Monday, January 30, 2012

We have a 5 year old

Blyss had her 5th birthday last friday-  she was one excited girl for her birthday- at one point, she was more excited about her birthday than Christmas. We have been counting down her birthday since about Thanksgving and the day finally came! She got everything she wanted- a Castle Birthday Cake, a Belle dress up dress, a barbie that swims, a game, and new barbie clothes. Also, for her birthday she got to spend the night in a hotel in Midway, Utah (Zak and I went to a Farm Bureau conference and took the kids with us), then on Saturday after the conference was over we went and ate at McDonald's and then went to Chuck E Cheese's to play. She had a great birthday, the only thing she was disappointed about was that she didn't get to swim at the hotel- we just didn't have time.

She is such a joy to our family, she is a very happy kid, she loves to cuddle and to be held, she likes to hug and is always telling me she loves me- she is very sweet! She loves to play with barbies, dress up, put makeup on, and loves playing with friends- she thinks she needs to have a friend over everyday. She loves to help- a little to much sometimes. She gets along and plays great with both Hallee and Sicaly. We are sure glad to have a 5 year old in our family!

Monday, January 16, 2012


We had such a great time in Hawaii- beatiful weather- about 80 the entire time! We left on a Friday- we flew from Salt Lake to Seattle- where we had a 5 1/2 hour layover, I thought I was going to go crazy- then we had a 5 1/2 hour flight- I was so happy once we made it to Honolulu, we got a taxi(if you are in Hawaii- never get a taxi!) and I about died- $40 later we were at our hotel and starving, at this point I was a little grouchy with the events of the day, everywhere was closed for eating, so we grabbed a sandwich at the ABC store. Saturday we met up with my parents- they went on a 7 day cruise of all the Hawaiian Islands then got off on Ohua, we rented a car and headed up to North Beach- where we went and visited the temple and went to the Polensian Cultural Center- what a great day we had there- it was very neat. We stayed for dinner and the big show.
Zak and I in front of the Hawaii temple
This is the road that leads up to the temple
Polenisian Cultural Center
That is a guy at the top of the tree- he climbed this cocunut tree in about 30 seconds
The river show- each island did a performance- very cool. This is where we got the best ice cream ever- they were selling it before the show started and it was so, so, so good!

My mom and I
At the Lua Ou, these boys were very good looking and oh yah- that is a pig.
On Sunday was the start of the Farm Bureau convention, Zak and I had to be there at 7am to find out what we were suppose to do, they told us they would announce the top 10 at the general opening session at 9am, we really didn't think we would make the top 10 and that we could just enjoy Hawaii- finally at 10:45 they announced the top 10 and we were in the top 10. Stress hit immediately, I honestly didn't think we would be in the top 10, because I was reading about everyone else, and there was some very impressive people, who have done so much and most couples both husband and wife worked in an ag related job- so we were kind of shocked!!! We had to go to another meeting at 11:15 to find out what time we would be giving our presentation to the judges- we got 2:00, so we ran back to the hotel and changed and I practiced on giving the presentation, we then went back to the convention center and gave our presentation- it went okay we went over our time and didn't have time for the judges to ask us any questions. After that we met up with my parents for a quick dinner. Then that night we had a rehersal for 2 hours what we were supposed to do if we won.
Then on Monday back to the convetion center for another 2 hour long meeting where they announced the winners- it actually went almost 3 hours- but we didn't win. The winner won a brand new Chevy pickup. We were glad when it was all over- so that we could enjoy some more of Hawaii.
On stage to announce the winners.
After being in so many meetings and sitting so much we decided to take a hike up to diamond head crater- it was a 3 mile hike from our hotel. I love the trees around Hawaii.
At the top of the parking lot of diamond head looking out- we didn't get to climb up diamond head because they were closing up. But it was still a beatiful view from the parking lot.
This is a statue of Duke, who said all could surf- just not royalty.
On Tuesday we went to Pearl Harbor- what a sombering feeling.
The Arizona that sunk and is still there
On Wednesday we went to Hunama Bay to go snorkeling- this was our first time to go, it took me awhile to catch on, but it was way fun, I saw turtle, lots and lots of fish, some were huge, it made me a bit nervous- but they would just swim on by. It was a great day!

Our final night in Hawaii, our walk along the beach, just soaking in the warm air and how beatiful it was!

Zak's mom watched the girls and the girls were great and we are so thankful that she could watch the kids for us so that we could have this experience!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve we had a few friends over and lots and lots of good food!!! We played a game, visited, ate food, watched the kids dance, and just had a great time.
This was Blyss and Sicaly preparing their dance moves. Every day these two have to dance. Blyss had dressed Sicaly up in this- Blyss' swimsuit cover, her brown tights and brown belt and loads of jewlery!
The dance party! These kids love to dance!
While we adults hung out we sent all the kids down stairs to watch a movie with the projector.
Sicaly and Wyatt turned into little buddies, it was great because Sicaly actually ate, they were so cute together.

At 10pm we told the kids it was the new year, so here they are outside bringing in the New Year- our other neighbors must of heard them, because at Church the next day we got lots of comments about it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Our Christmas started a little early this year- Farm Bureau and the Polaris dealer delivered our 4 wheeler a few days before Christmas- the girls were so excited! Sicaly wants a ride every day, she will go get her shoes, hat, and coat and brings it to us, then leads us down to the 4 wheeler.

What a fun Christmas! Our kids are at such a fun age- It is our tradition to go to breakfast on Christmas Eve morning and then we went to a movie- Puss in Boots, we frosted sugar cookies for Santa, we watched Polar Express with the projector downstairs, and the girls were so giggly and excited they had a hard time going to sleep. But once they did, they slept great!!! Sicaly slept through the night- the first in a long time and hasn't done it since. Hallee and Blyss didn't get up until 8 am and Sicaly got up at 8:30. Zak and I were up at 7 waiting and waiting for them to get up!
The girls going through their stockings. They each got a bounce ball. Blyss got a scooter, barbie, jewlery, makeup set, a movie, a couple of books, and a makeup case. Hallee got legos, hidden picture book, puzzle book, national geographic kids books, orbeze(which was a huge hit, it is these little tiny balls, then you put them in water and they expand and feel gushy), and a necklace.
Sicaly got a slide- which has been such a hit for all the girls, and her bouncing donkey, and a baby doll.

On Monday after Christmas we went up to Idaho to visit our families. On Monday night we went swimming with Zak's family. On Tuesday we hung out at my parent's, then went up to St. Anthony to Zak's grandma's and to see Wade (that is Zak's Dad's hired man, he always gives the girls a present). On Wednesday morning we went and visited my grandma then headed back home. We wanted to stay a little longer but on Tuesday night Sicaly started throwing up and we didn't know if it was the flu or what(I think it was from swimming- every time we go swimming somebody gets sick??), so we thought we better just get home!
We had a great Christmas! It comes and goes so fast.