Saturday, January 30, 2010

Look Who Is 3

This past week was Blyss' 3 rd birthday. I can't believe she is 3. She is such a little sweetheart, she is very compassionate, loving, hardheaded, stubborn and a firecracker. She tells me several times a day that she loves me, and is so happy to see me. She loves jewelry, she always has on several necklaces, bracelets, and a couple of rings. She loves to dress up as a princess. She tells me all the time she is not a baby, but a big girl. She baffles Zak and I with the things she says and things that she already knows- and we wonder where she learns some of the stuff she comes up with. Hallee and Blyss play so well together. Blyss runs to the door whenever she hears the garage door come up, and yells, "daddy, daddy." Zak just loves that, and she will give him a big hug. Last night I went out and Zak watched the girls, when I got back Blyss was waiting for me at the door, and she told me she missed me, she was so glad I was back, and she loved me, I just try to take it all in because I know it won't last long. She is such a little joy to our family, we sure love her.

She had a busy week of birthday parties. I had a little princess party for her with a few of other little girls in the neighborhood, they all dressed as princess', I did their nails, played a few games, then frosted and decorated sugar cookies. Blyss kept her princess dress on all day.

This past week I went to Idaho, since Zak was gone to Indianapolis for the week, we first had a party at Zak's parents house with all of her cousins, they had a blast being together, Zak's mom had fun games for the kids, we had pizza, cake, and she opened her presents.

Blyss and her little mermaid cake

The next day on Blyss' actual birthday we had a little party for her at my parents, they took us to Artic Circle to eat and for the girls to play. I took the girls around on the sled behind the 4 wheeler which they just loved. It was fun to see everyone and all the grandparents and great grandparents.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Southern Utah

This weekend we went to the Young Farmer and Rancher Convention with Farm Bureau in Bryce Canyon, which is in Southern Utah. We left on Friday at Noon, I was hoping Blyss would take a 2 hour nap which she usually does, at 5:30 she finally fell asleep and we got to Bryce Canyon at 6. Hallee and Blyss were awesome in the car, loud and annoying at times but did fantastic.

Once we got there dinner had started, so we had dinner, Zak, Hallee, and Blyss went swimming. Then they had a game night, we had lots of fun visiting with people and playing Mafia (I love that game!), Hallee and Blyss had a grand time playing with the other kids.

I was visiting with someone and lost Hallee and Blyss, I find them sitting on these pretty rocks that cost over $1000, eating a creamy!

Entrance into Bryce Canyon, you get to drive through a couple of these fun tunnels.

The next morning Zak had to judge a competition and went to a few meetings, the girls and I hung out in our hotel room, the girls were so content just to sit in bed and watch tv, I could barely get them dressed and to eat some breakfast before the speaker they had on the agricultural industry. Things were wrapped up with the convention by noon, and we decided to head over to St. George while we were so close, since I had never been. There wasn't much to do in Bryce Canyon, it is just a summer resort type of town, plus they had tons of snow so you couldn't even do any site seeing. So we started toward St. George, Zak finds on his blackberry phone a backway to get there, we are an hour into the drive and the road is close, so we had to back track and start all over- I was mad-not fun to be in the car that much longer. Once we got to St. George we hit the outlets and Zak found himself a new pair of Church pants and shirt, but the deals were not that great, we tried out the Pizza Factory, and went to the St. George temple. We had a swimming pool again at the hotel, but all the girls wanted to do is soak in the hot tub, how I wished I could've gotten in, my back just ached from all of the driving, so I had to just watch. Today we drove around a little more to see St. George, what a fun little town- crazy to see flowers growing and to see palm trees. Then we headed home, we are so happy to be home! We spent 15 hours in the car and drove over 900 miles, Hallee never once fell asleep, and Blyss probably slept less than 3 hours in the car, I'm so proud of them- it helped to buy them a new movie- "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," they just loved it!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Silly Girls

This past week Hallee and I were dusting- I'm teaching her how to dust everything properly, so I was wrapped up in doing that. Meanwhile Blyss was entertaining herself, I knew she had the cats in playing with them. When we were done dusting, I couldn't find Blyss anywhere, I looked outside thinking she took the cats back out, she wasn't outside, I kept calling her name, no answer, I went downstairs, she wasn't down there. I started getting nervous, because I couldn't find her anywhere and she wasn't answering. I went to put up the dusting supplies in the laundry room/mud room, and this is what I found:

She was having a fun time with the kitties in the laundry basket!

Then Miss Hallee, we have been really struggling of getting her back on schedule of her school bedtime due to the Christmas break. We put her to bed and she is constantly coming out with some sort of problem. One night this past week, she came out to tell me her bedspread really stinks, I asked her what it stinks like and she said, "pumpkins, pineapple, and garbage." I had a good laugh about that one. So I smelled it and it smelled just like normal, since I had just washed all her bedding a couple days before, because she gave herself a bloody nose one night.

Oh.... the things these girls due! I try to laugh and enjoy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Best Entertainment

These kitties are the best toy and entertainment for the girls, they would much rather play with the cats than toys! These cats put up with so much, they are funny cats, they do love being pushed around in the stroller.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome 2010

Holy Cow! I can't belive it is 2010, I thought I would never see the day- it seemed so far away. We are so excited for 2010, we have excitng things coming our way.
Blyss is now a sunbeam, Hallee will turn 6(how did that happen)and she will go to kindergarten, Zak and I will celebrate our 9th anniversary, we will have our 3rd little girl, Blyss will start preschool, and who knows what else will happen in 2010. What an exciting year to look forward too.
Also, we are still trying to find a name to name this little girl- I would love some suggestions!