Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!

We have been so busy! This last week I have been working on picking out carpet, hardwood floor, tile, and cabinets for our house that we are building. That was alot of fun taking my kids to all these places, plus trying to decide what would be best. At the carpet store Hallee found a marker and colored all over Blyss' face and neck, then she drew a dragon on her arm. Also Hallee went and opened the door that leads out to their warehouse, and her and Blyss went out in the warehouse and outside, so they were hanging out on the main street in Logan. I was trying to talk to the guy helping me and looking everything over. I visited 4 carpet stores, dreamed about carpet for 4 nights, and I decided I just needed to decide on something- so I got that figured out- YEAH! Now Zak just gets to install the tile and hardwood floors. On Saturday on our way to a carpet store the car in front of me slammed on its brakes so I had to slam on my and swerve into the turning lane to avoid hitting the car, I looked in my rearview window and there was a motorocycle coming and the guy was looking off at something else, looked ahead and saw my car, he swerved and he hit my tail light and cracked it. Luckily he stayed on his motorcycle because he just had on shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Not a fun experience but nothing serious. On Saturday night we went to Richmond's (where we are building our house) Black and White Days. Black and White days they bring holstein cows and our judged and sold. We went to the parade and then to the horse pull. Hallee had fun with her friends- Taft and Seth.

Here is a picture of the girls last week when they were in the tub, I was doing the dishes and talking to Zak on the phone, they dumped a whole container of shampoo into their bath and got lots and lots of bubbles- I wasn't happy but they sure were having a blast. They ended up having to take a shower to get all the bubbles off them.

We had a really bad day yesterday- first Hallee got Crayon happy and colored all over our fridge with crayon- it was not easy to get off- it probably took me 20 minutes to get it off- meanwhile Blyss got in makeup(thats what I was doing before I discovered what Hallee was doing). She got a hold of my mascara and applied it on herself, her hair, face, brand new summer clothes- took tags off an hour before, all over her bedding. I was not happy at all- wish I took a picture- but I was pretty upset from cleaning up the crayon mess to finding this! After we got that all cleaned up- Blyss threw up on her shirt and blanket. Then Blyss was eating breakfast with me and tipped over my milk, so it went everywhere. I just felt like walking out of the house. After that we went to the cabinet shop, Hallee and Blyss went into their break room and were having a great time with the water thing in there - water was everywhere. But I got my cabinets picked out and hopefully we are set on that. Today has been much better, our neighbors invited Hallee to come and jump on their tramp with a sprinkler under it- Hallee was gone for two hours- Blyss was down for a nap, and it was so nice to get things done around the house and have some time to myself!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trip to Idaho

This last weekend we went home to Idaho so that Zak could help his family move cows. Zak's family has a ranch, so they move cows with horses. Hallee was able to ride a horse most of the time, either with Zak or Zak leading a horse, Hallee had a great time. Hallee's cousins were there to, so they all had a ball together. I drove a horse trailer behind the herd of cows and those on horses. Blyss danced around on my lap and loved messing with all the controls on the dash. After the cattle drive we went back to the farm, where Zak's mom put the kids to work picking up garbage alongside the road side- they thought that was better than Disney Land- they would race to find a piece of garbage- who ever thought picking up garbage is fun.
On Sunday my brother, Ty and his wife Erica blessed their little baby girl, Vanna, in Pocatello, so we went and attended that and spent time with them, they will be moving this friday to Weiser, where he got a job as a pharmacist- congrats Ty! While we were outside having a picnic Blyss was playing on the toys and she walked in front of someone swinging on the swing- Blyss was hit- and it sliced open her lip, so she has had a swollen lip the past couple of days- along with that hit it left a bruise on her cheek. A little while later the same thing happened, she walked in front of Hallee pushing a little boy (so not as bad of hit, not going so fast), but Blyss fell in the gravel and had gravel all over in her mouth and from this hit, she scratched above her lip and her chin is scraped up. But she got over both little accidents fast and wanted to get back to playing.
This week I have been busy picking out stuff for the house we are building. I will post pictures soon. It is not easy taking Hallee and Blyss with me to the cabinet shops or the carpet stores(I'm going around getting bids for the best deal), they seem to always get in some sort of trouble. Plus it is stressful to me, because I try to look at everything and hope that everything will flow, look nice, and that I get a good deal, so I'm having a hard time making choices.
Zak is gone again this week to Washington, and once again our TV is broken (aka Babysitter), it was broken while he was gone last week and so for me it is constant entertaining the kids- so we have been outside alot- Thank goodness for warm weather.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fun with Hair!

This past weekend I put Blyss' hair into pigtails, she is 15 months old now, and has had 10 haircuts, and her hair is still long enough to put in pigtails-(Blyss is a slow grower but her hair on the other hand- grows incredibly fast). She looked so cute with her hair in pigtails, she will be sporting this look alot this summer.

Hallee has decided that she likes to do her own hair, she will spray her hair with water until it is dripping, brush it, part it, and put a bow in. She is not to good at placement with the bow yet, but she is very proud of herself when it is done. I always fix it before we go anywhere.

Zak is gone to Vernal, Utah for a few days, and so tonight I took the girls to McDonald's to get a break (our TV has not been working for 2 days, and probably won't get fixed until Friday- so I have been entertaining Hallee constantly- I'm suprised I haven't gone crazy yet). But while we were there she made a great new boy friend, she took her Happy Meal over to where he was eating and ate with their family. Then they were playing and Hallee said to the other little boy, "Lets hug." So they hugged- that was pretty cute. Then Hallee said, "Lets kiss." So they kissed. Oh Boy- what we have to look forward to with her!