Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh Washington!

It was one year ago that we moved to Ferndale, Washington. Zak actually moved to Washington the 1st of March, while I stayed in Idaho Falls with Hallee and Blyss(who was just 4 weeks old at the time). I honestly don't know how I did it by myself for 3 1/2 weeks with a brand new baby, Hallee, packing up all our stuff, staying emotionally stable, and knowing that I was moving away from all my family- and may never live close to them again. I did it though- Zak flew in on a Thursday afternoon, we drove straight to the title company signed papers on selling our house, went and picked up the Uhaul, went to our house loaded up everything into the truck, we stayed the night at my parents', got up the next morning and headed on our way, that morning was one of the toughest days of my life- saying goodbye to my family. We were so lucky to have Zak's Grandma and Grandpa Jordan driving the Uhual truck, so Zak could drive our car and I could take care of the kids. We split the trip into 2 days- since it is a 14 hour drive. When we got to our apartment in Ferndale, I just started crying- because it was a small 2 bedroom apartment, and it seemed so lonely. But once we got everything unpacked and things sat up, it was a cute, homey apartment. Zak's grandparents stayed the week, they helped with the kids while we unpacked, and we are so grateful they were there to help us. They stayed in a resort at Birch Bay- so we went and visited them there, Birch Bay is right on the ocean- so Hallee went and played in the sand with a shovel and a bucket. We only lived in Washington 5 months and made some great friends and got to see alot of sites.
About 3 weeks after we moved there Zak's parents came to see us, we went and visited the San Jaun Islands- we took a a ferry to get there- the ferry ride was fun- while there we went to a whale museum. On our way back home we stopped and saw the tulip fields- they were amazing- all you could see was a field that was solid red or yellow. We also visited Larabee State Park, which was such a pretty drive, all these pretty trees and other plants.

Once the weather warmed up we went to Whidby Island and Deception Pass, this is where it is an island on an island, all around us it was so green, and we took Hallee to the Beach to play.

We also went to British Columbia, Canada, we went to the Aquarium there and that is most defiantly the coolest place I've been to, it was fun to see all the aquatic stuff.

Zak's work had an annual meeting in Vancouver, WA, so we went to, we went to the Portland, Oregon zoo- which was huge and saw lots of cool things there, but I hit rush hour traffic on the way back to our hotel- where I just had to drive 15 miles, it took me over an hour to drive, with Blyss screaming the entire time- so that wasn't so fun. We also had a ferry ride one night and we ate dinner on the boat, and saw some of the sites.
We also visited Lynden which is a Dutch community, we went for their Dutch days- they were wearing wooden shoes and everything.We also visited Blaine- which right next to the ocean, and walked along the beach a little bit and collected sea shells.
Were we were living they grow strawberries and raspberries, so we got to see how they harvest these berries. And the strawberries were tasty!
I am glad for the opportunity that we had to live in Washington- we had a great time, got to see some pretty country- it is so beatiful over there, it opened our eyes to new things and helped us grow stronger in many ways.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great Easter!

We had a great Easter weekend. We were able to go home to Idaho for the weekend, it was very busy but we enjoyed spending time with our families. On Saturday Zak's mom held a little Easter egg hunt for the grandkids, they all had a blast together, and Hallee was able to go on a short horse ride with her cousin, Rylan. Also on Saturday night was Zak's sisters Junior Miss Pagent where she won the title as South Fremont 2009 Junior Miss, she did a great job (duh.. she won), it was very entertaining and exciting. On Sunday we made it to some of church and when we got back we held a little Easter Egg Hunt for just Hallee and Blyss, then we headed up to Victor to Zak's sister's, Lyndsey to have dinner at her house. On Monday we headed back to Smithfield, but we stopped and visited with my family for awhile. We love our family and was so glad we could spend time with them, it had been a long time since we had seen them.

Also the weekend was filled with lots of accidents for Hallee. The first night we were there Hallee's cousin pushed her down the stairs, she was just screaming, I went down and her nose was bleeding, it was all red, but her little nose just encountered a rug burn. On Saturday, she fell off the chair at Zak's grandma's house where she hit her chin and bit her lip- so she has a bruise on her chin. When we got back to Zak's parents house after that she ran into a drawer and hit her head- so she has a bruise there. On Sunday while at Lyndsey's, she fell off a chair there, and her other cousin pushed her down the stairs. But Hallee is one tough little cookie.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kids do the darndest things!

Blyss has decided to take up to the binki, now that she is almost 14 months old. She took a binki for about the first 2 months of her life then gave it up. I had her binki's in with her baby toys and she has taken a liking to them. She'll find a binki and suck on it for about five minutes, she does this at least once a day. It's kind of funny to see her with a binki in her mouth.

