering those who fought for our country and died and knowing they would die. We read about one type of pilot who would wear an eye patch to save one eye if he got bombed/gased if he lived through it. I am so thankful for this free nation we live in and those who are in the armed force and help protect our nation.