Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Pumpkin Walk

For Blyss' preschool we went to the Pumpkin Walk, it is so fun to see people's creativity and what they can come up with and to do to pumpkins. Here are a few of our favorites:
Angry Birds- Sicaly, Blyss, Collin and Josh Miller
Blyss and Sicaly with Ms. Spider Sunny Patch
Blyss and Sicaly with Despicable Me
Blyss and the Zoo

Blyss and Sicaly in Zombie Land

The Crew
Blyss, Maziy, Josh, and Caleb- our preschool group

Monday, October 17, 2011

What They Do.....

This is what Sicaly and Blyss did to keep themselves entertained the other day while I cleaned bathrooms......

They pretty much drug everything out from Sicaly's room and brought it into the front room. Then Sicaly was was laying on all the pillow pets! They had so much fun, they were giggling and they worked very hard. But then they weren't to happy about cleaning it up.

Here are the girls and I ready to go to Church- Hallee and Blyss in their new church clothes- they looked so stinkin cute!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Zak won us a free cruise to Ensanada Mexico, Zak won this by being in the top 5 for sales in Poultry Feed in his company- the whole United States! We boarded our ship in Long Beach, CA. It was overwhelming at first- the ship was HUGE!!! Their was alot to figure! On Friday we ate lunch on the boat, we walked around the boat-trying to figure out where things were, we had a meeting with all the Cargill people who also won this trip- the Utah State BYU football game was on, we watched that- I was not to happy about this- there was so much to do, and we ended up watching TV. We had the late dinner every night at 8:15. But on Friday night I was feeling a little sick- motion sickness- so we went right to bed and after that I was fine!
On Saturday we got to Ensanada- so we went and walked around downtown, watched the funny seals. Then later we went on a tour to the Blow hole- there is only 3 in the world- it was pretty cool. Where the Blow Hole was their was the flea market- I felt like I was being attacked by purianas- Holy Cow- those mexicans wanted to make us a deal on everything! On Saturday night we went to the family friendly comic show- the guy was so funny we decided we would check out his adult comedy show to- he was very good and funny! We also went to the main show- dancing and singing- it was really good to- some awesome talent. Then we decided we would go to one of the clubs as a group and go dancing- the band was great and we had so much fun dancing- it had been in forever since we danced! We stayed out unitl 1:30am!
On sunday we slept in had breakfast, then the chocolate bar, then we thought we better burn some of those calories off, so we went and played minature golf with some of our friends- that was so much fun! Then we played cards with Zak's boss and his wife. Then we had the Cargill award ceremony were Zak and others were recognized and given an award for their hard work! That night we went to a different comedian and out dancing again.
On Monday we headed back home- we swayed like we were on the ship for 2 more days! We had such a blast, we saw lots of intersting people and things- I think one of the fun things was people watching- I could not believe how much alcohol was consumed- we were definatley on a party cruise- so that made for some intersting encounters!
My mom watched the girls, they had lots of fun- and Sicaly became very attached to my mom and did not want me, she cried and cried when my mom left and did not want Zak or me.
Me in front of our boat
Zak with Ensadada behind him
The Blow Hole

Zak and I at the Blow Hole
One of the World's largest flags
The Seal's- they were fun to watch!

Who knew what you could do with towels

Zak at the awards night
At the dance club- having a great time

Butterfly Experience

For Hallee's birthday, my parents gave her a butterfly kit- she got the butterfly cage and we sent in to get 5 catepillars, once we got the catepillars we watched them eat and get bigger, then turn into a chrysalis, then about 7 days later we watched them hatch out of their chrysalis into butterflies. Hallee decided to let the butterflies go on Saturday. It was a fun thing to watch and a great experience for the girls- they were so excited when they would see a change, and they sat and watched them for about an hour one day when they were hatching into butterflies. Hallee is my little bug lover, she is constantly looking for bugs, catepillars, she has her little cage and it always has something in it.I asked the neighbor boy one day if he and Hallee played at school- and he told me all Hallee wants to do at recess is search for bugs. That is who she is and something she loves!

Right after they hatched

Hallee found this catepillar- it was huge- it was about the size of pointer finger and it had a horn on its rear!