Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1 Week Old

Sicaly is a week old and things are going pretty good. Sicaly is a great baby, she sleeps, eats, and poops! She does have her awake time from about 9pm to 12am, so we need to work on that. Zak's mom stayed a few days with us, and it was great to have her help (I got milk fever and was sick for a couple of days) I sure appreciated her entertaining the girls, fixing food, and cleaning my house.

Today my parents came to visit and it was fun to have them and have lunch with them- my mom was so sweet to bring a dinner for us tonight. I have been so spoiled and haven't had to fix dinner since having Sicaly, it has been so nice! A huge thanks to all my neighbors who have brought meals- we appreciate you a ton!

Here are some photos I've taken over the past week:

Hallee and Blyss can't get enough of Sicaly, they love to hold her, help change diapers, and like to watch me feed her.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sicaly Ruby Miller

She is here!!! She is beatiful, a great sleeper and great eater, her sisters just love her, they can't keep their hands off her and always want to her to wake up.
Here's the Story:
I was induced on Monday, I was number 7 on the priority list so I was a little worried if I would even be called in, but they called at 11:00am saying to come in, Zak and I headed there to the hospital. It was crazy when we got to the hospital, an emergency C-section was called for some one, and then another one, so it was about 1:00 before I was hooked up and ready to go. An hour goes by and they check me, I'm a 3+ and 80% effaced so not much going on. The same when they check me at 3:00, they ask me if I want an Epidural that way they can up the pitosin, so I decide to go ahead and do that. After the Epidural they up the pitosin, Sicaly's heart rate drops into the 80's and 90's, they take me off pitosin, give me oxygen, and make me lay on my left side, after a few minutes her heart rate goes back to normal- thank goodness, because during this time we hear another emergency c- section called in, and we are hoping that doesn't happen to us (there was 7 c-sections on monday and a total of 19 births). After a half hour the nurse puts me back on pit, so that is about 4:15. The nurse comes and checks on me an hour later and ask how I'm feeling, I tell her I can feel pain and some pressure, she thinks that is weird since I had an epidural, she checks me and was very suprised to find I was complete- and this baby was coming. She calls the doctor and gets everything prepared. Dr. McCulloch comes and I do 5 rounds of pushing and out she came at 5:42pm, just a screaming, crying, tons of dark hair, and very, very pink. She weighed in at 7lbs. 4 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. Zak and I thought we were in for a long haul with the way things were going from the first but had a very pleasant surprise! Recovery has been a little harder, but I've heard with each pregnancy that is what to expect.
The girls came to the hospital twice with my mom(a huge thanks to my mom for coming and taking care of the girls and us- I so appreciate it!) the girls kept asking if we were going to take Sicaly home and if she was our baby. We are home now and things are going great!
I better tell Zak how awesome he was at the hospital, he changed about 7 yucky diapers(I didn't change 1), and helped take very good care of me and Sicaly.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm ReAdY tO POP

I have people asking me all the time, "You about ready to pop?" Even strangers, and men. And I reply, "Yes, hopefully soon." Because I don't think I can get any bigger and I just HURT! I have 1 pair of pants that fit and all my maternity shirts are getting a little short. So hopefully this little girl will decide to come soon.

As of Monday I was 70% Effaced and Dialated to a 3, if I don't have her by Monday I will be started.

Hallee and Blyss tell me all the time I look like I have a balloon under my shirt, so Hallee and I are comparing.

I got out the bassinet today, and it turned out to be the funnest toy ever for the girls.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Both Zak and I keep asking each other, what do you think this baby is going to be like, what is she going to look like? We wonder this because are girls are complete opposite of each other in every way. First off, definatley their looks, Hallee looks like her dad and Blyss looks like me. Second, their personalities are way different, Blyss loves being dressed up, jewlery, dolls, princesses, being cuddled, she is quite bossy, and she can scream. Hallee is more quiet, likes to build stuff, loves to draw, color, and paint- she is very artistic, she is a jean and t- shirt girl and a nature girl. So we are excited to see what this baby girl looks like and what her personality will be like!
I thought it would be fun to post Hallee and Blyss' baby pictures!


Blyss- Look at all that hair!

Hallee- 5 years old

Blyss 3 years old-