Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is it that time already?

Boy, August has just gone by in a flash!!! On the 17th of August, Zak and I had our 10 year Anniversary- I can't believe we have been married ten years- it has gone by so fast and doesn't seem like that long. We both said our lives have turned out so different then we ever thought! Especially about living in Utah and having all girls- but it really is all good and wouldn't change it!
For this next school year I got roped into being th PTA treasurer, so that has added some more stress to my life and trying to figure out what I'm suppose to do!!! Last night was back to school night, and I had to get up in front of all the parents and propose the budget, I was so nervous, and glad that part is over. But I will be learning Quick Books, so I guess that is good.
Today Hallee started her first day of 1st grade, she was so excited to go to school. Her teacher is Ms.Kirby and she seems really nice. When I asked her how her day went, she told me it was sooooo long, and they had to have 2 recesses, I told her she is so lucky she gets 2 recesses, but she said, No, it is just to hot to play. I can't believe I can have a child in 1st grade, I was panicked all day, I kept thinking I needed to go get her, Blyss was so lonely without her and she just followed me around all day.
Last night Zak gave the girls blessings, Hallee and Blyss, then Sicaly wanted one, it was so cute- she sat on the chair and folded her arms while Zak gave her a blessing. I can't believe how smart she is and picks up on everything so fast.
I'm glad it is back to school time, even though it has felt like summer has flown by- it will be nice to have a schedule again. The girls had a great summer, they pratically lived outside, playing with friends and neighbors.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Salt Lake Trip

Zak decided we needed to take a little family vacation. So we decided just going to Salt Lake would be great. The girls were excited days before we left- they were so excited to stay in a hotel- they love staying in hotels. On our first day we decided to see- This is the Place park, the girls were so excited to ride around in the train, the train would take you to each sight to see and check out. The favorite thing the girls got to do here is to pan for gold. Hallee was so into panning for gold- she could of done it for hours! They each found five "fools" gold nuggets. They also loved the minature train ride around the lake, and you could see the Salt Lake Valley from this view. After that we thought we would go to a nice restraunt- Macaroni Grill, but Sicaly was exhausted at this point, Zak and I had to take turns taking her outside while one ate, not exactly what we wanted to do at a nice restraunt!
On our second day we went to Cowabunga Bay, this was definatly our favorite thing from this trip, it was so nice because Hallee and Blyss could go down all the slides by themselves, we could take Sicaly down most of the slides, so it was something we all enjoyed. The girls just ran and ran, wanting to try every slide, Blyss did poop out after awhile and just had to sunbathe on a chair. Hallee loved the lazy river, Sicaly loved the little fountains in the pool and jumping off the side of the pool. After we were done, we got in the car and before we even pulled out of the parking lot Sicaly was asleep, so Zak was kind enough to sit with Sicaly in the car while she slept and the girls and I went into the hotel to get all cleaned up- he didn't mind thought- he had his phone in his pocket at the swimming pool and it got all wet of course, so he was trying to get it running again. That afternoon we went shopping for Zak, then we went and ate at Chiptole- we all really liked this place, even though Sicaly still ran around the whole place.
On day three, we went to Hogle Zoo, of course the girls loved it! They really liked the dinosaurs that have been put up throughout the zoo. By the time we were done with everything at the zoo, everyone was ready to go home. It was 1pm and the girls didn't even care about lunch, they were ready to go home. We had an awesome trip and it was just right for our family!

This is the Place train

Brigham Young's house that was in Sugar House- it was huge!!!

The girls in the school house- it was also used to hold Sunday meetings.

Petting Zoo- the goats were after Sicaly

Hallee and Blyss panning for gold

On the minitaure train ride

What was also neat about this place, everyone that worked there was dressed in pioneer clothing and they would act the part!
Cowabunga Bay

At the zoo- with elephants

Monday, August 8, 2011


The girls and I made a quick trip to Idaho, my brother Trevor and his family were visiting my parents and it had been almost 2 years since I've seen them! So it was overdue for a visit, they had never meet Sicaly- and when Sicaly first saw Trevor she decided she really liked him, he was the one she wanted to always hold her! The girls had a blast with their cousins. I went with my brother and his wife to the Bodies Display at the Museum- it was very cool and intersting! We took the kids to the Rexburg Splash Park and on the Carousel. We had lunch with my grandma, visited the farm, and picked lots of raspberries!

Sicaly, Hallee, Trustin, Blyss, Alenyah, Riley

I made three batches of jam, froze alot, and have been eating alot

Then from the week before the girls were in the Preston Parade dancing on a flat bed trailer.

Hallee's group

Blyss' group
Then a picture of Sicaly- one day I found her in her room just sitting in her play stroller- she makes me laugh!