This is Blyss at bathtime, I was talking on the phone to my mom and Blyss was crying in the tub, so I got her out and was just holding her, she decided the bathtub needed more that just their bath toys, first she tried putting the toliet plunger in, then she went and got Hallee's dog, then she started with the books, trying to get them in the tub, as you can see she is a very determined little girl, I think she brought about half their books out trying to get them in the tub, and oh boy she thought she was so funny, because when Zak got home, she did a little dance for him and she was laughing- she is quite a show off.

Now on to Hallee, she gets scared to go to bed because there are monsters, so she sleeps in the doorway of her bedroom. And oh yes, the floor is hardwood. But we do move her to her bed.

Hallee loves her Mr. Potato head- one of the most popular toys around our house, she always makes Grandma, Grandpa, and Chase (not sure what Grandma and Grandpa she is talking about). Chase always has the arms with the cell phone and the money- I guess this is the impression she gets from him.

This is Hallee's wall of art. The 4 big pictures are very colorful easter eggs, the 3 smaller pictures are of monsters (don't know why she is obsessed with monsters). Hallee will color a picture, she will get her own piece of tape and hangs it up on her wall. When she did her first picture of the monster, I thought it was so funny that she did this, I wonder where she got the idea to hang it on her wall, most kids want to put it on the fridge. But we find it cute, and she colors some awesome easter eggs.

Also, this week I started up another blog with my nursing covers and hairbows that I make:


Friday, March 7, 2008

Hallee and Blyss Tagged

Hallee and Blyss were tagged by Brooklyn Davis- so I need to tell 8 things about each of them.

Hallee: 1. Likes to be read to, do art projects, and dance (especially to Baby Got Back). 2. Loves juice, pop, noodles, and sweets. 3. Hallee loves bows- she likes to wear them and play with them. She sorts them by color and lines them up (bows are her favorite toy, she gets them out everyday to play with). 4. Hallee got her name from Zak's Grandpa- Halling- her middle name is May, which is my middle name. 5. Hallee is very headstrong and busy- people say she is the busiest little individual they've ever seen. She really has a hard time holding still. 6. Hallee has lived in 3 different states- moved three times and will have moved 4 times before she turns 4. 7. She loves her white crochet blanket that her great grandma made her- it goes where ever she goes. 8. Hallee loves animals, even though she has been bit by dogs 3 times, she loves stuffed animals and would rather play with them then dolls.

Now a bit about Blyss: 1. Blyss is very cuddly, she likes to sleep in our bed and cuddles up next to us- she likes to be in Mom's arms and she gives the best bear hugs ever. 2. When Blyss was born she came out with a head full of red hair and since she has had 9 haircuts. 3. Blyss sat up at 4 1/2 months, was crawling at 6 months, and walking at 11 months. 4. She loves to be busy- pulling things out of cupboards, playing with toys, hiding things, carrying one thing from one room to the other, getting books out and looking at them. 5. Blyss lived in 3 different states by the time she was 6 months. She has moved twice. 6. She loves Hallee- following her, watching her, and bugging her- she is also jealous of her- especially when I'm holding Hallee- Blyss will come over try to push Hallee off my lap and screams, like the world is going to end. 7. Blyss loves her shiny- sparkly pink shoes- she'll get them out of her closet and brings them to us to put on her. 8. Blyss loves her green crochet blanket- she sucks on the fringe- its like her pacifire.

Hallee and Blyss now tag Dallin and Cade High, and Mattie Leak.

Monday, March 3, 2008


The past week has been pretty boring. Blyss was sick with a fever and not feeling well all week and was taking two naps a day and wanted to be held when she was awake, and Zak was gone to Vernal for 3 days. We did go to Smith's, (because they have a kids place)- so Hallee went there while I did my grocery shopping and I took the whole hour, so I could have a break at least from one child for one hour. On saturday I made Hallee a dress and matching bows- with Lady Bugs- she was so excited about it, she wore it rest of the day after it was finished, and then she wore it the entire day on Sunday. At Church she would go up to people and say, "Look at my cute dress, its a princess dress." She was so cute in it. Blyss wore a Strawberry Shortcake dress and a matching strawberry bow that I had made while I was in High School for a Home Ec. class, the dress fit her perfect in every way.

We get the biggest kick out of Blyss and the things she does, today she thought the remote control belonged in Zak's mouth, he would take it out, she would pick it up and get it back in his mouth- it was the funniest thing- she is a very determined litttle girl. She also likes to get magnets or little toys and hides them in shoes or under the rocking chair, it is fun to watch as she keeps herself busy.

Hallee is a very determined little girl as well, tonight we were trying to have Family Home Evening, she sits in the corner with her arms folded, head down, saying- I Hate This! I don't like this! Just stop! This is her routine every Monday night during FHE. So I just pray and hope she is not saying this in her Sunbeams Class.