Sunday, December 26, 2010

This Christmas Season

I haven't updated for awhile on what we have been up to this Christmas Season, but we have had a great Christmas Season! I am thankful for my little family, Zak and Mine's family, for our great ward, friends, good health, a great nation to live in, and for our Savior who's birth we are able to celebrate and the greatest gift to this earth.
Here are a few of the things we have done the past couple of weeks- I didn't get pictures of taking the girls to Tangled and Despicable Me at the Movie Theaters- both were so cute, and the girls were so excited to go to the Movie's, they haven't been since we lived in Ferndale, WA.

Blyss had a preschool Christmas program. Behind her is her Christmas Tree that she made.

I don't know why, but kids this age think that singing means yelling. It is pretty funny to watch, not so fun on the ears though.

We had Santa come to our house to visit!!! Actually Zak had to dress up as Santa and be Santa for a family in our ward. I laughed and laughed as he was getting dressed and it made it more funny because he really didn't want to do it. Sicaly couldn't figure it out, she just stared and stared at Zak.

Besides crawling and being in everything, Sicaly is now pulling herself up any time she can, and walking along things. She loves getting back to her bookshelves, it is an obstacle to her, because she has to go under the swing and she thinks it is fun to do that.

Hallee trying to make a tower with blocks as tall as the tree.

Blyss being a silly monkey, just like her shirt says.

Zak opening a present

Zak's parents came down on Christmas Eve and stayed Christmas Morning. This is Christmas Eve and the girls cuddled up to Grandpa.

On Christmas Eve we let the girls open 1 present, they opened up presents from my parents- a jewlery box, which they wanted very badly, and they love just love their jewlery box.

Sicaly opening her one present on Christmas eve, a squishy catepillar.

Christmas Day- Sicaly opening up her present of clothes!!!

Santa did come and brought Blyss a Bumper Car(plasma car) a cute outfit, and a barbie movie. From Mom and Dad a coloring princess book, a Fancy Nancy book, a new game, and a purse. Zak's parents gave her a little computer.

Hallee was good this year too, so Santa gave her a Leapster Explorer, a new shirt, new warm boots, and How to Train a Dragon movie. From Mom and Dad she got a Fairy coloring book, a game, and all about the body book. Zak's parents gave her a game for her Leapster Explorer.

Of course Santa couldn't forget the cute little baby and that she wanted some new toys and clothes.

The girls trying out Blyss' new bumper car!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I hope you have a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank Goodness for Mom's----and Dad's Too!

Yesterday after church I asked Zak if he could dress Sicaly, after I got done doing what I was doing, Sicaly was crawling around and noticed that she looked a bit funny. Zak had put her pants on then buttoned her onsie over her pants, he must really not pay attention to how I dress her, so thank goodness that Mom usually dresses her! But it gave me a really good laugh!

But we are also thankful for Dad too.... because we wouldn't have these cute girls otherwise!

On Saturday was our ward Christmas Party, the theme of it was Polar Express, so the kids got to come in their PJ's, they had tickets to board the Polar Express train, where they sang Christmas Carols.

Here's the girls on the Train.

Then to the North Pole to write Santa a letter-

Then after writing Santa a letter, they got to go see Santa and tell him what they would like for Christmas.

Hallee and Santa

Blyss and Santa

Sicaly and Santa

After that we had a yummy breakfast, they had Polar Express playing the entire time. It was lots of fun!

This past week Blyss and her little group of cloggers got to perform (Hallee's group didn't get to, since their costumes were not finished.) These little girls were such dolls, Blyss did a great job, she remembered most of the steps.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Little Crawler

For the past few weeks Sicaly has been getting on those hands and knees and rocking back and forth, but once we got our Christmas tree up, a little over a week ago, she decided it was time to crawl and have fun ripping off ornaments from the tree and tearing at wrapping paper. It is fun to watch her, everyday she gets a little more curious and brave and will go and explore other parts of the house. Her favorite thing to do everyday is go play in the cat food and water(we are keeping the cats food and water in during the winter, so it doesn't freeze and get all mushy) she always beats me before I can put it up. She now thinks she can keep up with her sisters and thinks she is as big as them, it is fun to watch her with them, it makes her so happy. SHE LOVES TO SMILE, she smiles at everyone! I can't believe my baby will be 9 months on the 15th.

On Dec. 6th was Zak's 31st birthday- man he is getting old. He wanted a big cookie with ice cream on it for his brithday cake. Happy Birthday Zak! All of us girls sure love you.

Miss Hallee lost her 4th tooth, she is a lucky girl, they just fall out, never any bleeding. She is doing so well in kindergarten, she is learning to read. She is a good helper and getting so independan,t she can do alot on her own.

Princess Blyss is our little love girl. She is constantly saying she loves us, giving us hugs, kisses, and loves cuddling. She is in preschool and really likes to go. She keeps everyone in line, she has a bit of bossiness in her, and she says lots of funny things.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Our Thanksgiving week started out with a huge winter storm, if you looked out the windows between the snow and the wind, I could barely make out our neighobrs houses, I can't remember such a bad storm in a long time. This combination made some very slick and scary roads, when we left to go to Idaho, it took us 5 hours (usually only takes about 3 hours), we were so glad when we made it to Zak's parents house and could get out of the car!!! For Thanksgiving we got back on the slick roads and went to my parents house. We had great food and the girls got to play with my brothers kids- Cash and Vanna, and my cousins kids.

Sicaly with Oliver(my cousins little boy) they are 2 months apart.

Hallee, Blyss, and Cash watching Barbie and Fashion Fairytale. They had to rest a little from all the playing.

My brothers and their wives, Zak and I playing SCUM, I had never played before, but was fun!

We had a great time seeing my brothers and hanging out at my families house for Thankgving.

The next day Hallee and Blyss went sledding at a fun hill near Zak's parents house, I even had to go down a few times, because it is fun to be a kid again!

Then Friday afternoon we meet up with my family again and went bowling, I actually beat Zak and bowling- that never happens!

Blyss bowling- she loves to do it.

The kids playing around at the bowling alley.

That night after so much playing, and back at Grandma Miller's the kids all in Grandma's bed watching TV. Zak's brother and his wife went out of town and left their 3 kids with Zak's parents, so Hallee and Blyss got lots of cousin and playing time. The next morning Zak's parents went to the temple, so Zak and I watched Rick's kids, making a total of 6 kids, 2 under the age of 8 months, boy that was alot of work! The girls were so tired after that, we decided we better get home, which we were so glad because another snow storm came.

This is what we came home to- sooo much snow and we keep getting more.