Friday, January 24, 2014

San Antonio Texas

Our first stop once we got to San Antonio was the Alamo, a very neat place. These missions are very interesting the set up of how they were,  the Alamo started being built in 1724- and still stands today despite everything that has happened to it- one neat place!

Around the Alamo grounds- Zak with his parents. His parents got there a couple days before we did, so they picked us up from the airport which was super nice!

A cactus at the Alamo- nice warm weather!!

Our second day we visited the Natural Bridge Caverns, we enjoyed this, it is so neat and interesting. I think Geology is so neat. This cavern has the 2nd biggest room for all caverns.

The jelly fish- what one stalamite grew to be. This has taken thousands and thousands of years to grow!

We thought it would be cold inside the cavern, so we dressed pretty warm- but it was about 75 degrees and 99% humidity, we were pretty toasty inside the cavern.

After the Caverns we went to San Jose Mission, which was a pretty big mission. We are standing in front of the church- which started being built in 1719 I believe.

The front entrance of the church. When the armies took over this mission after missions were dissolved, they used the church as a target practice, so there is bullet holes in the walls. It is amazing that most of the missions in the San Antonio area still standing structures, because most were abonded for some time.

More of the San Jose Mission

The river walk, every night we walked along the river walk and ate dinner outside along the river walk. It is beautiful and the atmosphere of it is so neat!

We took a boat tour of the river walk and learned some San Antonio history!

Our hotel was right along the river walk!

And the reason we went to San Antonio is with Farm Bureau. Zak won the Idaho Discussion Meet for the Young Farmer and Ranchers of Farm Bureau. It is where they put 4 people in a room, pose a question and they discuss about the topic and come up with ideas about it, you are judged on your ideas, how well you work with others, cooperative attitude, and opening and closing statements. Zak did amazing, both rounds he was the only male, with 3 females, and judges were 2 females and 1 male. I was honestly surprised and I think everyone else was surprised with the outcome. The girl I had ranked in 4th place(and about everyone else did too) made it to the top 4. I was honestly shocked and it was tough, Zak had prepared, called to talk to people about things for ideas and studied hours upon hours for this- I thought he actually did the best! The only thing we can really think is that he seemed to be to aggressive considering he was in a room full of females! He was the only male competetor that happened to- a little unfair. But what an accomplishment- not many people can say they have won 2 things with Farm Bureau and got to go to Nationals to compete.
We had an awesome trip and thankful for Zak's sister and her husband and my parents who were able to watch our kids for us!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Zak's Car Accident

Zak had an early Elder's Quorm meeting the Sunday before Christmas. They decided to cancel the meeting since they had no keys to the church. It was about 7:40 am, it was still dark and very foggy. Zak was pulling left out of the church parking lot and didn't see anything, as he was coming out all of a sudden there was a car (which he couldn't see, because it didn't have its lights on), Zak stepped on it to drive straight to get out of its way, but the car still T-Boned him, it pushed Zak off the road and directly in between a power pole and a ditch, this space was just wide enough for his car- that was seriously an amazing blessing that he didn't hit the power pole or went into the ditch! Zak got his wind knocked out of him pretty good. He had his phone in his left pant pocket, and it totally crushed his phone, the phone took the brunt of the force. He was dazed, his back, hips,  cut on his hand from glass, and his ribs hurt a little. But was totally fine! The paramedics checked him out and then I took him to Insta Care and he was one very lucky boy!
I have tried prepping myself for a call like this since Zak travels so much and I have tried to mentally prepare myself. But this was totally unexpected and I was a wreck! I had people calling me telling me they were going to take Zak to the hospital, I was so scared. I called my parents and my mom came over so I could go to the scence. I helped clean out his car before the wrecker got their to take it away and decided just to take Zak to Insta Care.

Getting in a wreck stinks! We are still waiting to hear back from the insurance before Zak can get another car we have had to fight a little because he bought this car 6 weeks before the accident and the insurance wanted to give hime $3000 less than what he bought it for. Zak had a feeling he should buy GAP insurance, which will cover what he still owes on it- I'm glad he listened to that feeling!
He went without a phone for a week, which I think was good for him,  he went through withdrawls without his phone- he was glad once he recieved a new one.

The side air bags deployed. We have learned that Mazda 6 cars are very, very safe!

Not sure what this was from, either the rearview mirror or the airbag!
The Lord was watching out for him on this day!
Along with that happening on Sunday- on Wednesday he ate a peanut butter M&M and went into anaphlatic shock- and he was not home, he went to a hotel and took 7 Benadryl and I just prayed he would wake up in the morning. Then he got the flu on Friday and missed his sister's college graduation where she was a speaker for being the top in her class. It was a crazy week!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013

This year the girls drew each others names and then picked out a pajamas for that person. I think they all did a great job in picking out what jammies the other person would like. Then they opened that present on Christmas Eve night- so they could wear their new jammies!

Gracie our elf left the girls a present- for them being so good. Gracie left them the rainbow loom! We have had fun making bracelets.




Zak- he got a new pair of tennis shoes, 2 ties, a book, upgraded his 4-wheeler he won, a shotgun, and a new car(which he wrecked right before christmas- so he will get another new one), and a Smart TV

I also got new tennis shoes, a couple shirts, a calender, a shelf, and a new TV Stand

Hallee got chaps, alarm clock, blanket, uno attack, Despicable Me 2, Wii, and a Wii game

Blyss got a barbie that has chalk to change her hair color, a game, blanket, The Croods, set of books, Wii, and a Wii game

Sicaly got a Barbie and Pony Tail playset and movie, another pony with long hair, a mermaid dressup, and a blanket

Hallee and Blyss so excited they got a Wii and some Wii games.
Zak parents came to watch the girls open their presents, then my parents came and I fixed breakfast for everyone. After our parents left we played lots of Wii, watched a movie, took a little walk, then went to my parents for dinner. It was such a wonderful day. We are all thankful that we were able to celebrate our Savior's birth and remember him.